Marketing Information


Marketing Information


The USTA has developed an ad customization system where you can design marketing materials for use in YOUR community. To use the system, please visit Once there, please complete the following steps:

1. Get a User Account

You’ll need to register for a user account before you can start building any creative. To register, click on the “Register” button and set up your user name and password.

Note: In order to register, you’ll need to complete your organization and contact information. If your registration is approved, you’ll receive an email from noting that your registration has been approved and you can now access the system.

2. Selecting the Marketing Materials You Want

·  Materials for Download – If you’re looking to download marketing materials “as-is”, select this option. Complete the request form and get your final marketing materials in a Word document or some other format that you can easily customize yourself.

·  Customizable Creatives – Have great ideas, but need some help with the actual design? Then customizable creatives is the option for you. Complete the request form to get the development process started. After you’ve submitted your request, you’ll receive an email confirmation from . You will then be notified of marketing material updates via email and will be able to download the final materials once the development process is complete. Please note that new requests take a minimum of 7-10 business days to complete.

·  Update Past Request – Looking to update a previously submitted marketing request by changing something like the wording or even the dates? Then select the update past request option. Here, you’ll be able to see all of your previous requests and get help making those changes.

·  Stand-Alone Logos – Just looking for a logo? Select the standalone logos option. Once you’ve completed the request form, the logos will be available for download.

3. Reviewing Your Existing Creative Requests
After you’ve created a request, you can check on the status, monitor the development process, and view past requests. Simply log into the system and review the “My Requests” section.

4. Accessing Reference Materials

There are a number of reference materials—specific to the program materials you’re using—available for download. These materials are located in the left side bar of each page.


Tennis Block Parties are an integral part of the USTA’s Tennis Month promotional platform designed to kick off the outdoor tennis season in May. They are easy to organize and provide a great platform to promote your local tennis programs to players of all ages and abilities. These events can be hosted at any public facility and should feature 2-3 hours of tennis instruction, interactive games and attractions for player of all ages and abilities.

These events showcase the unparalleled health and social benefits of tennis in a fun and dynamic way while achieving three main goals:

·  Introduce new players to the game and your local programs

·  Generate excitement in players

·  Create awareness about the USTA and its programs

To run a Tennis Block Party in your community, please apply at


The USTA offers grants to local Tennis Block Party organizers with the goal of increasing attendance at and awareness of the events. A Block Party Site Commitment form must be completed to be considered for a grant. Applications for grants are being accepted from November 1, 2008-January 30, 2009. Local organizers receiving grants will be notified by February 20, 2009. Note: Local Tennis Block Party organizers may still register to host a Block Party after January 30, 2009, but these submissions will not be considered for grants.

Criteria for Approval

Tennis Block Party Grant amounts range based on the following:

·  Ability to host the event in May

·  Active USTA Member Organization

·  Commitment to run USTA Programs and/ or formats (Jr. Team Tennis, the QuickStart Format and/or USTA League)

·  Public facility

·  Detailed marketing budget

Usage of Grant Funds

Grant funds may ONLY be used for event advertising purposes including:

·  The creation and distribution of event posters, flyers, postcards, web banners, event banners and print ads.

·  Media buys to promote the Tennis Block Party

Grant funds may NOT be used for hospitality, tennis professionals, celebrities, T-Shirts, balloons, water, etc.

Distribution of Grant Funds

- 50% of the grant to be distributed upfront with completed commitment form

- 50% of the grant to be distributed upon submission of the following within four (4) weeks of event completion:

·  Fully complete Block Party Recap Form

·  Samples of marketing materials used in conjunction with the event

·  Receipts for marketing materials purchase

·  Failure to respond within four (4) weeks will result in forfeiture of remaining grant money


USTA Rapid Rally is tied in to the USA Jr. Olympic skills competition for boys and girls 8–13 to serve and continue to hit a low-compression tennis ball against a wall as many times as possible in a given amount of time. Hosting and playing in a local event is free; the host site receives a kit containing a racquet, tennis balls, a banner and a how-to manual. More information and site registration for this event is available online at For more information, please contact Lisa Mushett at or at (952) 358-3282.


USTA National, in conjunction with HBO and Madison Square Garden, will be hosting Tennis Night In America on Monday, March 2, 2009, across the United States. Included in the night’s events is the Billie Jean King Cup at Madison Square Garden, National Youth Registration Night and the introduction of the “Best Tennis Town” contest and a National Day of Service. More information about the event will be available at in the coming weeks.


May is once again Tennis Month and communities are encouraged to participate in the festivities by playing host to Tennis Block Parties or other events in helping grow the game. For more information about Tennis Month, contact Lisa Mushett at (952) 358-3282 or at .


·  Jr. Team Tennis in English and Spanish for players and providers

·  QuickStart Tennis materials in English and Spanish for parents and providers

·  Schools Tennis

·  No-Cut Tennis

·  Tennis in the Parks materials by visiting

·  Community Tennis Association guide

·  USTA Universal Marketing piece

·  Advocacy Handbook

·  Diversity Handbook

·  Training Opportunities

·  Growing Tennis Through Outreach and Inclusion

·  Much, much more