Meeting Was Called to Order at 6:35Pm by Bill Poffenbarger

Meeting Was Called to Order at 6:35Pm by Bill Poffenbarger

MVYFL Meeting Minutes

March 11, 2015


Meeting was called to order at 6:35pm by Bill Poffenbarger


Boonsboro: Dan Whorten, Allen Sharpless

Brunswick: Danny Weddle

Catoctin: Dave Maze

Frederick: Angie Cline , Preston Lewis

FSK: Guy Hardesty

Gamber: Gary Reed

Linganore: Marty Engel, Mike Arneson

Middletown: Bill Poffenbarger

Mt. Airy: Scott Gardner, Keith Stutzman

Oakdale: Joel Martin

Smithsburg: Joe Bollinger

South Hagerstown: Mark Mitchell

Tuscarora: Ilysha Brown

Urbana: Art Himes

Walkersville: Duane Musselman

Mark Mitchell made a motion to accept meeting minutes from January 25, 2015, 2nd Joe Bollinger. 12-0 Vote to accept.

President’s Report: Bill Poffenbarger went to Indianapolis for a USA Football Conference for concussion awareness and other helpful information. He would like all directors to have an action plan on concussion, safety, sudden cardiac arrest. Have better communication with parents and let them know that you have a plan when an emergency situation takes place. Stresses that all directors should have some form of training . Encourages us all to look into USA Football.

Vice President’s Report- No Report.

Treasurer’s Report- Membership is due. All programs submitted their respective fees to the league.

Secretary’s Report: Angie would like for everyone to continue turning in any changes made to contact list.

Weigh In Logistics: Urbana Will host weigh ins. Rob Myers will send a check to Urbana for this year’s weigh in payment of $1000.00.

Marty Engel is working on a new and improved roster spreadsheet that will auto fill, this will help eliminate errors.

Draw Area: With registrations starting up soon, everyone needs to start thinking about their exceptions. Need to keep them to a minimum. Preferably 1-2 verses 6-7 from each program.

Bylaw Sub Committee:

Proposal- Player exceptions will need to be submitted to the league for approval and must be approved by a 2/3 majority vote of the Board of Directors no later than the “official” July league meeting. Dave Maze made a motion to accept new proposal , 2nd by Gary Reed. 12-0 Vote to accept.

Bylaw Policy / Clean up: Bill would like to send one sheet of our policies and bylaws to the referees prior to our games because, of NFHS and MVYFL rules being different this will help the referees on game day.

Bill wants to take a look at D2 policies and make sure everything is cleaned up. Does not want D2 to become solely focused on winning. This was the designated level for 100% focus on instruction of sound fundamentals.

League Schedule: Marty has started an excel spreadsheet in hope of a more “user friendly” schedule. Walkersville will now be in the Valley division. Brunswick will be in the Mountain division.

Schedule Development Forms were handed out to all directors. Everyone needs to turn in their form by email to the league secretary by March 19, 2015 so we can provide a more accurate schedule projection to the member programs.

Housekeeping: 2015 Admissions /Gate Fee will be $1.00 per person and $3.00 per family for regular season games. $3.00 per person and $5.00 per family for playoffs. Angie Cline motioned to accept, 2nd by Danny Weddle.

12-0 vote to accept.

Violations Sub-Committee: Will make a MVYFL guideline for flag football. It will be the basics for the flag football coaches to follow.

Program Updates: MVYFL would like to welcome Spring Mills. Currently Spring Mills has 55 players and cheerleaders registered. The Spring Mills program announced the following director changes. Mark Williams will be the Director and Dave Choiniere will be the Alternate Director.

Tuscarora has a new Director starting the end of this week. They are working on getting a loan to pay back MVYFL . Bill Poffenbarger asked Ilysha Brown to continue to keep us posted with the loan and new Director’s information once received.

FSK will have a monthly board meeting on March 18, 2015. They are looking for someone who will represent them at the MVYFL meetings. They lost 6 out of 11 board members from last season. They are in good shape financially. Butch Fitzgerald will step in to help when needed.

League Website: Bill Poffenbarger would like to have a website with newer information about our league. Overall goals for our league will be on the website. Bill stated this website will not affect or take place of individual websites.

Game Day Schedule: Try to follow this across the board. We all need to be on the same schedule if at all possible.

Scores must be submitted by either email or phone by 9pm on the Sunday night following weekly games.

NFL Flag Football: Each team would receive flags, an NFL jersey, rule book, and coaching points. Each players cost will be $30.00. All directors can go to USA Football Website to look at the flag football information. Bill would like everyone to think about switching over to the NFL Flag football. We will send an email out to get everyone’s thoughts.

Meeting called to adjourn by Dave Maze, 2nd by Keith Stutzman 12-0 Vote to Adjourn.

Next Meeting will be on July 12, 2015 at Heritage Park 1:00pm.