Light and Safe Plastic in Passenger Transport

Light and Safe Plastic in Passenger Transport

PR Passenger Transport 04/22.07.2014

Light and safe – plastic in passenger transport

At InnoTrans, taking place between 23rd – 26th September 2014 in Berlin, the focus is on lightweight construction. Design engineers and public transport operators are searching for potential opportunities for optimisation. Innovative materials and construction offer high levels of safety – with very low weight.

Optimising the weight of vehicles used for local and long-distance public transport affects not only the large, heavy components. "In principle, every element of a new assembly is placed under the microscope. This includes one-off special parts as well as standard components," says Wolfgang Siegl, Technical Sales at faigle. faigle Kunststoffe GmbH has established itself on the market with its engineering plastics and plastic parts. Passenger transport is one of the leading industries for the Austrian company. faigle has produced components for use inside and outside passenger transport vehicles on behalf of renowned manufacturers for many years.

Wolfgang Siegl explains the relevance of the weight factor: "Every gram of weight saved is a gram not moved. This saves energy and reduces the load and the wear on tracks, wheels and running gear. It also saves on servicing and subsequent costs, and reduces the time the vehicle has to spend in the depot," says Siegl. "The potential for weight saving in the interior of passenger trains in particular is very far from exhausted."

Safety in the spotlight

Wolfgang Siegl knows the requirements of the vehicle operators and design engineers. "Weight saving can be seen as the driving force behind innovation. However, safety is equally important for us and our customers." What that means specifically for passenger transport, he explains with an example: "with built-in fire safety, tear-resistance, confidence in a secure grip and reliability over many years, even what seems at first glance to be an unremarkable component such as a hanging strap has to satisfy the highest requirements, and continue to do so while in constant use."

Hanging straps from faigle – as diverse as the customers' requirements

In trams, underground railways, buses, trains and cable cars, hanging straps perform an important function. And with its products, faigle goes way beyond the basic requirements.

Effectiveness confirmed

Hanging straps can be manufactured with antimicrobial properties on request by faigle. This means: they actively combat viruses, bacteria and other microbes. A field trial in conjunction with the Graz municipal services department confirms their effectiveness.

The tests were carried out specifically on germs frequently found in our everyday environment. The study showed that the hanging straps from faigle substantially suppressed germ growth and therefore confirmed their effectiveness. The result: after 12 hours, the streptococci, coliform bacteria and even the tested hospital "bug" had almost totally disappeared – the hanging straps had cleaned themselves.

faigle has been manufacturing hanging straps for major local public transport operators and vehicle manufacturers all over the world for more than 30 years, for example, for use on trams, underground railways, municipal and airport buses, and mountain railways.

For everyone who wants to find out about pioneering developments in the plastic sector, faigle's stand at InnoTrans is the place to be. You can find us in Hall 8.2 Stand 105.

The faigle Group employs more than 390 people and achieved a turnover of EUR 61 million in 2013. faigle has a reputation for innovative solutions in the field of technical thermoplastic plastics and successfully combines the values of a traditional family firm with the drive to innovate and expand of a market leader in first-class plastic solutions in machinery and plant engineering, particularly in the escalator, conveying systems and railway sectors.

The headquarters of the faigle Group are in Hard in Vorarlberg, Austria. In addition to three companies in Austria, faigle also has branches in China and Switzerland. The proportion of exports is 68 per cent, the main markets are Europe, Asia and the United States.

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faigle develops and produces many parts for use inside and outside passenger transport vehicles on behalf of renowned manufacturers.


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