Metadane Karty Pracy Ucznia

Metadane Karty Pracy Ucznia


Activity 1


Do you like listening to music?

What type of music do you like the most?

What’s your favourite group? Why this one?

Activity 2


Do you recognise the men on the foto?

Who are they?

Can you give us any of their names?

What do you think of them?

When were they the most popular?

Do you know any of their songs? Which?

Do you like their music?

Activity 4


animated,art gallery, ballad, bass, classical, collaboration, create, fashion

designer, group/band, harmonica, musician, performer, piece, play, record,

elease, vocalist, voice, working-class



The Beatles were the most famous pop group of the 60’s. Their music was not only popular in Britain but all over the world. Members of the band were John Lennon, Ringo Starr, GeorgeHarrison and Paul McCartney. They were working-class boys from Liverpool. Their first record, “Love Me Do”was a top-30 hit in 1962. Some well-known songsby the Beatles are “Yesterday”, “Strawberry Fields Forever”, “Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds” and “Michelle Ma Belle”.

They also starred in two films, A Hard Day’s Night in 1964 and Help! in 1965. Their songs were used in the animated film Yellow Submarine, which was made in 1968. The Beatles ballad “Yesterday” was covered by 1,186 different performersin the first 10 years its release in 1965.

Paul McCartney who used to sing and play bass for the Beatles, established his own group called Wings which played for ten years. His solo hits included collaborations with Michael Jackson and Elvis Costello. In 1991 he also wrote his first piece of classical music called the Liverpool Oratorio.

Paul’s daughter Stella is a top British fashion designer.

“Some people say: «don’t talk too much about The Beatles. Talk about your new album». But I don’t mind”.

John Lennon learnt to play harmonica at the age of 12 but he wanted to be a milionaire not a musician. He lived with his uncle and aunt in Liverpool. He met

Paul McCartney in 1955 and they started the Beatles in1960. Two years later John married Cynthia and they had a son called Julian. In 1966 John met Yoko Ono in an art galleryin London. They got married on March 20th 1969 and the next year John left the Beatles to create the Plastic Ono band. Their first hit was “Imagine” in 1971.

Four years later John and his wife went to live in New York and had a son called Sean.

John Lennon was shot in New York outside his own house on December 8th 1980.

George Harrison also played in a band calledThe Travelling Wilburys together with other male vocalists like Bob Dylan, Roy Orbison, Tom Petty and Jeff Lyne.

Ringo Starr is the voice for Thomas the Tank Engine, a very popular children’s



You say yes, I say no,

You say stop, I say go, go, go

Oh no.

You say goodbye and I say hello,

hello, hello

I don’t know why you say goodbye

I say hello, hello, hello

I don’t know why you say goodbye

I say hello.

I say high, you say low,

You say why and I say I don’t know.

Oh, no.

You say

Why, why, why, why, why, why, do

you say

Goodbye, goodbye bye, bye.

Oh no.

You say yes, I say no, I say yes but

I may mean no

You say stop and I say go, go, go

I can stall till it’s time to go

Oh, oh no