Make Checks (U.S. Funds Only) Payable To: YONKERS RACING CORP

Make Checks (U.S. Funds Only) Payable To: YONKERS RACING CORP

Apr. 5First Preliminary$25,000

Apr. 12Second Preliminary$25,000

Apr. 19Third Preliminary$25,000

Apr. 26Consolation$30,000 (Gtd.)

Apr. 26Final$50,000 Added

Yonkers Raceway

Nomination Blank

Name of Entry / Color / Sex / Sire / Dam



Make checks (U.S. Funds Only) payable to: YONKERS RACING CORP.

Mail to: Yonkers Raceway c/o Race Office, Yonkers, New York 10704 - Phone (914) 968-4200

SOA of NY Membership for 2015(Fee $25)

Owner or Trainer ______.


  1. The fields and post positions for all races, preliminary, final and consolations will be drawn by lot. All races 1 mile.
  2. A Trainer/Owner will be limited to 1 (one) declaration per division for each preliminary.
  3. If there is more than one division of any preliminary race, each division will race for the full advertised purse. If more than three divisions of any preliminary race are required, right is reserved to race one or more of these additional divisions on the next two racing nights.
  4. The declared horses with the highest money-winnings will be eligible to the final and consolation races. The final and consolation races will be limited to eight starters. Choice of a starter for those horses that are declared in of horses with the same money-winnings will be drawn by lot except that a non-stable entry horse will be given preference over a horse creating a stable entry. In the event not enough money-winners declare for the final or consolation, starters in the series that are not money-winners may declare and will be drawn by lot to obtain a full field of eight. A trainer and/or owner will be limited to only two starters in the final and consolation. Any horse that changes owner or trainer after time of declaration of its first start in the series will be ineligible to race in the finals or consolations.

The consolation race must have six separate betting interests or it may be cancelled by the raceway.

  1. Purse Distribution: 50% - First. 25% - Second. 12% - Third. 8% - Fourth. 5% - Fifth.
  2. Declarations to start close at a prescribed time and date and must be made for all preliminary, final and consolation races.
  3. Should circumstances prevent the racing of any or all of these races; monies paid in will be refunded to owners of horses nominated unless one race of the series has been contested. In the event of weather or other unforeseeable cancellation of any race, no make-up will be made. In the event of weather or other unforeseeable cancellation of the consolation and final race a make-up will be made the following week.All divisions of a Preliminary must be completed in order for points to be earned.
  4. One charted line meeting the qualifying standards will be required within thirty (30) days at time of declaration. If continued satisfactory performance is not maintained additional qualifying line(s) will be required and subsequent declarations rejected until this requirement is fulfilled.
  5. There will be no refunds for horsesthat are not properly nominated.
  6. Yonkers Raceway has the right to refuse any horse, trainer, driver or owner to race in this series.
  7. These races will be conducted under the rules of regulations of the New York State Gaming Commission and Yonkers Raceway General Rules and Procedures.
  8. Judges official order of finish will be used in determining eligibility to the Final events, exclusive of all appeals yet to be decided at the time of declaration to the Final events. In the case of a positive drug test, all appeals will be excluded from eligibility to final events until they are resolved by adjudication.

The Historic Empire City Trotting Club ● 1899



The Standard Qwners Association of New York will pay $l0,000 to the winning owner(s) of the Bonus Trotting Series Final. To be eligible for the SOA bonus, all owners, drivers and trainers of the horsethroughout the entire period of the series must be fully paid SOA members for the year during which the series is being held, before

the first draw ofthe series. The Standardbred Owners Association of NewYork will pay a bonus to the owners (as of the time ofthe final) ofthe horse winning the series final.

Late Closing Series For Three Year-Olds & Older in 2016

Nominations Close - February 15, 2016 - No Starting Fee

Nomination Fee - $500 U.S. Funds Only

Three -Year - Olds & Older in 2016, Non-Winners Six(6) Pari-mutuel Races

and/or $100,000 Lifetime Through February 1, 2016

Winners over $150,000 lifetime through February 1, 2016 are not eligible.