LUNCH: Lasagna, Beans of Green, Salad, and Cookies

LUNCH: Lasagna, Beans of Green, Salad, and Cookies

LUNCH: Lasagna, beans of green, salad, and cookies.

SONG: God Bless America, led by Bill Cummings INVOCATION: Dick Dowen



The next Interclub will be Thursday March 5th 5:30 pm at Tri-county.

Bowl for Kids’ Sake is at noon on Sunday, March 8th at Mardi Gras lanes. Support envelopes are going around. Please help out as you can.

Meals on Wheels: April is our month! Sign up early, sign up often! (See last page for availability of dates.)

Evening of Chocolate (to benefit Safe Passage), will be Feb 28th at Faranda’s (7-10 pm). Tickets are $40. See Dick Dowen.

Tarryn (from the DeKalb club) is putting together a 100th Anniversary Party, to be held sometime this spring. Jerry W. has agreed to be on the planning committee, but if anyone else from our club is interested, that would be great! Talk to Abby.

Shrimp dinner by the Sycamore HS key club. (Shrimp or chicken tenders) $10. March 6th. Orders due by end of Feb. See Toney. Aloha.

Joe is looking for volunteers to give the invocation. Sign ups are happening.

Jerry S. brought up the idea of helping out the library expansion project with a long-term pledge of $1000 a year for 5 years. This would have to be voted on by the entire club.

Pathway cleanup is still down the road, but the road is getting shorter. It will be April 18, behind the movie theater.

Eliminate raffle has not been seen recently. Anyone with news of its whereabouts please let the editor know about it.

Yearbooks are available!

House Committee could use another member or two.

Service hours should be reported to Ken.

Dues are due. Give them to Sue, who has returned!


Today, Matt Duffy of the DeKalb Chamber of Commerce updated us as to the doings of the Chamber. Matt’s a Dixon native, and NIU former student, (on walk-on for the baseball team there). He’s been involved in sports administration all around the country, and settled back here about 12 years ago. The past 6 years have been spent with the Chamber, and has been Executive Director for the last three. There’s a meet and greet at Oak Crest next Tuesday, I believe. Also keep an eye open for the DeKalb/Sycamore Community Expo Thursday March 26 (from 4-7 pm for the public). They run the DeKalb Leadership program – a 9-month experience. It must be good, because the alumni continue to recommend it. A lot of good ideas have come from it – the recent Senior Citizen Prom and the dog park, to name two. Member roundtable discussions, on things like the ACA and other topics of interest to the community. They have all sorts of events – Matt went through them quickly (he to get back by 1 pm). Golf outings. Welcome bags to the new students. New teacher welcome event in August. Scholarships of $500 and $1000 for DeKalb High School students going to local schools after graduation. And they do the Athena Award (see Amy for what it’s like to win!). There’s a weekly e-newsletter that comes out every week and a monthly radio show once a month, for loopers (people wanting to be in the loop). They have 4 staff and two interns.

You can further commune with commerce at

Heard around the tables:

Why do they give us such an easy route for Meals on Wheels? Are they trying to tell us something?

Quote for the day

“The superior man understands what is right; the inferior man understands what will sell.”

– Confucius

UPCOMING PROGRAMS: (Why not invite a guest? – that could also mean a prospective member!)

Mar 4Board Meeting@ the Lincoln Inn

Mar 11Organ/Tissue DonationsJan Eschen

Mar 18Safe PassageMary Ellen Schaid

Mar 25TBA

Apr 1Board Meeting@ the Lincoln Inn

Apr 8Finnish HistoryDiane Rogers

Apr 15Sycamore Historical SocietySue Breeze

Today’s Attendance:

32 / Kish Kiwanians
1 / Guests: Ralph Sherman
0 / Circle-K:
1 / Speaker: Matt
34 / TOTAL

Meals on Wheels sign-up for April

(If you want to fill one of the open dates, contact Amy. First come, first served.)

Wednesday, April 1Kiwanis Meeting. No delivery from us.

Thursday, April 2Peter Lawes and Joe Gastiger

Friday, April 3Good Friday. No delivery.

Monday, April 6Jack and Marcia Goodrich

Tuesday, April 7Roger Seymore

Wednesday, April 8Kiwanis Meeting. No delivery from us.

Thursday, April 9Mark Sawyer

Friday, April 10Debbie Madeley

Monday, April 13Dick Dowen and Joe Gastiger

Tuesday, April 14

Wednesday, April 15Kiwanis Meeting. No delivery from us.

Thursday, April 16Steve Cichy and Beryl Smith

Friday, April 17

Monday, April 20Bill Cummings

Tuesday, April 21Abby Chemers and Amy Polzin

Wednesday, April 22Kiwanis Meeting. No delivery from us.

Thursday, April 23

Friday, April 24

Monday, April 27

Tuesday, April 28

Wednesday, April 29Kiwanis Meeting. No delivery from us

Thursday, April 30