Meeting to Be Held on Wednesday 13Th Mayat Barnham Broom Conference Centre, 9.00Am (9.30Am

Meeting to Be Held on Wednesday 13Th Mayat Barnham Broom Conference Centre, 9.00Am (9.30Am

Meeting to be Held on Wednesday 13th Mayat Barnham Broom Conference Centre, 9.00am (9.30am start)- 4.00pm


Geoff RayKay WatkinsonDee HebronMatthew LabakiJulian Snowling David Standerwick Ben Ampoah Emma Murray David Hopkinson Sharon Gardner Guppy Sue Spoerer

Also attending;

Tony Dean (Chief Officer) Lauren Seamons (Deputy Chief Officer), Charlotte Bowles (Support Officer) Andrew Magem (HealthWatch), Elaine Morris, James Wade & Sarah Day (Smokefree)

  1. Welcome

Welcome back to Dee Hebron, replacing Sunil as CCA representative. Introduction round-table.

We will be joined later by Elaine Morris (in a new role) to discuss Apprenticeships, and by James Wade from SmokeFree. On one hand we are very sorry to report that Dr Sam Revill has left HealthWatch. We feel we should formally minute our appreciation of the interest she has shown in pharmacy services, and for her expert independent appraisals of the influenza vaccination service this last 2 years. On the other hand, we are also delighted that HealthWatch will continue to input into the LPC via Andrew Magem, their Information Officer, and we welcome him here today. We also congratulate Charlotte on her recent wedding, and remind you that she is now Mrs Charlotte Bowles.

  1. Apologies for Absence
  2. To Receive and Approve the Minutes of the Last Meeting
  1. Matters Arising (not dealt with elsewhere)
  2. Declarations of Interest:We’ll need details from Dee.


  1. Area Team Update

The meeting with the AT is on 7th May, so unfortunately notes on this are unavailable before this agenda is to be sent. GR/TD/LS will feedback in the “old style”.

TD Updated the Committee on the changes and new structures around the Area Team. There are still many vacancies in lots of the roles, meaning reduced capacity. Concerning the national audit as yet there has been no feedback.There will be some form of action for noncompliance which Kelvin will enforce. This will probably be a final warning notice to pharmacy and maybe a pharmacy visit.

GR usually we find that it is the same pharmacies that are non-compliant in all other areas.

DS it’s only right for further investigation.

TD also talked about OOH, EPS both of which are on the agenda for later today. Co-commissioning is still being looked into. It has been suggested that one of the main work streams needs to be around how pharmacies can support with relieving the current pressures from GPs.

GR we now have new working relationships to establish within the restructure and we will continue to work on these to benefit future work streams.

TD presented some information around the Flu Service to Committee and will forward this information to all.

DS there seems to be no general uniformed approached to providing the flu service.

TD would still push for full service if possible. We can say there will be a pharmacy flu service this year, Healthwatch have recommended a full service this year from pharmacy. What resources should be provided this year, posters, stickers, badges and large posters?

DS if the service opens up to all then the NHS should provide materials so maybe wait and see.

LS we thought about providing materials to the most active provider’s form last year as a lot of money went into materials last year to providers that did not get behind the service. Maybe better to provide some more in house support and encouragement for pharmacists to provide the vaccinations to patients.

TD views unchanged in that we as an LPC should not provide the vaccination training for pharmacies. Thoughts?

GR there are enough providers out there for training.

DS if it does arise that the whole service is available to provide in pharmacies I think that the providers will step up and provide more sessions.

GR the buddy system that Lauren suggests sounds good and I would be happy to have someone come and shadow me to see how it works and build confidence.

DS how about the locums in the area?

GR feel that they should pay for own fees to provide jabs. What format have we got to get these messages out to people.

TD this will be covered later in the day. If the service remains the same as last year all should be ok.

TD NHS England is not making any decisions on this at present which does not help us.

BA is it likely that opened up as a full service we will be given a target to mee?.

TD not likely.

DS it is not going to cost any more money for NHS England if the service is opened up to all.

TD there is still a chance for a full service and this is what we will be working towards but at the moment cannot make any comments.

TD significant incidents were also discussed and the incorrect reporting of these. Kelvin is stating that these need to be looked at and reported correctly as dispensing incidents.

DS does the LPC have a role to play if independents are struggling with these errors?

TD Kelvin would offer LPC support and guidance and I myself would visit and offer support where needed- if requested.

EM sometimes though some errors between pharmacy and surgery do not get reported due to breakdown in communication between pharmacy and surgery. Some of my pharmacists may not dare to report errors made by GPs.

TD some guidance is needed then from LPC on what to do in this area.

TD waste contracts are currently being looked at if you have diabetics returning needles you can take these as long as they are in the correct containers and just put into a large yellow bin and will be taken.

TD gave feedback to the Committee around the meeting with LPN and mentioned that concerns are now to be recorded in the minutes.

DS are other LPCs of the same thinking?

TD yes all in favour of this. Kelvin and his team have all been invited to the next LPC meeting.

  1. HealthWatch Update- Andrew Magem (Information Officer, Healthwatch Norfolk)

AM Updated the Committee on current work streams and his new role within Healthwatch. King’s Fund recently provided report on Healthwatch with very good results. Healthwatch is looking good for the future. Our new structure has gone from 2 to 4 members of staff that will enable us to engage more. Core project areas are Children and Young, Mental Health, Primary Care Services, GP appointments, Veterans service, Carers, Cardio Vascular, Enablement Services, Equipment and Palliative Care. Next board meeting Monday. Upcoming reports Dementia, Mental Health, Care homes and services within these for people with dementia.Most of the feedback that is received around pharmacies is always very positive.

GR any feedback on the flu service report?

AM the report has gone to NHS England and the results ae very positive for pharmacy. No other project at present has such a positive response as this one.

DS any materials that can be used within pharmacy to highlight Healthwatch.

AM Would be very happy to share promotional materials displayed in pharmacies.

LS we can put these details in our Newsletter and our website.

  1. Branded Generic Issues, Including Controlled Drugs

GR this is a very important area to discuss.

Guppy Had a visit from CCG to inform of needle changes and that there will be standard sizes no longer different. Also there are going to be many changes around prescribing of certain drugs.

GR this is very good but not all pharmacies get these visits to pre warn them of these changes. It would be good for this to be a national thing so that all pharmacies are informed of these changes and can arrange stock holding.

SG had fed back the changes around quetiapine XL and we were informed this would be a phased changeover and then started receiving the prescription changes the next day. We need notice and then a day for this to happen so we are not stuck with expensive drugs on our shelves.

TD a quarterly meeting has now been arranged with Ian to talk over the switching issues that are happening. Any LPC members that wish to form part of this group please inform Tony.

GR by doing this we are offering support to maximise switches and control costing.

TD need good feedback from all Committee then we can arrange the first meeting. David, Dee and Caroline will be able to attend the meetings. TD will approach GY/Waveney CCG to set up similar meetings if possible.

  1. Funded Emergency Supply Report

By the time of the meeting the service will have operated over 2 key Bank Holidays and their weekends. TD will provide the Pharmoutcomes report on how things have gone so far, and share feedback from OOH colleagues.

TD presented report to Committee on the service from Easter and the May bank holidays. The report shows that almost 200 appointments were saved at OOH GP clinics 15 patients were prevented from going to A & E. We have permission to share this data with PSNC and activity/outcomes will be monitored on an ongoing basis. The results are fantastic.

Committee raised concerns over the six week school holiday period and thought it would be good to propose the service over this period.

TD will put this across and report back.

  1. Primary Care Contracts Update

LS We are now a month into the new contracts. All those who submitted contract have been granted them. I’m aware that some applications are/were processing which have only recently been submitted. There are some concerns that those signed up to Smoking Cessation have not booked training yet, which is through Smoke Free Norfolk/ Yarmouth Stop Smoking Service. Sexual Health requires a safeguarding lead. Health Checks can be cascade trained, although a survey has gone out asking for training needs and we will liaise with PH and hopefully training arranged based on this. Website has been updated to reflect these points, a Members area will also be set up on the LPC website to publish more sensitive information such as service pricing. Please can the big 3 confirm they a have assigned service leads and who they are?

TD could a summary page be done for each branch so that branches can see how much money is available?

LS then presented figures around last year totals claimed and the difference with the new contract pricing. Ensure that Chlamydia tests are given out to partners of positive test clients and advise them to complete the test and return whatever.

  1. Weight Maintenance Service 2015

LS We now have agreement that pharmacies will be paid £4 to register a patient and £2 per weigh in session for upto a year for patients who have been through a Health Trainer weight loss program and reached their goal weight.

LS went through how the service will work, reporting and payments. Explained that this is a maintenance service and not a weight loss programme. This is a pilot in Norwich and fees may be adjusted if this is to roll out across other areas. Training sessions are through CPPE and are being held in Great Yarmouth, Kings Lynn and Norwich. This will be followed up with training to be held at County Hall for use of weighing scales.

CB how many people are in the service currently?

LS this is a new service and is being launched over the upcoming weeks. Patients can go to different pharmacy each week for weigh in. Please feedback any concerns or comments to Lauren. The training dates will all be communicated out to pharmacies via letter and then a follow up call to Norwich Pharmacies to ensure that uptake is good.


As reported at the last meeting, several LPC work-streams are underway which WILL require pharmacies to be able to email patient information securely.

GR we need to get this up and running and all new services will be going through so there will be barriers to provision for those who haven’t access.

SSP have applied after last meeting but no further forward.

EM I have been waiting 5 month and apparently have one but have not been informed.

TD please feedback problem to me so that I can chase these up asap. If people do not get behind this I am unable to continue with the conversations I am having for future services.

GR do we need to get a list together of specific emails for all pharmacies. What feedback would you need Tony.

TD inform me of any issues regarding this, please.

  1. Apprenticeships: Elaine Morris

Gave background information and presentation to Committee around current apprenticeships and funding available for current and new staff.

BA shared his feedback from the apprentice scheme and said it was a very good project.

Details will be made available on our website.

  1. CCG Update

TD will update Committee on discussions ongoing with CCGs, for example Practice-Based Pharmacist scoping (Norwich CCG), Prescribing reviews and Dementia (North Norfolk CCG), Respiratory MURs (Ben) in West Norfolk CCG, Minor Ailments (AT and West Norfolk CCG)

TD Minor Aliments progressing well with West Norfolk particularly interested and investigating current spend on such medication. The difficulty is gaining agreement of all 5 CCGs to a common scheme. Although this will take some time I would hope it to be up and running later this year.

BA updated on respiratory meetings happening in the West. Feedback around the MUR folders.

TD practice based pharmacist update these are wanted for medication reviews and medicines management within practice. One practice in Norwich are looking for pharmacy technician and one a Pharmacist to trial this for 6 months, LPC to be involved in setting job role for this trial project.

  1. SmokeFree Norfolk- James Wade & Sarah Day

Talked to the Committee about the background and how the service will operate. Talked about referrals to pharmacy, training, refreshers, support available, VBA training. Look to set up some VBA training sessions for counter staff possibly to coincide with September training around chemical soup 7 steps workshop that is being planned. Top tips: by adding CO reading and next appointment date onto dispensing labels of products. To look at the voucher scheme and advisors to add on next appointment to voucher so that pharmacy will then add these details onto the dispensing label along with CO reading so that the patient can see these. Will provide targets for smoking for pharmacy and review when come to future LPC meetings with prizes. Any newly trained level 2 advisors will receive a CO monitor free of charge for use within the pharmacy.

  1. Hospital Discharge Referral Project

TD will report on progress.

  1. Contractor Survey

Hopefully you have had a look at the contractor survey from 2013, are there any suggested changes or additions?

GR any comments

KW very good

LS we did not change much. Geoff has made a comment regarding PH engagement.

GR any other questions

CB a question about Pharmoutcomes?

LS I will add this in.

  1. Email Subscription List for LPC Newsfeed

LS Sign-up is growing slowly; please can we push this via area managers and also encourage non-pharmacist staff, particularly those who lead on services?

  1. Healthy Living Pharmacy

You will be aware from TD’s email recently that sign-up to training etc. is concerning. LS will update. Suggest we “break out” and discuss the issues, barriers to participation, how to make the programme more attractive etc.

CB this should be moved to the top item on the agenda for next time.

LS we can do this but we need to get numbers up for 27th May at Swaffham.

GR next meeting please bring along barriers and thoughts around HLP and how we can engage more with this concept.

  1. Applications Update and Formation of a Dedicated Sub-Group

Several LPC Members and Officers attended a recent Market Entry training session in Bury St. Edmunds. Following this, it seems sensible that those Members now form an authorised Sub-Group to deal with Applications outside full LPC meetings.

Discussion and agreement sought. It is proposed that a summary of activity and responses are brought to each meeting.

GR a training day was attend by Geoff, Emma, Ben, David and Guppy (and Lauren and Tony). Committee asked to approved the formation of a Sub-Committee?

Committee agreed unanimously.

  1. Hidden Carers Project

A project report is due out early summer which was run by LPCs across the county with the support of PSNC, CPPE, PHEdE which used PharmOutcomes as a referral tool. LS to brief

LS gave feedback on this area about non-professional carers and how they can get support. Report due out in the summer around these findings.

  1. EPS2

CBO will feedback on roll-out in Great Yarmouth.

TD has a meeting of the EPS Project Board for Norwich CCG on 8th May and will report on plans for this and the other CCGs.