Lost in the Barrens 21-27

Lost in the Barrens 21-27

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Lost in the Barrens

Chapters 21-26

Please answer all questions in complete sentences

Chapter 21

1. What happened to Otanak? What is Jamie’s response to it? What is Awasins?

2. How many dogs do Jamie and Awasin find? What is their plan to catch them? What do they want to do with them if they catch them?

3. What names did Jamie and Awasin give the dogs?

4. Why were Jamie and Awasin happy but uneasy about having these particular dogs?

Chapter 22

5. What order do they put the dogs?

6. What is an anchor line? Why do they need one?

7. What are the “forest-country driving cries” and what do they mean?

8. Why are Jamie and Awasin worried about how much meat they have?

9. Who is the great one of the Barrenlands? How do they meet?

10. Why does Jamie pass out?

11. Describe the fight scene as Awasin tells it to Jamie.

Chapter 23

12. How did Jamie and Awasin pass the time during the long winter?

13. What do the boys discover about food and what they need to live?

14. What do the boys talk about?

15. What does Jamie think about when he realizes it is almost Christmas?

16. With the good weather what decision do Jamie and Awasin make?

17. What do they do to the cabin? Why?

Chapter 24

18. Why do they move so slow at first?

19. What is snow blindness and what is the cure?

20. How long are the boys stuck inside in darkness?

21. What happens to the sled and supplies?

22. What does Awasin say about white men and the northlands?

23. What decision do Awasin and Jamie make?

Chapter 25

24. What happens on their journey north?

25. Why is Awasin afraid to enter the igloo?

26. Who is the stranger who enters the igloo?

27. What is the connection between Peetyuk and the Red Head Post?

Chapter 26

28. Describe the Eskimos and their camp as Jamie and Awasin meet them.

29. Describe the size and inside of the Eskimo igloo.

30. How long are Jamie and Awasin with the Eskimos before the start heading south again?

31. Why do the Eskimos avoid the Chips?

32. What does Awasin discover in the morning?

Chapter 27

33. Who first sees Awasin? What does he think he is seeing?

34. What did Denikazi offer as payment for losing the boys?

35. Where does Peetyuk go to live? Why there?