Mechanic for Advanced Prosthesis & Orthotic, Lecturer and Workshop Management

Mechanic for Advanced Prosthesis & Orthotic, Lecturer and Workshop Management

Pham Van Ha

P6 – N2 – Nam Dong Block

Hanoi - Vietnam


Position within Prosthetics & Orthotics workshops and organisations


Mechanic for advanced Prosthesis & Orthotic, lecturer and workshop management.

Manage and maintain an effective working Prosthetics and Orthotics service with strong rehabilitation focus; solid lecturer, project and workshop management skills.


Key qualifications & skills:

  • Certified by International Society for Prosthetics and Orthotics

- The Management of Poliomyelitis (Phnom Penh, Cambodia 2002)

- Orthopaedic Technologist – Category II (Hanoi, Vietnam 2002)

- Lower limb amputation surgery related prosthetics and Patient Rehabilitation (Hanoi, Vietnam 1998)

  • Certified by Vietnamese-German Technical Cooperation for Orthopaedic Technologies

- Modular Course (Hanoi, Vietnam, 2000)

- Poliomyelitis – Seminar (Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam 1997)

- Training Course on Orthotics of Lower Extremity (Ba Vi, Vietnam 1996)

  • Certified by American Board for Certification in Orthotists and Prosthetists

- Fundamentals of Upper and Lower Extremity Orthotic Diagnosis, Treatment and Fabrication (Tallahasee, Florida, U.S.A. 1995)

  • Certified by Institute for the Protection of Children Health (IPCH) and Vietnam Veterans of American Foundation (VVAF)

- Fundamentals of Orthotic Management of Scoliosis (Hanoi, Vietnam 1996)

  • Practical working experiences since 1991 in Prosthetics & Orthotics
  • Solid international experience
  • Successful team working track record.

Recent positions and projects:

  • Prosthetic & Orthotic engineer at National Institute of Paediatric, Hanoi, Vietnam .
  • Manager and senior manager in orthopaedic workshop at National Institute of Paediatric in Hanoi, Vietnam.
  • Mechanic for machine, apparatus for orthopaedic work shop, Hanoi, Vietnam

Languages: Vietnamese, English, Czech


October 2002 – 2005 / Study training at Tatcot-Moshi in Tanzania
  • Association the Courses Bachelor of science for Prosthetic and Orthotics
  • Leading a team of rehabilitation students
  • Lecturer for prosthetics and orthotics
Reference: upon request
August 1991 – July 2002 / P & O mechanic at National institute of pediatric, Hanoi Vietnam
Reference: upon request
January 1986 – February 1990 / Chemistry engineer at Spolana factory in Czech Republic



January 1984 – February 1986 / Institute of analytical chemistry in Hanoi; Vietnam

Middle-ranking executive (analytical Chemistry)

Subject field:geology and build
Specialisation:inorganic chemistry
1986 - 1990 / Technical school in Spolana; Czech Republic

Middle-ranking executive (practical chemical)

Subject field: colloidal Chemistry
Specialisation: chemosynthesis


/ Vietnamese +++, English ++, Czech +


/ Vietnamese
ADDITIONAL SKILLS / INTERESTS / Expert for prosthetic and orthotic fabrication and design.
Technical planning for mechanical + Electrical engineering + Chemistry

Pham Van Ha

P6-N2-Nam Dong Block

HP +849833030458