Minutes of a Regular Meeting of the Orem City Council Held April 23, 1951 in the Orem City

Minutes of a Regular Meeting of the Orem City Council Held April 23, 1951 in the Orem City

April 23, 1951

Minutes of a regular meeting of the Orem City Council held April 23, 1951 in the Orem City Hall at 7:40 p.m. Present were Mayor Gillman, Councilmen Thomas A. Jacob, E. J. Simmons, Ray E. Loveless, Philo T. Edward, and Clerk Pyne. Councilman Knight was out of the state. Mayor Gillman was in charge of the meeting.

The Western Decorating Service representative was present to ask the Council to consider the purchase of flags to place on light poles along State Street through the city during celebrations at a cost of $52 per dozen. He was advised that the Council would take the matter under consideration and let him know of their decision.

Mr. McKinney and a Boy Scout were present to report on activities of the Scouts in Civilian Defense in the City.

L. E. Burr, George Brewer, and E. V. Smith, property owners, were present and reported that they had cleared 150 South Street between 4thWest and 8th West of trees, fences, etc., and were ready for the Engineer to set the stakes and the patrol to grade the street. 150 South Street is a proposed street which these property owners are opening up and are going to run their own water line when they are financially able to do it. Mayor Gillman stated that they would have to finance the cost of surveying, but the city patrol would grade the street when they got to it. They ask about the city helping on the water line but were told that the city could not accept any responsibility whatsoever. They were informed as to the type of gravel to be put on the road.

Albert Martin, property owner on 16thSouth, was present to leave a petition for oiling of 16thSouth Street. All property owners but three have signed the petition. He did not have the moneytoaccompany the petition, however, so was informed by the Mayor that the money would have to be brought in before the petition can be accepted.

The finalcheck for 1950 taxes has been received and deposited in the Sewer Bond Fund Account, making a total of $3,500 in the fund.

The Mayor recommended that the city borrow an additional $25,000 in Tax Anticipation Bonds. It was moved by Councilman Philo T. Edwards, seconded by Councilman E. J. Simmons and passed that the cityborrow,$25,000 from the First Security Bank at 2½% interest.

A request has been made by the Vermont Ward Bishop for the City to run a larger water line to the Vermont Church, as there isn't sufficient pressure at present to even flush the lavatories.

A Municipal Conference will be held in American Fork on Tuesday, April 24thfor all City Officials and Department Heads in Cities in Utah County, Provo and North, Summit County, and Wasatch County.

Mayor Gillman suggested that the police cars have the city insignia painted on them. Councilman Jacob stated that he would follow up on this matter.

It was decided to sell the 1936 Chevrolet Pickup to Eldon Swenson for $25.

The lawn on the city park needs spraying to kill the dandelions which are abundant there, and it should be done within the next two or three days. Councilman Simmons was asked to locate someone to spray the lawn, immediately.

The Volunteer Fire Department was present to discuss the purchase of a new fire truck. Mr. Curtis of L.N. Curtis & Sons Company gave specifications and prices on new equipment. He recommended a 750 gallon per minute pumper that could be constructed on a commercial chassis. Mayor Gillman informed the group that no money was set up in the budget for a new piece of equipment. He asked if the resent pump on the GMC could be repaired. A new truck and pumper would cost around $11,000.

The Mayor and Council requested that Mr. Ross of the Fire Underwriters meet with the Council and discuss the problem thoroughly before making any decision. An experienced pump man is to be contacted to give judgment on the repair of the present pump on the GMC truck.

A gas line extension plat was presented for approval of the Council. It was moved by Councilman Ray E. Loveless, seconded by Councilman E. J. Simmons and passed that the Council approve the gas line extension on 12thSouth.

The Council further discussed the purchase of flags for celebration use. It was decided not to purchase any at this time, as it would amount to some $250.

It was moved by Councilman Philo T. Edwards, seconded by Councilman E. J. Simmons and passed, that Glen Case be given an increase of $15 per month, effective May 1, 1951. This would make a total of $225 per month.

It was moved by Councilman Thomas A. Jacob, seconded by Councilman Philo T. Edwards and passed that the following bills be paid:Jensen Bros--$30.00; LaMar Park--$3.00; Clyde Edwards--$112.50; Frank Ferguson--$125.00; Glena L. Johnson--$60.00; E. H. Calder--$60.00; Don L. Saxton--$112.50; Glen L. Case (Leon Frazier)--$15.00; Glen L. Case--$90.00; Jos. K. Stumph--$15.00; John Mascarenas--$15.00; Ralph Hoyt--$15.00; Axel F. Andreason--$24.30; F. D. Decker--$15.00; Clyde Edwards--$109.13; Glena L. Johnson--$43.80; E. C. Voelker--$15.00; Frank Ferguson--$106.85; Victor Christensen--$46.17; Glen L. Case--$15.00 and $83.60; E. H. Calder--$48.36; Fred Schools--$7.20; Axel F. Andreasen--$116.20; W. H. King--$7.20; NeldonC. Nielsen--$15.00; Axel F. Andreasen--$4.50; Don Saxton--$99.13; Orem City Corporation-$51.48; Farmers and Merchants Bank--$2,024.94, $607.45, and $237.50; Woods & Decker--$300.00; Fred School--$4.50; Salt Lake Tribune--$1.50; L. V. Beckman--$34.50; Orem City--$28.94;Utah State Treasurer--$9.50; Niels Anderson--$175.35; Collector of Internal Revenue--$320.80; Scott Thompson--$125.00; Howard R. Jacobsen--$112.50; Ralph H. Peters--$125.00 and $1.21; J. N. Gardiner--$112.50; Max Wilkinson--$100.00; Wallace North--$100.00; Glena L. Johnson--$20.00; Lloyd L. Anderberg--$110.00; E. H. Calder--$40.00; Orland Pyne--$117.50; Frederick Thorne--$62.00; Victor Christensen--$130.00; Chester Lowry--$15.00; Vernon D. Partridge--$110.00; Owen Neilsen--$100.00; Rulon F. Cook--$110.00; Martell Keetch--$145.70;Leo C. Broadhead--$16.03; Bullock Motor--$98.78;Wilford Pierce--$117.50; Leo C. Broadhead--$5.11; Orem Volunteer Fire Dept.--$304.00; Scott Thompson--$10.00; Mrs. Bessie Excell--$50.00; Rulon F. Cook--$106.70; Lee Sand and Gravel--$1,056.00;Salt Lake Tribune-Telegram--$1.50; Howard R. Jacobsen--$107.40 and $10.00; Farmers and Merchants Bank--$125.00; Wallace North--$97.00; Max Wilkinson--$97.00; Vernon D. Partridge--$96.70; Lloyd L. Anderberg--$96.70; Glena L. Johnson--$14.60; Ralph H. Peters--$121.25; J. N. Gardiner--$109.13; Wilford Pierce--$113.98; Owen Nielsen--$27.78; Chester Lowry--$14.55; Victor Christensen--$80.23; Frank Ferguson--$14.40; Glen L. Case--$18.25; Lenora Johnson--$52.75; Orland Pyne--$113.98; E. H. Calder--$32.24; Frederick Thorne--$66.05; Edward Wickman--$158.63; H. S. Snyder--$182.40; Dick Smith--$6.00; Joe Powell--$6.00; Fred School--$24.30; Roy Powell--$14.40; W. H. King--$7.20; Martell Keetch--$156.60; J. N. Gardiner--$31.00; Scott Thompson--$94.60; Orem City--$123.01; Utah State Treasurer--$9.50; Junior Edwards--$7.20; Lois Downs--$49.25.

Meeting adjourned.