Mathoor Visesham Special Supplement

Mathoor Visesham Special Supplement

Visit Mathoor Visesham Internet Edition Vol.-2 No. 2 February 2004

Mathoor Visesham – Special Supplement

Vol.-2 No. 2February 2004 (For limited circulation)

Ashtabandha Kalasam

The main idol of Mathoor Sree Bhagavathy Temple will be re-installed with Astabandha Kalasam after the maintenance work of the temple structure is completed. This will be undertaken during May 15th to 20th by a team of priests led by the renowned Thantri, Puthumana Thirumeni. Since the re-installation rituals are quite elaborate and expensive, we must try and complete the maintenance work of all the structures including the Kochambalam before this date so that all re-installation rituals could be undertaken at the same time.

Balalaya Prathishta

The idols except the main idol may be moved to a Balalayam ( temporary place for installing idols for short periods) on March 11th in order to enable the various maintenance activities to be done in the temple building structures. The civil maintenance/construction work can start immediately after the Balalaya Prathista. We have to complete the work in time to undertake the Ashtabandha Kalasam as scheduled. Co-operation of the members of the family is requested to complete the activities successfully.

Fund collection

We are already on the most important task of undertaking the maintenance activities of the temple building and the associated structures. The estimated expenditure for this is about Rs. 3 Lakhs. We need to collect the required amount as early as possible. The activities will have to be completed before the 15th of May, 2004. We request all the members of the family to continue their support in making this phase of the project also successful and obtain our Para Devatha’s blessings. Please send your contributions for the Punarudharana activities to the Convenor, at the earliest by Bank Draft favouring “Mathoor Kshethram Punarudharana Committee (A/C No. 25064)” payable at State Bank of Travancore, Pazhaveedu Branch, Alleppey. Members of the family are also requested to explore the possibilities of raising funds from external sources. If you need any assistance in this regard please contact the convenor.

New Member of the Family

Ms. Parvathy and Mr. Sreekumar became proud parents when baby boy was born to them on January 17th in Alleppey. The boy named Manas (Mahi) is the grandson of Ms. Thilasi and Prof. Ravindran Nair.

Weddings in the Family

- Mr. Anil, son of Mr. T. R. Rama Varma Raja (President, Mathoor Devaswom Committee) and Ms. Indirambika married Ms. Resmi, daughter of the late Sreedhara Kurup and Ms. Thankamony Amma on February 9th at Sree Padmam Kalyanamandapam, Trivandrum. Anil is the grandson of Mr. Rama Varma Thampuran, Kochumathoor, Nedumudi.

- Mr. Girish, son of Mr. K. Ravindra Kumar, Kamalalayam, Kadakkarapally, Cherthala, is getting married to Ms. Anjali, daughter of Ms. Vijayalakshmi and the late Rajasekharan, Rajeevam, Panavally, Cherthala on Saturday, the 27th March 2004 at 12.05 p.m. in Nalpatheneswaram temple. Ravindrakumar belongs to Maveli kadu, Mathoor Paikkara.

Life Members

Following members of the family have applied for life membership.

- Mr. N. Ramachandra Panicker, Lakshmi Niketan, Pathiyoor West, Kareelakulangara P. O., Kayamkulam.

- Mr. B. Sreekumar, Thodayam, Kanjipadam – P. O., Alapuzha.

- Mr. R. B. Pillai, 101, Sai Aangan, Vaithara Nagar, Nahar Road, Muland (W), Mumbai - 400 080.

- Ms. Shanta B. Pillai, 101, Sai Aangan, Vaithara Nagar, Nahar Road, Muland (W), Mumbai - 400 080.

- Ms. Girija Krishnan, 101, Sai Aangan, Vaithara Nagar, Nahar Road, Muland (W), Mumbai - 400 080.

- Ms. Bharathi Kunjamma, Deepthi, Kandiyoor, Thattarambalam – P. O., Mavelikkara.

- Mr. P. G. Rajasekahara Panicker, Mathoor Renju Nivas, Vadakkal – P. O., Alapuzha.

- Mr. Sanal Kumar, Sumeru, 33 Shanthi Nagar, Post Office Road, Pazhaveedu, Alapuzha.

Report From Family Units


A meeting of the members of Mathoor Family - Trivandrum Unit was conducted at 4.00 p.m. on February 15th at Karthika, Vellayambalam, the residence of Ms. Prabha and Mr. Ramesh C. Dutt. Seventeen members participated in the proceedings. Mr. M. K. K. Panicker, Convenor, Punarudharana committee was a special guest on the occasion. The main agenda of the meeting was to discuss the ongoing Punarudharana activities of the Mathoor Temple. Mr. Panicker briefed the meeting about the various aspects including the requirement of further funds. The progress of the registration of Mathoor Devaswom Trust was also discussed. There was a suggestion to make the meeting more informal so that the interest of the participants can be sustained. The meeting concluded at 6.00 p.m.

There will not be any meeting of the unit during the month of March. The next meeting of the Thiruvananthapuram Family Unit will be conducted in April. The date, time and venue is yet to be finalised. Please contact Mr. Aravindakshan Nair (Tel: 0471-243-8135) for further information.


Meeting of the members of Mathoor Family living in the Kayamkulam area met at the residence (Deepthi, Kandiyoor, Thattarambalam) of Ms. Bharathi Kunjamma (Kochu Mathoor) and Mr. Gopinathan Nair on Sunday, February 8th 2003. The partcipants suggested that the Mathoor Temple Devaswom Trust be registered at the earliest. Any misunderstanding that may be there among the members of the family is to be cleared. It was also felt that the Devaswom Committee and the Punarudharana Committee work in a more coordinated manner for smooth functioning of the affairs.


No reports of the meetings of Family Units were received from any of these places during the month of February. Members of these units are requested to conduct regular meetings on a convenient dates every month. This will ensure effective communication among the members of the family.

Contributions Pending to be Received

Amount in Rs . Amount in Rs

Name Promised Paid Name Promised Paid

Rs. 20000 and above

Dr. Rajeswari, Mr. Unnikrishnan Nair }2500015000Dr. Narayana Panicker & Ms. Sudha 25000 -

Dr,Jyotsna & Dr. Jyothi }

Rs. !0000 to Rs. 19999

Mr. G. Ravindranatha Panicker &}15000 -Ms. Vimala, Mr. Kaimal, } 15000 7500

Ms. Jayasree } Mr. Sandeep & Ms. Deepa } Mumbai

Ms. Radhamani Kunjamma (Omana)15000 -Ms. Vijaya Lakshmi 12000 -

Ms. Thulasi & Prof. Ravindran Nair10000 8000Ms. Ajitha Kunjamma & Ajith Kumar 10000 5000

Mr. Raja Raja Varma & Ms.Indira, Mannar10000 -Mr. M. S. N. Panicker & Ms. Vijayamma 10000 10000

Mr. M. V. K. Panicker, Cherthala10000 5000Ms. Sreelatha Kunjamma, Alleppey 10000 -

Mr. Santhosh Panicker, s/o Mr. G. S. Panicker10000Mr. R. B. Pillai - 10000

Rs. 1001 to Rs.9999

Mr. M. Mohan Das, Trivandrum 5000 2500Mr. M. Mohandas Panicker, Trivandrum 5000 1500

Ms. Sathamma, Thakazhi 5000 -Mr. Mohan Kumar & Ms. Jayasree 5000 -

Mr. Venukuttan, Alleppey 5000 -Mr. Govinda Pillai, Kochumathoor 5000 -

Ms. Vijayalakshmi Kunjamma & } 5000 -Ms. Karthiyayani Kunjamma, Pallathuruthy 5000 -

Mr. N. D. Kurup }Ms. Jayasree & Mr. Ravi, Kollam 5000

Ms. Bhuvaneswari Amma & Family 5000 -Mr. B. S. Thampi, Hyderabad 5000 2001

Mr. Krishna Kumar, Ambalapuzha - 5000Mr. Gopakumar, Valiyakunnil - 3000

Ms. Lekha and Mr. N. Rajendran 3000 1000Mr. Jayakumar, Ambalapuzha - 1000

Ms. Lathika, Ambalapuzha - 1000 Ms. Anupama, Ambalapuzha - 100

We will try to publish a consolidated list of contributions received so far for the Punarudharana activities in the coming issue of the newsletter.

Poojas Not Reported

- January 20 (Pooradam) Divasa Pooja by Mr. Purushothama Panicker, Ettumanoor.

- January 22 (Uthradam) Divasa Pooja by Mr. Janardhana Pillai, Mannar House, Adoor.

- January 26 (Utrittathi) Divasa Pooja by Mr.Vishnu, son of the late Thekkedathu Sankara Narayana Panicker.

Poojas Conducted in February

- February 4 (Punartham) Divasa Pooja by Dr. Pradeep Panicker, son of Ms. Bharathi Kunjamma, TVM

- February 10 (Atham) Divasa Pooja by Mr. Madhusoodanan Pillai, asha Deepam, Alapuzha.

- February 20 (Moolam) Divasa Pooja by Sindhu, Edanadu, Nedumudi.

- February 22 (Pooruruttathi) Divasa Pooja by Baby. Varsha, daughter of Mr. Suresh Panicker, Singapore.

- “““““ Ms. Deepa, daughter of Ms. Vimala Kaimal, Mumbai.

- February 23 (Utrittathi) Divasa Pooja by Mr. Vijayakumar, Mundan Kavu.

- February 24 (Revathi)) Divasa Pooja by Sree Hari, Chengannoor

- February 25 (Aswathi) Divasa Pooja by Ms. Latha, wife of Dr. S. G. Ravindranath, Trivandrum.

- February 29 Divasa Pooja by ms. Sreekala Sarma, daughter of Ms. Vijayalakshmi Kunjamma, Bhilai.

Poojas Scheduled in March and April

-March 3 (Pooram) Divasa Pooja by Mr. C. K. Aravindakshan Nair, husband of Ms. Bharathi Kujamma.

- “ (Punartham) ““ Dr. Pradeep Panicker, son of Ms. Bharathi Kunjamma, Trivandrum.

-March 10 (Punartham) Divasa Pooja by Kum. Parvathy, daughter of Ms. Lekha Kunjamma, Trivandrum.

- March 24 (Bharani) Divasa Pooja by Baby. Sreelakshmi, daughter of Dr. Pradeep Panicker, Trivandrum.

- March 30 (Punartham) Divasa Pooja by Dr. Pradeep Panicker, son of Ms. Bharathi Kunjamma, Trivandrum.

Devaswom Cash Flow Statement forDecember 2003


Opening Balance as on December 1, 2003 8239.50Property Maintenance 1850.00

Loan Refund 50.00Salary to Employees 3525.00

Life Membership 3310.00Deposit in Bank SCB A-87 12000.00

Thalapoli(13)24221.00Deposit in SBI ADB 9530.00

Navakam 1200.00Mandala Utsavam (41 days) 27644.00

Divasa Pooja (14) 3501.00Mandala Utsavam – Employees 2000.00

Nithya Nidanam 3393.00Navakam 700.75

Donation 1678.00Rent Advance (Priests accomodation) 5000.00

Aayiliam Pooja 400.00Kalari 300.00

Withdrawal from ADB, Alpy15000.00Committee Expenses 234.00

Bank A-87 Withdrawal10000.00Nithya Nidanam 1744.00

Staff Advance Returned 250.00Aayiliam Pooja 110.00

Kalamezhuthum Pattum 250.00Niramala 550.00

Kanikka 2963.50Advance for Priest 1500.00

Excess Receipts over Expenditure 7768.25

Total Receipts 74,456.00 Total Expenses 74,456.00

Devaswom Cash Flow Statement for January 2004


Opening Balance as on January 1, 2004 7768.25Advance to Priest & Kazhakam 10000.00

Income from property 620.00Salary to Employees 2775.00

Life Membership 4020.00Deposit in Treasury 50000.00

Membership 125.00Electrical items 60.00

Receipts fo Punarudharanam 8500.00Tax Paid 1605.00

Divasa Pooja (17) 4250.00Staff Advance 1850.00

Nithya Nidanam 3960.00Navakam 915.25

Loan Refund 2500.00Kudumba Sangamam & AGM Expenses 4150.00

Staff Advance Returned 250.00Bath Room Construction 4563.00

Withdrawal from SBI57110.00Committee Expenses 200.00

Staff Advance Returned 250.00Nithya Nidanam 3647.00

Rent for Chair & Fan 7240.00

Electricity 1940.00

Misc. Expenses 150.00

Excess Receipts over Expenditure 8.00

Total Receipts 89,103.25 Total Expenses 89,103.25

Glimpses of Mathoor Family History

Extracts of the documents kept by the late Mathoor Valiyakunnil Kochukrishna Panicker (1892 – 1973 AD) .

The first portion of the Agreement of 1913 in Malayalam is given on page 6. The extract is in English is given below for the benefit of the members who are not able to read the Malayalam version. It may be noted that the Malayalam version will be more accurate as translation of some of the legal terms are extremely difficult. If any member of the family has any additional document/information available with him/her, we are glad to publish it for the benefit of other members of the family. We thank Mr. K. Raghavan Kutty, son of the late Mathoor Valiyakunnil Kochukrishna Panicker, for making the documents available to us and Mr. Aravindakshan Nair for rewriting the material suitable for publication.

Chapter # 4. Agreements on Managing Family Wealth Mathoor Family Agreement of 1913

Our family will have a number of branches and each branch will have their own assets. The agreement of 1893 was not very effective in avoiding the family disputes over the management of family wealth. These disputes have affected the prestige of the family adversely. In view of this a new agreement was drawn up as below. It is agreed by all concerned that the management of the family wealth will be governed by this agreement.

2. - In this the 1st and 2nd named persons are the eldest in all the branches and are designated the heads of the family (Karanavers).

- The 5th and 18th named persons including 6 males and 4 females of their branch constitute the 12 members of the 1st Sakha (Branch).

- The 23rd and 24th named persons including 4 males and 7 females of their branch constitute the 13 members of the 2nd Sakha (Branch).

- The 8th and 9th named persons including 1 male and 4 females of their branch constitute the 7 members of the 3rd Sakha (Branch).

- The 3rd, 6th, 7th, 11th, 14th, 17th, 19th, and 21st named persons including 3 males and 6 females of their branch constitute the 17 members of the 4th Sakha (Branch).

- The 4th, 10th, 20th, and 25th named persons including 11 males and 12 females of their branch constitute the 27 members of the 5th Sakha (Branch).

- The 12th and 13th named persons including 1 male and 4 females of their branch constitute the 7 members of the 6th Sakha (Branch).

- The 12th and 26th named persons including 6 males and 8 females of their branch constitute the 16 members of the 7th Sakha (Branch).

- The 15th and 22nd named persons including 5 females of their branch constitute the 5 members of the 8th Sakha (Branch).

3. The agreements registered in the year 1908 in Ambalapuzha Sub-District with registration numbers 2657, 2658 and 2659 stands cancelled with this agreement. The agreements numbered 2656 in the name of the 4th named person, and 2287 of the year 1910 also stand cancelled with this agreement.

4. It is agreed that all disputes between the members of the family be reconciled with this agreement. Consequently all cases existing in the Civil Courts are to be withdrawn by the persons involved in the disputes. (to be continued in the next issue)


Published by M. K. K. Pannicker, Convenor, Punarudharana Committee, Mathoor Temple for limited circulation only. All communication may be sent to ‘Sindhu’, Sanathanapuram – P. O., Alleppey – 688 003, India. Phone: (0477)225-2337. Financial contributions may be sent as Bank Draft favouring “Mathoor Kshethram Punarudharana Committee (A/C No. 25064)” payable at State Bank of Travancore, Pazhaveedu Branch, Alleppey. To reach the Editor email at or Telephone at (0471)272-1060 / (0471)272-1983. .

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