Liberty Or Death

Liberty Or Death

“LIBERTY OR DEATH,” the speech that became the voice of the revolution

May 2007, Richmond, VA—When England taxed the American colonies to pay for the French and Indian war, the colonies became enraged and ardently resisted. What was at stake was the right of the colonists to govern and tax themselves instead of adhering to Britain’s absolute authority over its empire.

In Virginia, Patrick Henry brought the issue to the forefront. His impassioned and eloquent speeches rattled complacent gentry, stirred others to the cause and resonated throughout the colonies. The Community Idea Stations and St. John’sChurch Foundation have partnered to recreate Patrick Henry’s famous words in “Liberty or Death.” This one-hour documentary was filmed at Saint John’sChurch in Richmond, Virginia, the very place the speech was given during the 2nd Virginia Convention of 1775. Today, Henry’s “Liberty or Death” speech is one of the most legendary speeches of our nation, and has been grouped in with others that defined the nation, such as Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address and Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream” speech.

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Lynne McCarthy-Jones