Mrs. Wyliemajor Projects Guide

Mrs. Wyliemajor Projects Guide

Mrs. WylieMajor Projects Guide

Theology III – MoralitySpring 2017

Paper and Discussion Leader

Given a moral question, you will compare two opposing views and defend what you believe to be the correct view with research.

Half of you will write a paper Q1 and be a discussion LeaderQ2. The other half will be a discussion leader Q1 and write a paper Q2.

Discussion Lead


  1. Evidence of research/prep (Form provided)
  2. The Catholic perspective (Read relevant pages in book & talk to Mrs. Wylie!!)
  3. The opposing/a different point of view
  4. Your point of view/process of what led you to what you believe what you do
  5. Class-led discussion
  6. Optional supplementary materials – hand-out, worksheet, power point, short video clip. (Must have for an A)


Any order that makes sense for your presentation – you might lead with your opinion, have class discussion, then tell what the others and the Church teaches. Or start with class discussion, tell what others have said, then give your opinion. Or weave pieces throughout class discussion.


20 minutes. How much of that time is you talking and/or leading the conversation is up to you. Videos may not me longer than 2 minutes.

Grading Rubric

  • 50% Content – are all the components there? Was the presentation 20 minutes?
  • 25% Clarity – does the class understand what you are trying to say?
  • 15% Engagement – How well are you engaging your audience? Did you get them to participate? This task can be difficult, hence the lower percentage. Credit given for trying. Help people out if you are not giving the presentation – you’ll understand when it’s your turn!!
  • 10% Sources & Format – Where did your other points of view come from? Cite sources.

Peer Review

These discussions will be weekly. You will be graded both on your participation and on these evaluations – so pay attention during the discussion, participate, and give good feedback.

Total value for participation is two homework grades weekly, which amounts to two quiz grades per quarter or roughly 8 points toward final grade!

A review sheet will be provided. I will collect and grade the sheets first, then give anonymous copies to the presenter.

(See reverse for paper)

Morality Paper


Step-by-step process submitted at intervals.

  • Topic: Moral question you will be answering
  • Thesis with 2-3 supports: basic argument
  • A basic outline consisting of your supports with researched sources backing up your claims
  • Corrected outline expanded to include quotes & transitions
  • Outline turned into full sentences which will form your rough draft.
  • Rough draft corrected with my suggestions, then given to a peer for further review.
  • Final draft submitted with all corrections, cover page, citations and bibliography


At least one of the following:

  • Catechism
  • Bible
  • Textbook
  • No Wikipedia.
  • Check out your websites – use trusted sources, not random people making statements.


  • Be consistent in how you cite your sources.
  • Typed and double-spaced with 1” margins.
  • Last name in upper left hand corner of each page except cover page with the page number.
  • Must have cover page and bibliography.


3-5 pages, not including the cover page or bibliography. I recommend aiming for 4 – being concise with all the relevant information inside of 3 pages is difficult.

Grading Rubric

  • 50% Content – are all the components & sources there?
  • 25% Clarity – does it make sense?
  • 15% Engagement – is it interesting?
  • 10% Sources & Format – Did you get approval for your sources and use them well? Correct format?

Paper pieces grading

  • You will still be given homework grades for participation in class discussion, but only 1 instead of 2.
  • Paper pieces will be the second homework grade – all together will be worth a quiz grade.
  • Final Paper will be worth one Test Grade.