Language Arts III

Language Arts III

Language Arts II

Silent Reading Book Project (3 Parts) Spring Semester

Mrs. Feighery- Valencia High School

Final Due Date: ______Final copy typed (12 font) or neatly written in black or blue ink, no pencil , MLA formatted with in text citations, proofread by you for grammatical errors.

Total Points: 130 Presentation Day ______

Written Assignment: 60 pts (Part #1)

Write a multi-paragraph essay (approx.3-4 pages, not to exceed 4) in which you will state and discuss3 major themes of the novel that you have recently read. One theme discussed per body paragraph. What characters in your novel best support the three main themes of the novel? You must include a thesis statement and support it with at least three quotes from the novel, one quote per body paragraph. Be sure to use transitional words/phrases to connect ideas. Use the essay outline on the back of this paper to organize your essay. Check for spelling and grammar errors, indent paragraphs, title essay. Remember a lot is always two words! Double spaced, 700 word minimum

Creative Project: 40 pts (Part #2)

For the creative project you have two choices: a Power point Presentation or a poster. Choose only one! Here’s more information on both:

Power Point Presentation: Create a power point presentation of 7-8 slides discussing the themes and characters of your novel. You should also give some background information on the author and identify genre of novel. Remember you are giving a book talk without giving away the ending of the story!!

Your slides should- Be colorful with not too much information on the slide (3-4 bullet points). Slides should have interesting pictures to go along with your text and be easy for the audience to read.


Artistic Design: Create a poster displaying the title of your novel, author, genre of literature, three themes and characters that reflect themes. Your poster must reflect the main themes you have discussed in your essay using three symbols to represent each theme. The main character(s) must be displayed on the poster. Pay close attention to details, be creative, make the poster colorful and have fun assembling this poster! Poster should be standard poster size.

Presentation of your Power Point or Poster to the class. 30 pts (Part #3) Your presentation will be 3-5 minutes, and you will graded as to how well you presented to the class and how long you presented to the class. Rubric forthcoming.