Love Came Down at Christmas, Love All Lovely, Love Divine

Love Came Down at Christmas, Love All Lovely, Love Divine

Love all lovely, love divine … …

Love came down at Christmas.

Love is dreamed of in Christmas wish.

Love is ~

With lenses of process theology the nature of the cosmos is systemic interactions that in essence and ground are love and evoke love.

In any birthing love is immanent, in any beginning moment love is attendant, in any happening love is embryonic and in any action of any person love is a matter of will and choice.

Meaning, word, strategy, godliness and mindfulness are made flesh. Mindful and godly choices, enacted day by day, are love incarnate. Love is not separable from action it is in each moment of action, thought and feeling. Love can be missed, lost, disturbed, displaced, misguided, distorted or disguised in busy-ness and avoidances.

Love certainly is not the only force in the cosmos. Love can be mistaken, given but not received: the wrong action for the wrong person at the wrong time and still be love. Love is not always well directed, it can be wished but not held, it can be mixed and measured without the wholeness of heart that marks it as unsullied.

Love is in the beauty and reality of the chaos mixthat also balances on needle point: all variables, all choices, every swirl of serendipity and each pressure from differentials of power.

Why choose lovingly. How does that work. What its advantages. What its effects.

Spontaneity: the springboard of love, is implicitly ethically and mindfully guided. Not simply in the moment of action only. Spontaneity is alive in the building of loving choices and actions. It dwells amidst anticipation of any moment that is imaginable or absolutely impossible to be imagined.

Spontaneity is the answer to the question “who shall survive”. It opens the ethical imperative and flows into the loving derivative and expression. Action; movement; the taken for granted; is that we learn. The being is what is lived, and the communication is in the doing. Hope is found in the present reality; faith is the action of the now beyond beliefs or knowing. Other and self are served in one dimension of will desire and gift. The release to freedom to be and be with, is release not from self but to self, and to the care and service of community and to the care of planet and the cosmos.

No action no love no initiative is complete until it has gifted all human kind, all other kind, and all movement of every sphere and every arc and all that is the cosmos…..

Let there be love.

Gwen and I walk the street in the bitter December Christchurch rain, return a Spanish DVD, go to the Metro across from the ChristchurchTown Hall to drink flat whites, just down from the Bodhi Treerestaurant where last month we acknowledged and honoured the ending of “79 Bealey” with good friends - the journey women and men of that place.

Last week: we phone young adult grandchildren Sian and Adam, agree to make a meal and get to the cinema and enter the world of Bond – the new James. In years past with twenty-five pounds and the wholesale purchase of Bond paperbacks in a year or two had a thriving bookshop serving the island – Niue. With our children in NZ in the seventies we create a ritual of pre Christmas cinema attendance of the latest Bond.

Earlier in the year a gaggle of friends spread across the globe were becoming a thing called “fifty”. Others were celebrating fifty years wed. We joined in that one. Reprising our delight of lakes, valleys, mountains and streams instead of Cumberland’s lake district Westland’s lakes Tekapo and Pukaki, mountain Aoraki and its surrounding southern alps peaks. Wordsworth might never have written a word at the sight of a host of silver gleaming stars set in deep purpled southern sky revolving abovepeaks with their dimly glowing snow and shadowed scree in symmetry of contrasts. Little for us to do but gasp in awe and stare and stare……

The warm winter beach stretches out and our walking rhythms accompany the coral sea’s own breathing surges and sighs. We search rock pools with grand children Brittany and Kieran -eyes probing the shallow water for creatures that hide. Gwen’s laptop gently tips and taps as her imagination plays in response to the words thrown up fresh on the screen-page. Isearch the nature ofinteractive dynamics of being human. Finding some ways of picturing, presenting and opening glimpses of what it is to be in community, what it is to be human and what to be whole. I think and rethink my understanding of sociometry and role.

We bring you to our minds we two, each of you, and wish to sit with you sometimes and perhaps even to exchange a word or two. Love to you. Go well, may you be well and happy.

Gwen joins me in warm greeting, hoping Christmas and 2007 are good to you and for you.


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