MEDT Will Arrange and Subsidize the Expense When the Mission Acts As a Group in China

MEDT Will Arrange and Subsidize the Expense When the Mission Acts As a Group in China

Registration for “Ontario Construction Mission to Japan and South Korea*”

February 28 *- March 9, 2012

Company Information

Company Name:


(Architecture, Interior/exterior decorative material, supplementary materials, fire prevention and proofing, acoustic absorbent/noise reduction, thermal insulation, landscape, software (CG, CAD etc.), design, etc.)



Participant(s) Information(Maximum 3 people per company)

Participant Name:

Working Title:

Tel & Fax:


Corporate Profile(Maximum 150 word - Including your technologies, main products and services, main customer, strength, success stories, and what distinguishes you from your competitors.)

Partnership and Business Development Objective(Maximum 100 wordWhat type of partnership and what goals do you wish to achieve through this mission?)

Mission Participation Option

Option 1: Join the whole mission

Option 2: Join the Japan portion only

Participation Fee $1,200

Registration Deadline December 16th, 2011

Space is limited; registration will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis

Please note:

1)The information provided above will be included in the mission directory (may be edited if too long) printed for this mission. The information will also be forwarded to our partners in the market for seminar invitation and matchmaking use.

2)Participating corporation’s logos and mission participants’ photographs are required to publish the mission directory.

3)To assist in determining the value of its programs, the International Trade Branch will request at periodic intervals (6 months, 1 and 2 years), an estimate of the sales achieved and other outcomes (e.g., distribution agreements) resulting from your firm’s participation in this trade program. The information provided will only be used to report the aggregated results from all program participants. Your cooperation is appreciated.

I accept the conditions set forth in the registration material and confirm the agreement.
Name / Title
Authorized Signature / Date


1)Email or Faxthecompleted and signedRegistration Form_Ontario Construction Mission to Japan and South Koreato 416-325-2766 (Att’n Wenbo Pan) - you will receive confirmation (either by phone or email) from Wenbo Pan before the end of the next business day.

Please contact 416-325-6782 or  in case you don’t receive such confirmation.

2)Email your corporation’s Logo and mission participant’s Photo to . (specification about logo and photo will be provided separately in the Information Package_ConstructionMission to Japan & Korea 2012

3)Issue a cheque of C$1200 payable to: Minister of Finance, Ontario and mail it to

Wenbo Pan

International Trade Branch

Ministry of Economic Development and Innovation

6th Floor, Hearst block

900 Bay Street, Toronto

ON Canada M7A 2E1

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