Meta-Analysis Citations

Meta-Analysis Citations


Citing a Cochrane Review from The Cochrane Library

Scott, J., Prictor, M., Harmsen, M., Broom, A., Entwistle, V., Sowden, A., et al. (2003).Interventions for

improving communication with young children and adolescents about a family member's cancer.

Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews, 4, CD004511.

(If you do not have the ‘CD’ or “DOI” number for your review, look it up by author and/or title in the Cochrane Libraryor in PubMed.)

Citing a record from DARE (Database of Abstracts of Reviews of Effects)

Should general practitioners refer patients with major depression to counsellors? a review

of current published evidence. [Database of Abstracts of Reviews of Effects Abstract

11999009673]. In: The Cochrane Library, Issue 4, 2001. Oxford, Update Software.

Abstract of: Should general practitioners refer patients with major depression to

counsellors? a review of current published evidence. Churchill R, Dewey M, Gretton

V, Duggan C, Chilvers C, Lee A. British Journal of General Practice 1999:49:738-


Meta-Analysis Citations


Schoenfeld, A. J., Bono, C. M., McGuire, K. J., Warholic, N., & Harris, M. B. (2010). Computed tomography alone versus computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging in the identification of occult injuries to the cervical spine: A meta-analysis. The Journal of Trauma, 68(1), 109-13; discussion 113-4. doi:10.1097/TA.0b013e3181c0b67a

MEDLINE with Full Text

Dahl, S., Schmidt, L., Vestergaard, T., Schüz, J., & Schmiegelow, K. (2009). Allergy and the risk of childhood leukemia: a meta-analysis. Leukemia: Official Journal of The Leukemia Society Of America, Leukemia Research Fund, U.K, 23(12), 2300-2304. Retrieved from MEDLINE with Full Text database.


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Systematic Review Citations


Only abstracts of systematic reviews are provided. You must obtain the full text of the article elsewhere and cite accordingly.


Only abstracts of systematic reviews are provided. You must obtain the full text of the article elsewhere and cite accordingly.


Shah, K., Qureshi, S. U., Johnson, M., Parikh, N., Schulz, P. E., & Kunik, M. E. (2009). Does use of antihypertensive drugs affect the incidence or progression of dementia? A systematic review. The American Journal of Geriatric Pharmacotherapy, 7(5), 250-261. doi:10.1016/j.amjopharm.2009.11.001

MEDLINE with FullText

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Randomized Controlled Trials


Altena, M. R., Kleefstra, N., Logtenberg, S. J., Groenier, K. H., Houweling, S. T., & Bilo, H. J. (2009).

Effect of device-guided breathing exercises on blood pressure in patients with hypertension: A

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1553. Retrieved from CINAHL with Full Text database.

MEDLINE with FullText

Li, Y., Liang, F., Yang, X., Tian, X., Yan, J., Sun, G., et al. (2009). Acupuncture for treating acute attacks

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Full Text database.

Cohort Studies


Whitrow, M. J., Moore, V. M., Rumbold, A. R., & Davies, M. J. (2009). Effect of supplemental folic acid in pregnancy on childhood asthma: A prospective birth cohort study. American Journal of Epidemiology, 170(12), 1486-1493. doi:10.1093/aje/kwp315

MEDLINE with FullText

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Case Series/Reports


McCormack, E., & Liddiard, H. (2009). Home or away? community rehabilitation following traumatic brain injury: A case report. Physiotherapy Research International : The Journal for Researchers and Clinicians in Physical Therapy, 14(1), 66-71. doi:10.1002/pri.418

MEDLINE with FullText

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series. American Journal of Critical Care, 18(5), 496. Retrieved from CINAHL with Full Text



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Practice Guidelines


U.S. Preventive Services Task Force. (2009). Screening for depression in adults: U.S. preventive services task force recommendation statement. Annals of Internal Medicine, 151(11), 784-792. doi:10.1059/0003-4819-151-11-200912010-00006

MEDLINE with FullText

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management of scoliosis in Rett syndrome patients based on expert consensus and clinical evidence.

Spine, 34(17), E607-17. Retrieved from CINAHL with Full Text database.


Clinical practice guideline on invasive treatments for low back pain: Main recommendations from the APS.(2009). BackLetter, 24(6), 68. doi:10.1097/


National Guideline Clearinghouse

Look at bibliographic source at the top of the guideline for guidance.

New York State Department of Health. (2008). Depression and mania in patients with
HIV/AIDS. Retrieved May 4, 2009, from


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