Make the Following Section a Part of the Standard Specification

Make the Following Section a Part of the Standard Specification

Make the following Section a part of the Standard Specification:


638.01Description. This work includes furnishing cellular phone service for the Engineer.

638.02General Requirements. The Contractor shall:

(1)Furnish and establish service for ____ (Insert number of phones needed for the project) one cellular phone(s) for use by the Engineer. Each phone shall: meet the following specifications:

(a)Include two batteries, each rated by the manufacturer as providing a minimum of 4 two hours continuous talk time or 20 40 hours of stand-by time;

(b)Have voice mail capability, and vibrate mode when called;

(cb)Have a Maximum maximum weight of 10 ounces;

(c)Include desktop rapid charger; vehicle charger, hands-free cellular phone headset, microphone and holder;

(d)The phone shall be Be capable of being attached to a belt or shall included with a carrying case;

(e2)Obtain phone service from a cellular phone company that provides the strongest signal within the project area for the particular phone provided;

(e3)Provide a Phone service shall include a 168-day payment plan for at least 1,200 “anytime minutes”; and

(f4)Phone service shall provide Provide an itemized billing to the County which includes the initial utility cost, .monthly utility billing, and disconnection cost

(25)Provide a replacement cellular phone at no additional cost to the County State within two working days whenever the cellular phone provided to the Engineer is damaged or inoperable due to an accident, or other causes.

(6)Provide the cellular phone and phone service for the period beginning one week prior to the Notice to Proceed date and ending one week after final acceptance of the project. At that time, the cellular phonephone(s) shall become the property of the Contractor.

638.03Method of Measurement. The Engineer will not measure furnishing of the cellular phone(s) for payment.

The Engineer will measure cellular phone additional charges on a force account basis according to Subsection 109.04 – Payment for Additional and Force Account Work and as ordered by the Engineer.

638.04Basis of Payment. The Engineer will pay for the accepted furnishing cellular phone(s) on a contract lump sum basis. The price includes full compensation for furnishing phone(s), replacing and maintaining the equipment, obtaining and maintaining phone service, and disconnecting the phone service.

The maximum bid allowable for ___ cellular phones is $______.(No. of Phones x $900) If the proposal submitted by the bidder indicates an amount over the allowable maximum, the indicated amount will be reduced to the allowable maximum and the ‘Sum of All Items’ in the proposal schedule will be adjusted to reflect any such reduction. For the purposes of comparing bids andf determining the contract price to be inserted in the contract awarded to the bidder, if any is so awarded, the ‘Sum of All Items’ adjusted according to the foregoing shall be used and the bidder’s proposal shall be deemed to have been submitted for the amount as reduced and adjusted as per contract.

The Engineer will pay for the accepted cellular phone additional charges on a force account basis according to Subsection 109.04 – Payment for Additional and Force Account Work. The price includes full compensation for additional charges incurred on the cellular phone payment plan for cellular phone time used by the Engineer in excess of 1,200 minutes for a given phone, the work prescribed in this Section, as ordered by the Engineer, and Subsection 109.02 – Scope of Payment. The Contractor shall submit the phone company’s invoice along with the itemized listing of all phone calls to the Engineer.. An estimated amount for the force account is allocated in the Proposal Schedule under ‘Cellular Phone Additional Charges’, but the actual amount to be paid will be the sum shown on the accepted force account records, whether this sum be more or less than the estimated amount allocated in the Proposal Schedule.

The Engineer will make payment under:

Pay ItemPay Unit

____ Cellular Phone(s) (Not to Exceed $______) (No. of phones x $900) Lump Sum

Cellular Phone Additional ChargesForce Account”


(Project No.)