Minutes of BAPES AGM 5 March 2014

Minutes of BAPES AGM 5 March 2014

Minutes of BAPES AGM – 5 March 2014

Birmingham, UK

Present; H Steinbrecher (HS), H Chandran (HC), A Cherian (AC), T Tsang (TT), S Clarke (SC), R England (RE), A Dick (ADi), G Dass (GD), P Jackson (PJ), M Singh (MS), S Hennayake (SH), B More (BM), A Desai (ADe), N Alizai (NA), A Lee (AL), S Marven (SM), A Sabharwal (AS)

Apologies; G Haddock

AS welcomed members to the AGM and also thanked HC and his team for their hard work in organising the 14th BAPES Meeting. They were congratulated on an excellent workshop and choice of facilities.

President’s Report

SM represented BAPES at BAPS executive meetings and reported that BAPS are happy for us to continue in our (non-voting) role. There will be no BAPES session at this year’s Edinburgh BAPS due to the joint nature of the meeting with IPEG.

BAPS has asked for a simulation curriculum and all members present agreed we should take this forward and lead on it. SC stated that an evidence based curriculum would be “rubber stamped” by the GMC and subsequently the medical schools and colleges must provide it. This work is being led by the SAC and the next meeting was scheduled for 4/4/14. HS felt that SC should be the BAPES (+BAPS) representative on the SAC. MS and SM to email any information/material on their simulation models to SC.

SM echoed the views of several members that the response (numerically) to this meeting was not as good as previous meetings. Only 9 candidates had registered for the workshop.

HS felt the factors included the timing of the meeting as it was close to intercollegiate exams. There was broad agreement that we should not have altered our usual timing of a November meeting at the behest of ESPES. The AGM agreed that we should work towards returning to November meetings. AL informed AGM that for tax reasons our financial year runs from September – September. The current AGM was therefore for 9/13-9/14. We therefore need an AGM between 9/14-9/15.

AGM agreed that we would have a workshop in November 2014 (Chelsea?) and an AGM at that time. The next full meeting would be November 2015. A formal written request had been received by AS from ADe offering to host the meeting at King’s College Hospital. This was accepted and approved at the AGM.

PJ felt that Wed-Fri would be more attractive than a midweek meeting. Members agreed.

Honorary Secretary’s Report

AS informed AGM that both he and SC were now due to stand down from their positions. AS would therefore organise a call for nominations for Executive Member, Honorary Treasurer and President-elect. AGM suggested and SC+AS agreed to continue till November 2014 when new holders would take up posts.

Treasurer’s Report

AL informed AGM that annual turnover must not exceed £30,000 for us to remain dormant for tax reasons. AL presented the finances in detail on an Excel spreadsheet. AL is getting on top of membership database and chasing all subscriptions. Current subscription is £30 per annum though some members are paying £20 by standing order! AL will correct.

SM discussed whether we require Parmjit to continue her role as administrative secretary. It was felt that most of the duties could now be handled by executive members electronically. Payments to Parmjit are gifts, not regular and change every time. AGM felt that BAPES could now manage without Parmjit’s assistance but acknowledged her tremendous contribution over the years. SM to speak with Parmjit. A formal letter and gift would be sent. Payment for help with the current meeting would be £750. SM would also clarify the position with the “BAPES laptop” currently with Parmjit.

AL informed AGM that Storz have provided a long termcommittment to provide £500 prize money at every BAPES meeting. It was agreed that there should be one prize rather than two as in previous years.

AOCB – none.

Atul Sabharwal

Honorary Secretary.