Mantas, Ohliger, Mcgary & Quinn, P

Mantas, Ohliger, Mcgary & Quinn, P


Certified Public Accountants


Our firm maintains the highest standards of quality. The firm is a member of the private Companies Practice Section of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. Accordingly, we subject ourselves to the highest level of peer review in our profession. We have recently completed our third bi-annual professional per review and we received an unqualified report with not a single critical comment.

Accounting firms, like people, have distinctive personalities. Perhaps the quality that best describes MANTAS, OHLIGER, MCGARY & QUINN, P.C., is our ability to go beyond the routine to provide an extra dimension in quality, effort, and client service. We are a hands-on tax oriented firm. We believe that, in addition to the traditional accounting services, a CPA firm should provide positive, bottom line sensitive services for its clients. Our shareholders and professional staff provide responsiveness and care that goes far beyond what traditionally has been expected from accounting firms large and small. We are accessible.

The mainstream of our practice consists of businesses and organizations with gross sales/revenues between $5 million and $75 million. We are involved on an ongoing basis in our clients businesses and provide creative and sound thinking to help them achieve their objectives at every phase of their development.

The Mantas, Ohliger, McGary & Quinn firm has been located in Montgomery County since its beginning in 1982. The firm has seven shareholders/principals, and thirteen professional staff. Each of the shareholders and professional staff are CPAs with considerable national firm experience. We have the experience and we utilize a hands-on, practical approach to helping our clients.

We work with our clients throughout the year and are committed to prompt and efficient delivery of our service and frequent and open lines of communication.

We realize that each business is different in characteristics, personality and operating structure. We approach each engagement with this understanding; this can mean the difference between average and exceptional service.

Our firm philosophy is focused on being an advocate for our clients; we pride ourselves on creative and aggressive solutions to business and tax problems. Our experience allows us to generate sophisticated but practical solutions in a cost efficient manner.

A sample of services we have successfully performed for our clients is as follows:

  • Internal accounting control system design and implementation to simplify and improve accounting systems;
  • Preparation of monthly/quarterly/annual financial statements;
  • Preparation of cash flow budgets and forecasts and incorporation into financial statements for comparison and analysis;
  • Definition and formalization of organizational structure;
  • Structuring of limited partnership and joint ventures to include preparation of all financial related offering documents;
  • Structuring and negotiation of financing packages for existing and proposed ventures;
  • Strategic business planning to include cash flow management;
  • Deferred and incentive compensation plans for key operating employees.