Minutes of the Rendham Parish Council Annual Meeting

Minutes of the Rendham Parish Council Meeting

Held in Rendham Village Hall Monday 9th November 2015 at 7.00pm

1.  Present – Cllr’s Farquhar (Chair), Bennion, Coulson, Oaksey, and Willett

2.  Apologies for Absence – Cllr's Greenburgh, and Morford

3.  Minutes of last meeting

Minutes of the last meeting previously circulated and signed as a true record

4.  Declarations of interest – None for the meeting. Cllr. Morford still to complete online declaration. Clerk to request elections at SCDC to send Cllr Morford information on how to access online software. JM/CS

5.  Correspondence as circulated - All correspondence has been circulated.

6.  Co-option of new Cllrs. - It was proposed by Cllr. Farquhar and seconded by Cllr. Oaksey that David Willett and Matthew Greenburgh be co-opted as Cllr's. to the Parish Council. Declaration of Acceptance of Office and Declarations of Interest to be completed.

7.  County Councillor’s Report - SCC Councillor Burroughes - reported on the following (full report on the website)

·  GCSE Results show Suffolk on the Rise

·  Further indications of Improvement at Suffolk Schools

·  Suffolk's five year olds overtake national average

·  Parents urged to have their say on school admissions consultation

·  Thousands attend Suffolk skills show

·  £250,000 fund announced for schools projects

·  County Council progress the campaign for A12 four village bypass

8.  District Councillor’s report - none received

9.  Accounts

a)  Current Financial Report presented, finance statement is in line with the Budget and therefore it was agreed that the expenses were within acceptable parameters.

b)  Cheque authorisation for PC Insurance £279.85, Poppy Wreath £18.50, Clerks Admin printer cartridge £14.99, Land Registry request Fee £6, RVH 1/3rd Insurance £202.18

c)  Amenity Fund - Financial report presented. Fete monies of £750 received. Confirmation for £39 for October/November newsletter.

d)  Amenity Fund bids - No bids received

10.  Planning

a)  Awaiting Comments – none

b)  RPC Response – none

c)  Awaiting SCDC decisions – none

d)  Decisions – Church Farm and Three birches application approved.

11.  Report

a)  Community Police - PCSO Mann was unable to attend but sent a report on the following. For the period 1st September to 31st October there were 2 reported crimes - Burglary of Dwelling

b)  Neighbourhood Watch - Nothing to report but asked that when email addresses are changed that he is notified to ensure continuation on the list.

c)  VHMC - Cllr. Coulson reported that a report has been done on the damp problems. At the top of the list was to provide more air flow under the floor and as a result more airbricks have been installed. The damp on the wall in the kitchen has not increased but may have to have some of the plaster removed and the wall sealed. The new audio equipment has been purchased but is kept off site. The next target is the visual equipment.

d)  Highways and Footpaths - Nothing to report

e)  SALC - Cllr. Morford sent no report.

f)  Tree Warden - Matthew Greenburgh no report received

g)  PARK - No report received

h)  Village Website - Chris Salmon has entered Rendham's website for SALC's competition for website of the year. Winner to be presented at SALC AGM on 12th November 2015

12.  Chairman's SCDC Challenge Visit - Letter sent but no response received

13.  Rendham Green - Cllr. Morford who is taking the lead on Rendham Green was not present. Clerk to enquire whether he has contacted Matthew Greenburgh. Clerk also raised concern about the Blackthorn at the bottom of the Green which are leaning towards the road.

14.  East Suffolk lines Rail Partnership - Cllr. Bennion to attend meeting on 10th November.

15.  Localism Assets update/ new item - The forms have been sent by clerk to SCDC to bid for PARK to become a Community Asset. This has triggered an eight week period where SCDC will consult and decide. A decision to be made by the 7th December 2015. No further assets to be applied for.

16.  SCDC Development Plan Consultation - Document being circulated, it would appear that changes that were requested have been made.

17.  Election of New Chairman - Cllr. Farquhar to resign at the end of the meeting, therefore a new chairman required. Cllr. Greenburgh had indicated to the clerk prior to the meeting that he was willing to stand as chairman if no one else wished to stand. Cllr. Greenburgh was proposed in his absence by Cllr. Faraquhar and seconded by Cllr. Coulson

18.  Decision on times of meetings - Changes previously to starting times of the meetings are difficult for some Cllrs. and the clerk. Clerk to confirm with the new chairman about changing start time back to 7.30pm

19.  Matter arising from the September Parish Council meeting not listed – none

20.  Any Other Business –

·  Cllr Coulson raised the problem of the church path immediately outside the back door of the village hall and also the grass infringing on the path. Clerk to investigate what was happening to the repair of the path by the PCC and who are looking after the path edges.

·  Clerk has circulated the Risk Assessment for discusstion at the next meeting in January

21.  Parish Council dates for 2016 Rendham Village Hall

Parish Council Meeting / 11th January 2016 / 7.00pm
Parish Council Meeting / 14th March 2016 / 7.00pm
Parish Meeting / 9th May 2016 / 7.00pm
Parish Council Meeting / 9th May 2016 / 7.30pm
Parish Council Meeting / 11th July 2016 / 7.00pm
Parish Council Meeting / 12th September 2016 / 7.00pm
Parish Council Meeting / 14th November 2016 / 7.00pm