Miers Court Primary School

Miers Court Primary School


Job Description – Assistant Head / Inclusion L4-8

(Two days release)


The Assistant Headteacher will develop, with the support of the Headteacher and colleagues, effective ways of overcoming barriers to learning and sustaining effective teaching through demonstrating good practice, the analysis and assessment of pupils’ needs, the monitoring of the quality of teaching and standards of pupils’ achievements

To be an exemplary class teacher and fulfill the new teacher standards and/or post threshold responsibilities

Expectations of a Senior Leader:

  • To be a member of the Senior Leadership Team and attend leadership meetings as required and share the responsibility for the implementation of the School Improvement Plan
  • To support the aims and ethos of the school
  • To report to the HT and Governors as necessary
  • To lead CPD meetings, deploy and maintain resources with maximum efficiency to meet the objectives of the school and to ensure value for money
  • To share responsibility for assemblies
  • To be an Appraiser as part of Staff Appraisal process
  • To be a role model for good teaching and learning
  • To manage own workload and that of others to allow an appropriate work/life balance
  • To attend and participate in open evenings and other school events
  • To undertake any other duties as reasonably requested by the Headteacher

Key Tasks will include:

  • To assist the Headteacher in the formulation of the school’s strategic plan and self-evaluation – in particular on strategic objectives for Inclusion
  • Analyse and interpret relevant school, local and national data in order to raise standards of achievement in English and Maths for all vulnerable groups including those who are gifted and talented and work alongside Subject Leaders.
  • Undertaking day to day coordination of provision for vulnerable groups through close liaison with staff, parents and external agencies
  • To work with the Deputy Head to ensure good deployment of learning support assistants
  • Supporting staff in understanding the needs of Inclusion
  • Monitoring progress of pupils on SEN register and those that receive pupil premium
  • To lead on development of relevant policies such as Inclusion, Diversity and Accessibility Plan
  • Provide regular information to the Headteacher and governing body on the evaluation and impact of provision for vulnerable groups through regular monitoring of class provision maps.
  • To motivate and work with others to create a shared culture and positive climate.
  • Keep up to date with the major developments relevant to the curriculum

This job description may be reviewed at the end of the academic year or earlier if necessary. In addition, it may be amended at any time after consultation with the job holder.