Location: Mendenhall Student Center, MSC15

e Date: 19 February 2014 7:30 pm

Location: Mendenhall Student Center, MSC15

Subject: General Assembly Meeting

Meeting Called By: Thom Croskery, President

Time Keeper: Diana Wright, Vice President

Minutes: Jason Franklin, Executive Associate

Subject / Presenter
·  Call to Order / Thom Croskery
o  Verification of Quorum (13/16 at start of meeting, reached 12/16 required for quorum) / Jason Franklin
·  Election Amendment / Thom Croskery
o  Presentation: Want to move elections to 2nd to last meeting of the year
o  Registration for ballot positions would start tonight.
o  Q&A Does it affect the pay period? No it would not, just have a 1 month overlap to help orient new administrators.
o  Passed, unanimous
o  Ballots are now open:
o  There will be a questionnaire to introduce yourself to GPSS if you want to run for a position.
·  M.A.D Science & Research Fair / Thom Croskery
o  Presentation: Masters And Doctoral Science Fair. A very casual meeting for us to get to know and discuss what we do.
o  Proposed for April 25th, in Brody 2W-38-50 7-9 pm.
o  Alcohol is allowed, Dean Gemperline would have to attend.
o  Would have to be at an approved area for alcohol.
o  Mendenhall Great room would be an approved area.
o  Have to hire an Aramark bartender.
o  There are group rates for party platters through Aramark to improve costs.
o  Original budget was around $209.40
o  With newly proposed Aramark budget is now $227.91
o  This would meet all guidelines and would allow for serving alcohol.
o  We are not allowed to use GPSS funds to purchase alcohol
o  Would need $368 upfront to serve alcohol.
o  Bartender is $20-$40 for 2 hours and is a minimum of 2 hours.
o  May need to hold event off campus, Tipsy Teapot or Winslow’s.
o  Need approval at least a week prior to the event.
o  Discussion tabled by vote, unanimous. Until more information about off campus venues are clarified.
·  Dr. Cham Speaking Engagement / Jason Franklin
o  Scheduled.
o  Budgeting for Meet & Greet
o  Discussion: We need to get contact info for Dr. Cham, Pay Honorarium, Arrange Travel and Lodging, Get Paperwork for this to Shaunita Ervin

·  Travel Budget Line Item Transfer / Thom Croskery
o  Presentation: Moving money from officer travel to paying with Jorge Cham.
o  This would be a community building event for graduate school.
o  There have been questions about how GPSS spends money, there are no marketable events. This could help promote GPSS and brings notoriety to the ECU grad program.
·  PASS Emergency Funds (Stewart- / Thom Croskery
o  Physician Assistants group…Discussing midlevel health care providers. They need funding for conference in Boston, MA to National American Academy of Physician Assistants May 22-27, 2014. They are $2200 short. ECU students are running for national positions. Asking for $1000 to help send students. Currently 8/35 ECU students are able to attend. Total is $4700 for students to attend this 5 day meeting. Previous gains have come from grants and skills learned from this conference.
o  We should consider remaining emergency funds and what the organization has done to raise funds. Still $2500 total available. Still have 2-3 more groups looking for funds this semester.
o  Motion to match their raised total thus far $830.00
o  Voted 1 Nah, 2 obtaining, 26 yeas, passed for $830.00
·  General Announcements
·  Social committee: need help setting up and tearing down for MAD
·  A group missed the last meeting and wanted more notification before the meetings.
·  The March 1 5:30-8:30 pm. all you can eat Oyster Roast at North Carolina Estuarium. In Little Washington on the River Front. The American Fisheries Society East Carolina Student Subunit. Selling Tickets. $20 each. Money due now. / Thom Croskery
·  Open Floor
·  Calvin- Geography Majors. Emergency Funds- GEO Club not a GPSS organization officially
·  No funding at the beginning of the semester. Conference in 2nd week of April. 10-12 people going. $272 bake sale for Valentine’s Day. Would have to have an emergency meeting if we can’t discuss this emergency packet today.
·  8-10 presenting in Florida. Are going to rent a van to drive down. Hotel and registration will cost around $1800. Are trying to find cheaper accommodations. Have already used $150 each from the department. Expected cost for 5 days and registration is at least $600 short. Geo are asking for $800. They help with community planting in Kinston and city planning with some educational projects to be more community involved. 18 active members, 2 undergraduates, rest are graduates and 10 are presenting. Largest Geology conference of the year in Tampa Bay, Florida.
o  We should consider remaining emergency funds and what the organization has done to raise funds. Still $1670 total available. Still have 1-2 more groups looking for funds this semester.
·  Pending allocated funds if they complete their packet.
·  Motion to pass $500 to send 10 people. Unanimous, with one obstaining. Passed $500 for Geo Club.
·  $1170 remaing funds. / Open
o  Open Discussion
o  March 25th will be Science Crossroads. With Scientists in the East Carolina Heart Institute (ECHI).
o  STEM Day, Friday Local High Schools on Main Campus in Howell, Flanagan, Bates, Gram, Brewster to promote admission to college.
·  Adjourn

Attendance: 29 total attending

Summer Anderson PGSO

None Attending Audiology

None Attending PHO

Marianne Ayers AKD Sociology

Michael Reubens, Molly Albecker BGSA

Jennifer Harwen, Lisa Halsey, Caleb Polson Physical Therapy Club DPT


Laurie Armstrong Pi Theta

Ryan Bradley, Allison Miller MSA

Rick Alleman, Drew Holt BGA Brody

None Attending NSSLHA

Sheree Magnum, Haley Pierson CEA

Stewart Norman PASS

Jillian Osborne AFS

David Mash, Adam Whiteley SoDM Dental Medicine

None Attended English

Carmen Meyer Kinesiology

Jennifer Jones, Christopher Buonassisa The Coastal Society

Tyler Richardson Graduate Business Association

Calvin Harmin Geo Club

Allen Broady PiMO

Officers: Thom Croskery, President. Diana Wright, Vice President. Lalage Katunga, Treasurer. Jason Franklin, Executive Associate