Literacy Year 5 New Framework Plan: Summer Weeks 1-4

Literacy Year 5 New Framework Plan: Summer Weeks 1-4

Literacy Year 5 New Framework Plan: Summer – Weeks 1-4

Narrative: Unit 5 Film & Graphic Stories

Raymond Briggs provides perfect stimulus for this fantastic 4 week block. Starting with The Snowman chn build up a range of skills that serve them well as they work towards the creation of their film trailer for the screen version of ‘The Bear’.
Week / Strands 1-4
Speaking/Listening/Drama / Strands 5-6
Word level / Strands 7-10
Text Level / Strands 11-12
1 / 1. Present a spoken argument, defending views with evidence & making use of persuasive language
1. Tell a story using notes designed to cue techniques such as repetition, recap & humour.
3. Understand the process of decision making
3. Understand different ways to take the lead & support others in groups
4. Recognise the impact of theatrical effects in drama / 7. Make notes on and use evidence from across a text to explain ideas
7. Compare narrative texts & identify how they are structured
8. Reflect on reading habits & preferences & plan personal reading goals.
8. Compare how a common theme is presented in different media
10. Experiment with order of sections & paragraphs / 11. Adapt sentence construction to different text types, purposes & readers
11. Punctuate sentences accurately
2 / 3. Plan & manage a group task over time using different levels of planning / 6. Group and classify words according to their spelling patterns & their meanings / 7. Infer writers’ perspectives from what is written & from what is implied
8. Compare the usefulness of techniques such as visualisation & empathy in exploring the meaning of texts.
10. Change the order of material within a paragraph, moving the topic sentence
3 / 4. Reflect how working in role helps to explore issues / 9. Experiment with different narrative forms
9. Vary the pace & develop the viewpoint through the use of direct speech portrayal of action & detail.
9. Reflect critically on their own writing & edit & improve it.
4 / 2, Identify different question types & evaluate their impact on the audience
2. Analyse the use of persuasive language
4. Perform a scripted scene making use of dramatic conventions / 7. Explore how writers use language for comic & dramatic effects. / 12. Use ICT to present texts making informed choices about which electronic tools to use for different purposes.
Themes / Adjectives, adverbs, alternative story endings, arguing a viewpoint, authors, cartoon strips, characterisation, connectives, dialogue, editing own work, illustrations, note making, oral discussion, playscripts, punctuation, sentence structure, story structure, text film comparison, use ICT for presentation, writing collaboratively

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Y5 N Unit 5 – Sum – Weeks 1 – 4