Lumber River Pulling Club

Lumber River Pulling Club

Rules and Guidelines


There is not a membership fee to be a part of Lumber River Pulling Club. To qualify for membership, you must attend a minimum of six (6) point’s pulls in the current year. This will allow you to pull for points for trophies awarded at the end of the season and attend our banquet.

Points for members will be awarded according to the results from the second round of pulling. The first round is qualifying and you must pull both rounds to receive points. Trophies or gifts will be awarded in the kid’s class at every pull and the kids who are members will still receive points to compete for the big trophies at the end of the season.

Optional lease parking is available to obtain a parking spot for the season if you want a particular spot. The spot you pick will be $25.00 and you can mark that spot with your name.

Membership goes with the driver. If the tractor is sold, points stay with the driver, not the tractor. The driver can keep his points as long as he stays in the same class.

Members need to register their tractor at the time of the event to receive points, but they are not required to make the pull. They may sign up another driver to make any pull for them and still receive their points as long as they are present.


Points System

Points go to the owner of the tractor.

If your tractor breaks down in the first round, you can use another tractor one (1) or more classes down. The only exception will be the 10/12 class, which can run another 10/12 or children’s class. This will allow you to keep up your points until your tractor is repaired.

Points will be awarded as follows: First place - 10 pts, Second place - 9 pts, Third place - 8 pts, Fourth place – 7 pts, Fifth place – 6 pts, Sixth place – 5 pts, Seventh place – 4 pts, Eighth place – 3 pts, Ninth place – 2 pts, Tenth place – 1 pt

Each class will receive trophies at the end of the season for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places.

General Rules

All tractors must have a seat, fenders and guards on belts and pulleys.

All tractors must be in good mechanical working order, including brakes and steering. Steel flywheels will be allowed. After market gaskets will be allowed.

WHEELIE BARS: All tractors must have wheelie bars. Wheelies bars must consist of two sections with wheels. Wheels should be at least 1” wide and 4” in diameter. Skid plates or wheels shall be no less than 5” behind the back of the rear tires, but no more than 24” back from center of rear axle. The stabilizer bar must be rigid enough to support the weight of the tractor. The bottom of the wheel or skid plate cannot be higher than 6” or 4” for kid’s class.

DRAW BARS: All tractors must have a draw bar that is stationary in all directions when pulling with a hitch device, NO LESS than ¼” thick. The bar must have at least a 1-1/2” diameter hitch hole. The hitch must be parallel to the ground and not more than 13” above the ground. No portion of the tractor may interfere with sled or chain.


WEIGHTS: Rear weights cannot exceed 24” from the center of the rear axle to the further most point back. Front weight cannot exceed 96” from the center of the rear axle to the further most point forward.



SHIELDS: All tractors with a clutch must be shielded. All drive belts and chains must be shielded. .

IGNITION SYSTEMS: All tractors using a points ignition system must have a plastic or metal cover. All tractors must have standard ignition, except stock altered classes. Standard ignition means “stock design”.

CLASSES: Jumping up to the next class is allowed. You cannot go down a class.

FALSE START LINE: There is a 25 foot false start line with the option of re-hook, if the sled counter does not exceed the 25 ft. mark. A re-hook will not be allowed if the counter is over 25 ft.

PULL DECLINE: On the FINAL ROUND ONLY, the first puller in each class has the chance to decline their pull and pull again in the last position. The puller has to tell a track worker or sled driver BEFORE unhooking from the sled. You cannot decline the pull once you have left the track. The puller must then take the distance of the second pull.

SCALES: The club will provide scales to weigh your pulling tractor. ALL pullers weigh in for their class. All weight classes are the total weight of the tractor, weights, driver and helmet. NO MORE THAN 5 LBS OVER IS ALLOWED for the weight class that you are pulling in. IF you cannot get your weight low enough to pull in that class, then the other pullers will be asked to bring their weight up to match yours to allow you to pull. BEFORE you hook up to the sled on the SECOND ROUND you must STOP ON THE SCALES TO VERIFY YOUR WEIGHT.

TIRES: No liquid or weights of any type are allowed in the tires. No tire chains.

SINGLE CYCLINDERS: All single cylinders may use Chevy points, OEM, and must have a cover over them at all times.

WHEELBASE: Tractor wheelbase is 56” center front wheel to center back wheel. Modified classes are 96” from center back axle to front of tractor

ENGINE: The engine may not be structural part of the frame except stock altered, or factory made.



Line up to pull as your name is called out. You must go across the scales before hooking up to the sled on the second round.

Maximum time between pullers will be two minutes. Mechanical breakdowns will be moved to the last in line. If they are not ready before the next class, they forfeit that pull.

All tractors will be operated in a safe manner at all times, ON OR OFF the track. Tractors are limited to one driver at all times.

Driver must remain in the seat at all times during the duration of their pull. BOUNCING in the seat is not permitted during the pull. Driver MUST keep at least ONE HAND on the steering wheel AT ALL TIMES during his pull.

Shifting of gears while pulling IS NOT PERMITTED and doing so will result in disqualification.

You MUST pull two rounds to qualify for points or trophies.

When you have completed your pull down the track your return should be on the pit side of the track. DO NOT drive back down the track inside the pulling area to return.

No one is allowed on the track inside of the fenced pulling area during the pulls except the personnel on the sled and tractor and the flagman. The only exception to this is the parent/guardian in the kid’s class that walks with the child that is pulling.

PULL OFF: All tractors that make a full pull in their class on the last round will have a pull off. GO BACK TO THE SCALES AND WEIGH IF YOU MAKE A FULL PULL ON THE SECOND ROUND. Each person that is involved in the pull off will start when the class has completed pulling and the next class has pulled. The track officials will set up the sled for the pull off.

RULES: All rule interpretations shall be made by the ranking committee members upon a protest. Decision will be final.

RAIN DATES: If the pull is cancelled due to rain OR if we are not able to complete the pull we will make up on the NEXT SCHEDULED SATURDAY PULL. We will do three (3) pulls. The first round will be the qualifying pull. The second round will be the makeup round for points. The third round will be the scheduled night’s points round. A starting time will be determined.

AGE: Drivers under age 12 must have an adult present. Drivers under 8 must have an adult walk with them on the track when pulling.


Arguing with officials can/will result in disqualification of that event. Upon second occurrence, membership can be revoked for the remainder of the season.

Alcohol/Drugs: NO TOLERANCE! Any competitor or member of his crew found to be under the influence of an intoxicating alcohol or drugs shall be removed from the premises. Membership could be terminated.

Track Litter: Depositing of any equipment or weights on the track during your pull will result in disqualification. (Breakage is excluded)

Safety Equipment: Failure to have all safety equipment in place will result in disqualification for that event. Equipment must be checked by a track official at next event. Safety equipment includes BUT is not limited to: fire extinguisher, kill switch, wheelie bars, proper guarding and helmets.

Stopping: Failure to stop when told to by the track official (flagman) will result in disqualification, except for kids.

PENALTIES: A tractor, driver or both can be placed on temporary suspension. Possible causes include, but are not limited to: arguing, fighting, alcohol, drugs, unsportsmanlike conduct, unsafe behavior and bad language. Suspension can range from one to five weeks or possibly the remainder of the season.

JUDGEMENT CALLS made by committee members are final. All grievances are to be directed to the committee members. If there is a final judgment call to be made, it will be made by Johnie Allen.

TECH MEN are Johnie Allen, Ray Lee, JW Lamb, and Glenn McDowell, or person designated by Johnie Allen. Tractors will not be inspected by a tech man that has a tractor in the same class as the tractor being inspected. Sec/Treas, Pulling Distance Keeper and Points Keeper is Diane Allen. Other track personnel are Johnie Allen, Jr., Christian Allen, and Mike Bodway.

MEETINGS: Meetings can be scheduled at any time to discuss new business or concerns. Financial records are open book policy and can be viewed at meetings if requested in advance.


KID’S CLASS 8/12 hp (UP TO AGE 12)

If you are 12 and start kid’s class, you must finish the year in kid’s class to keep your points, even if you turn 13 during the year. The following year you may move up to the next class.

Kid’s class will pull 1000 lb weight.

Kid’s class is 8 hp to 12 hp. You must use stock motor and carburetor (1.17 max venture). No jetting carburetors, polishing or shaving heads. Tractor must have stock OEM parts. It is optional to run with air cleaner. The cam lift max is .325. Walbro carburetors size is .822. Fuel should be gasoline only

You have to use AG tires to pull in kid’s class. No pulling tires allowed. No locked rear ends allowed.

Kid’s class must have a seat with at least a 3” tall back, for safety reasons. A small child could easily slide off the back.

There will be trophies or gifts given in the last round pulled for 1st and 2nd places.



10hp - 12hp Single - 13hp - 14hp Single - 16hp Single

Age for this class is 13 years and up

These classes have to run factory stock, commercially available garden tractor frames with a stock motor. It does not have to be a motor or transaxle that came in the tractor. The frame can be modified to accept the motor or trans-axle. Front axle may be moved forward but cannot exceed 56” wheelbase (noted on page 3).

NO high performance alterations to the engine or other parts of the tractor are allowed. Only stock available, unaltered replacement parts for that size engine to be used for the following: camshaft (kohler-18hp factory cam is acceptable), pistons, valves, rods, crankshaft, carburetor and cylinder head (head can be shaved to the fingernail rule). You may use electric fuel pumps. You may run 30 carburetor 1.17 max. Walbro carburetors size 10-12hp is 1.07”- 1.17” max, and 14-16hp is 1.07” – 1.20” max.

Maximum block size is .030 over standard specs, with stock rod.

No locked rear ends.

Governor control can be removed or unhooked.

No intake block standoff can be used, but you can use velocity stacks on the carburetor.

Rear tire max size is 26 x 12 x 12. You can run Lawn Tec., Cepeks, Turf Ag or Bar, Cut or uncut tires. No straight bar tires. Aluminum rims are allowed.

Fuel must be gasoline only. You can use ordinary gasoline or racing gasoline. (NO nitrous oxide, methane or additives to the fuel.)

Wheelie bars noted on page 2.

Pulling weight is 1150 lbs.



Low Twin 18-20hp Medium Twin 21-23hp Hi Twin 24-27hp


On all twin classes you must have a minimum of 1/16” steel, 1/8” aluminum, or factory cover over the top half of the flywheel.

On all twin classes engine components must remain in original position. You must have cast iron or steel flywheel.

All twin classes may use gasoline or racing fuel. You cannot use nitrous oxide, methane, or put additives in your fuel.

All twin classes: No locked rear ends.

Low, Medium and High Twins have a maximum tire size of 26 x 12 x 12 and maximum wheelbase is 56”. (See page 3) Aluminum rims may be used.

Low, Medium and High Twins will run 1150 lbs.

LOW TWINS must be stock engines.

MEDIUM TWINS can run a big cam, big springs and velocity stack on the carburetor. No billet parts are allowed in the motor. You can port and polish the heads. The carburetors must be stock single barrel or two barrel. Carburetor venture is 1.125 max.

No fuel injection, super or turbo chargers are allowed. It must be naturally aspirated. Airflow must be controlled by throttle shaft actuated butterfly. No air may enter intake port after the throttle shaft actuated butterfly.

Medium and High Twins can run adjustable push rods. MAXIMUM CAM LIFT IS 275 for medium and high twins. (measurement can be taken for push rods or lifters) There will be no cutting of the block in medium or high twins. If the bottom of the cylinders are cut, you will have to run in the ALTERED CLASS. ½” valve cover spacers are allowed but no aftermarket valve covers.