Mary Kay's 12 Day of Christmas

Mary Kay's 12 Day of Christmas


The ever popular "12 Days of Christmas" is sweeping the land again this year. You could net an extra $1,000 by selling just 10 of the Special GiftPresentations... Here's how:

Call your best Customers and tell them you are "Santa's Helper" this year. Askher when is the best time to phone her husband at the office or home. Be sureto mention that all Gifts will be wrapped and ready to present. When you call herhusband (or boyfriend) say:

"Hi, ______, this is ______with Mary Kay Cosmetics. Your wife (girlfriend),_____, is a very special customer of mine and I have the most fantastic idea toshare with you! This will make ____ very happy, and you will be the hero! Do you have just a minute so Ican give you the details? Great!" We have a wonderful Gift Presentation call the"12 Days of Christmas" - here's how it works... I will bring you 12 wrapped gifts,numbered 1 thru 12, with a special verse attached. SHE WILL ABSOLUTELYLOVE YOU FOR THIS ROMANTIC IDEA!! All items are Special Gifts from ourproduct line. _____, we have the Deluxe Presentation for $229, or I cancustomize one in your price range. The gift presentation will include all giftwrapping & delivery to you. ______, may I help you create a romantic andmemorable gift with the 12 days of Christmas gift idea?


1. Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover 15.00 (This can be substituted with eye or lip liner)

2. Satin Lips Set 18.00

3. Cleansing cloths 15.00

4. Dance to Life Body Lotion 16.00

5. Hand Cream 10.00

6. 2-n-1 Body Wash/Shave 14.00 (You can substitute our Body Collection line for some of these items, too)

7. Timewise Body Lotion 28.00

8. Lash Primer with Lash Curler 15.00

9. Lash Love ItMascara 15.00 (Use Ultimate if prefers volume lashes)

10. Energizing Lotion for Feet & Legs 10.00

11. Lip Gloss 14.00

12. Glamour Brush Collection 48.00 (This can be substituted with Microderm)

The MARY KAY 12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS "Holiday Presentation" totals $229 plus tax (this price includes $11 for packaging).

Suggestion: You can go to Hobby Lobby or Michael’s and purchase a green faux wreath (18” or larger), wrap the giftsindividually and attach to the wreath. The wreath can be presented, hung, and each day she can removea gift . Or you can go to your local fabric store and purchase sheer netting, wrap each gift & tie withbeautiful ribbon, put all the gifts in a basket and deliver. Note: In addition to husbands/significantpurchasing for wives and girlfriends, mothers can purchase for daughters, or daughters for mothers,grandmothers, etc.

This is a great number to call and get some great ideas for Holiday Coffees along with other ideas…

641-715-3413, code is 128722# and then # for most recent recording.