MINUTES of the Meeting of the LAND DRAINAGE TOPIC GROUP Held on 23 NOVEMBER 2007

MINUTES of the Meeting of the LAND DRAINAGE TOPIC GROUP Held on 23 NOVEMBER 2007

MINUTES of the meeting of the LAND DRAINAGE TOPIC GROUP held on 23 NOVEMBER 2007


Members of the Topic Group

A Oaten (Chairman); P A Ruffles; W A Storey


Bob Hall- Head of South-West Hertfordshire Highways Area Office

Terry Wilkinson- Graduate Engineer

Natalie Rotherham- Scrutiny Officer

Tom Hawkyard- Head of Scrutiny

Neil Terry- Democratic Services Officer

The minutes of the meeting held on the 15 October were agreed as an accurate record with the following amendment.
Bullet-point on Page 1 should read - Would the response be different if a similar event occurred on a major road?
The final costs associated with the Barley Case Study were as follows:
Initial emergency response / £6,000
Verge work B1039 Chishill Road / £12,000
Landslip Bogmore Road / £75,000 / Work due to start on site 3-4 weeks.
Further cleansing of drainage systems / £3,000
Total / £96,000
B158 – Lower Hatfield Road
Terry Wilkinson, Graduate Engineer for Herts Highways, introduced a presentation providingdetails of incidents of flooding on the B158 Lower Hatfield Road. Copies of the presentation were circulated at the meeting.
The presentation identified a summary of problems contributing to flooding along this stretch of road:
  • Overland run-off from adjacent land;
  • Sediment material blocking the drainage network;
  • Flooding of the River Lea resulting in water backing up drainage pipes and channels.
The most serious incidents of flooding along this stretch of road occurred in 1987, 1993 and 2000.
Officers informed the Topic Group of the possible ways forward:
  • Increased co-ordination of activities with external agencies e.g. the Environment Agency
  • Agree appropriate storm frequency return periods;
  • Implement an improved maintenance regime concentrating on gullies, grids and culverts;
  • Better co-ordinated works programme ensuring that all appropriate works are carried out simultaneously;
  • A range of technical options to improve the drainage network.
Bob Hall informed Members of the Topic Group that the existing drainage system along the B158 is failing. So far Hertfordshire Highways have undertaken works to repair the existing system. This approach has been challenged by businesses residing along the length of the B158.
The group noted that additional traffic travelling along the B158 is not responsible for damaging the drainage network but it does contribute to blockages of the drainage system.
The cost of suggested works is estimated to be in the region of £210k.
The Topic Group requested that officers
  • investigate whether contributions could be sought from businesses adjacent to the road
  • establish whether Hertfordshire County Council is responsible for clearing the grid on the Brickenden stream?
/ BH
The Topic Group noted that Richard Grove, Hertsmere Borough Council, will attend the December meeting of the Topic Group to give evidence on behalf of the HECTOA planning group. / RR
Natalie Rotherham presented the responses received from District / Borough Councils thus far.
The Topic Group were informed that responses were still outstanding from three local authorities and requested that a comprehensive set of responses be brought to the next meeting. / NR
Bob Hall informed the Topic Group that Hertfordshire Highways are currently working on a revised Drainage Strategy. An Action Plan is being produced to consider the short, medium and long term planning of drainage throughout the County. Once completed a report will be brought to the Topic Group in January 2008.
It was agreed that the December meeting of the Topic Group will consider the following:
  • HCC Planning Responsibilities
  • Radlett Road, Watford – Case Study
  • Responses from Borough and District Councils
The following future meeting dates were agreed:
  • 18 December 2007 at 2.00pm
  • 24 January 2008 at 2.00pm
/ BH

Neil Terry

Democratic Services Officer

November 2007

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