Living Artist Powerpoint

Living Artist Powerpoint

Living Artist PowerPoint

DUE APRIL 19 & 21, 2010

Create a PowerPoint presentation to introduce a lesson theme, artist, historical period or style, or has a cultural issue focus.

The presentation is intended to be used for motivational and historical instructional purposes in a Junior High or High School art room. You should develop an idea that you will be able to use in future teaching situations (Saturday classes, student teaching, or first year teaching). The artist and images MUST be age appropriate and for public school presentation not for college level presentation.

The PowerPoint presentation should feature a living artist and present information that is appropriate for a public school art lesson.

The PowerPoint will be assessed on visual qualities, organization, and appropriateness to the public school setting. Bullet points should be animated so they come up one at a time. Font sizes should be a minimum of 18pts. or larger. Written information should be brief (minimal).

A written handout should accompany your in-class presentation. Make enough copies for both sections of Art 211 (25 for spr ’09). Your handout should be designed to communicate historical and formal information for your unit that you will expect your students know on the test.

You will write 5 art historical/cultural questions related to your living artist that were presented in the powerpoint and handout. Art historical issues have to do with time, location, characteristics of style that allow for identification of the artist, and influences. Questions are due with the handout at the time of your presentation.


20 points -- Visual images (Minimum of 8).

20 points – Text: Written information given in the PowerPoint should be clear, easy to read, and brief (bullet points). Points should be animated (pop up one at a time) and at least 18pt. or larger.

10 points – Presentation: Organization of oral presentation and arrangement of components on ppt.


10 points: This part is the handout that you would give to your students Information on the artist and identifiable characteristics of the work as well as conceptual ideas and possible influences on the work. You should include information about the artist and at least 3 pictures of their work. -- Description of the main purpose and intent of the lesson for which the PowerPoint was created should be clear.

5 points -- Lesson ideas that could stem from the presentation for artmaking, critical analysis, aesthetic issues, and historical/cultural connections. You should list and descripe these ideas in 2 - 3 sentences each.

5 points -- References. You must have at least 3 references. You must have book references. References should be in APA format (see the handout on APA).

Your name must be on your handout. The handout should include the name of the artist featured in your presentation and YOUR NAME should be on the front side. Make two copies one for you and one your professor Save your document titled the name of your living artist.. Send the electronic copy for the web to Dr, Stewart with the email subject heading Living Artist.

Dr. Edward O. Stewart, Illinois State University, 2009