Life Event Planning Project

Life Event Planning Project

Life Event Planning Project

Principles of Human Services

The following project will count as a test grade and can be completed in groups of two or individually. You will have one week in the computer lab so use your time wisely and prepare an OUTSTANDING project

1. Select an upcoming event that requires planning and financial challenges. Examples of events:

Preparing to move in to a dorm

Taking a school or personal trip

Hosting a family reunion

Managing the costs of attending prom

**Again, the above are just suggestions. You can choose to plan any event that fits the criteria. Make sure you are school appropriate and choose something that is of interest to you and your group.

2. After selecting an event, decide on the maximum amount of money you can spend—in other words, create a budget for the project. (Example: My budget for prom is $500.00.) Your budget needs to be realistic. You will have to let me know where you plan on receiving your money, whether from your job or parents.

3. You need create a PowerPoint Presentation and include the following components of your project.

Project Component / Information to Include
Project Title Page
(Slide 1) / The title Life Event Planning, Your Event Name, Due Date, and Group Members Names
Profile of Event
(Slide 2: Type of Event and Budget
Slide 3: Roles of Needs and Wants
Slide 4: Goal Statement
Slide 5: Values and Priorities
Slide 6: Challenges of Working with a Budget) / Explain the type of event and budget, include a description of the roles of needs and wants in the situation, a goal statement for the project, a description of the roles of values and/or priorities in the situation, and a summary of the challenges involved in developing a workable financial plan
Project Component (Continued) / Information to Include (Continued)
Comparison Shopping
(Slide 7,8,9,10, & 11) / Prepare a list of all products and services needed for your event. Include evidence of comparison shopping for all products and services you need. Include pictures and format your pages in any way. Comparison shopping is defined as an examination of the costs and features of 2 or more forms or sources of a specific product or service.
Resource Summary
(Slide 12 & 13) / List resources, both human and nonhuman, used to complete the project (includes sources of product information, sources of advice, and creativity). Write one paragraph at the beginning of the list to summarize what was learned about the use of resources while completing the project.
Event Plan
(To be completed in Microsoft Word and turned in) / Use the form (Event Plan Form) located on my website to make your final product/service selections. Fill out the form completely and include ALL product/service selections after comparison shopping.

4. Please be NEAT and CREATIVE Please use Microsoft PowerPoint. You can use more slides for your information if needed, but it is required to have what is stated in the instructions above.

5. After projects are complete, you will present your project to the class. The presentation will include an explanation of your event.

REMEMBER….this project is worth two test grades and extremely important to complete.