Megatreat Liquid Stone

Megatreat Liquid Stone



Imagine a building material that looks, feels and wears exactly like natural stone – and yet comes in liquid form right from a can. Well you can stop imagining because now there is such a product.

Megatreat liquid stone is a revolutionary high quality building material that has all the qualities of natural stone because it’s made with natural stone. But unlike other stone products Megatreat is a flexible material that will not crack. Not only that but Megatreat liquid stone products are super economical, easy to use on any type of horizontal or vertical surface, and can be tinted or textured to a wide range of finishes including terracotta, sandstone, limestone, brick, tile and more.

The high-grade natural sandstone, terracotta and limestone have a unique combination of stone aggregates and an acrylic based cross linked polymer. It has been designed for both interior and exterior application on vertical and horizontal surfaces, for residential as well as commercial properties.

Right from the can, with no mixing or measuring, Megatreat can be spread using a paint pad or squeegee, brushed, bagged, trowelled on almost any surface such as pebblecrete, concrete, slate, tiles, wood, plastic, steel, wrought iron, glass, asphalt, fibro, blue board, hardiflex, Formica and laminex. Think about the various horizontal and vertical surfaces found in the average home or commercial building – walkways, walls, roofs floors, bench tops, pots, pool surrounds, patios, driveways, ceramics, mirrors, even styrofoam planters and fruit boxes that can be coated with Megatreat liquid stone, you are only limited by your imagination.

Any of these products can be coloured by using a non-organic pigment or paint tint from your paint supplier. These should be stirred in slowly to achieve the desired effect. After application, simple finishing techniques can be used to create a wide variety of natural stone and masonry products. Additionally it can be used in place of wallpaper, paint or panelling. Megatreat can be applied to achieve the same effect that looks and feels like real stone.

There are four types of Megatreat liquid stone products:-

Liquid Sandstone:- Three Natural colours, Natural, Sydney White and Desert Gold.

Liquid Terracotta:- Two colours, Terracotta and Off White.

Liquid Limestone:- One colour, White.

Textured Primer Coat:- Three colours, White, Light Grey and Charcoal Grey.


Megatreat Sealers are available in Natural, Satin and Gloss finishes.

These tried and proven range of sealers are easily applied, wash up in water and have no offensive smells. A slip resistant additive can be added into our Satin and Gloss sealers that make this an ideal choice for pool surrounds, shop floors, bathrooms and kitchens. Our long lasting sealers give up to 5 years protection where most other sealers give only 6 to 12 months protection.


No matter what the application, Megatreat Liquid Stone Products offer the building and remodelling industries in Australia and around the world, A high quality, cost effective and incredible flexible alternative surface coating, that is easy to install and delivers outstanding results that can generate significant savings for everyone who uses them.

All of these products have thoroughly tested by the CSIRO in Australia and Marshall Laboratories in the USA.

They passed all of the tests for flexibility, strength, fire resistance, Ultra-Violet light, crack resistant, and mould resistant. Our products are environmentally friendly and wash up in water. Because of its advanced polymer base, Megatreat products can flex with variations of temperature and moisture.


Megatreat Liquid Stone Products are applied in up to five stages.

  1. Clean off all dirt, grease and grime. Give the surface some teeth, either sand or acid wash smooth concrete, flushing off with water removing cement dust and allow to dry. Use griplock, ESP or similar products on glazed tiles, glass or new plastic pots to etch the surface.
  1. Megatreat Liquid Textured Primer Coat is applied to even out any uneven surfaces ( eg pebble Crete ). This acts as a base for the Megatreat product as a contrasting “grout” or “mortar” colour. Allow 24 hours to dry. This step would not be necessary if your existing surface is even and you do not require patterns (using the tile tape ) in your finished surface.
  1. Apply Megatreat Tile Tape ( 6mm and 12mm widths are available) to achieve a tile pattern, random stone pattern or whatever pattern is required.
  1. Apply Megatreat Liquid Stone. Any one of the sandstone, Limestone or Terracotta products can be applied over the surface in a thin layer to start and a second layer can be applied if required. This can be built up. Allow to dry.
  1. Pull up the Megatreat Tile Tape carefully the next day to reveal the grout or mortar effect. The Megatreat product will stick to the exclusive “new” Megatreat Tile Tape and when removed will practically eliminate clean up. You may sand the surface if required.
  1. Apply Megatreat Natural Look, Satin or Gloss sealer after 24 hours to get the finish you desire (the Liquid Stone should be dry after 24 Hours) To achieve the natural look finish and keep the surface stain resistant Megatreat Natural Sealer should be applied.


  • Looks, feels and wares like natural stone.
  • Lower cost than traditional natural stone and masonry products.
  • Easy to use straight from the can, fast and easy to apply.
  • Works virtually on ant surface, vertical or horizontal, inside and outside.
  • Original Product will not fade.
  • Lifetime warranty because it is extremely durable and crack-resistant.
  • Maximum colour and texture flexibility with high quality results.
  • Environmentally friendly, fire retardant and mould resistant.

The Megatreat range of products is available nationally through selected hardware and paint stores, and is distributed by Taskmaster Hardware. For further information or the retailer nearest you, call Taskmaster Hardware, phone 0262417477 or fax 0262417541.

For technical or trade information contact Chemical Developments Pty Ltd, phone 0249822877, fax 0249822510, email or you can visit our website at