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Laguna Creek High School

STEMStudent Contract

2009-2010 Academic School Year


I understand that I must maintain aminimum 2.5 GPA each term as well as a grade of C or better in all STEM courses. If I receive a grade less than a C, I understand that I will be required to retake the course in order to complete the program. If I fall below the minimum 2.5 GPA requirement, I will be placed on academic probation for the following term and a letter will be forwarded to my parent/guardian. If my GPA returns to a 2.5 or better the term after being placed on probation, I will return to good standing in the program. However, if I have two consecutive terms below a 2.5 GPA, I will be removed from the program.


Regular attendance is essential for academic success. I understand that excessive unexcused absences may result in placement on probation followed by removal from the program if the behavior continues during the remainder of the school year.


I understand that participation in the program requires enrollment in STEM courses every year. These courses include Initial Mastery courses and Mastery courses. While the STEM counselor and coordinator review student transcripts, it is the responsibility of the student and parent/guardian to ensure the student enrolls and successfully completes the necessary courses in order to meet the STEM requirements.


As a STEM student, I understand that I will be required to meet graduation and enrollment requirements for FranklinHigh School, receive a grade of C or better in all STEM classes, complete Service Learning/Community Service each year, and make progress toward being a STEM program completer by taking STEM courses each year.


In order to gain the full benefits of the program, I agree to participate in the scheduled STEM meetings and activities.


During school, as well as program functions held off-site, I will follow all rules/guidelines for appropriate standards of conduct/behavior as outlined in the FHS student handbook. This includes adhering to the guidelines for campus courtesy, student dress/grooming, respect for teachers and others, etc. If, in the judgment of the STEM faculty and coordinator, my conduct and/or behavior is unacceptable as a representative of the STEM program, I will be placed on probation or removed from the program.

As an applicant tothe Franklin High SchoolSTEM Program, I accept the conditions noted above in order to participate in the program. I understand that violation of the terms of this contract will lead to placement on probation. If the violation continues the following term, the student will be removed from the STEM Program.

I further understand that acceptance into the program requires my enrollment in required STEMcourses during my four years at FranklinHigh School. Failure to enroll in these courses may lead to dismissal from the program. Please note: Acceptance into the STEM Program is contingent upon enrollment status at FranklinHigh School.


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