Keypocc Grant Submission

KEYPOCC Grant Submission

6 Johnson Drive

East Berlin, PA 17316

June 20, 2011

Dear Educators and Students,

Please find enclosed student guidelines to apply for a Keystone Point of Care Coordinator’s Grant Program. The KEYPOCC Grant Committee will award two grants each year in June.

For 2012, we honor two point of care members of KEYPOCC with the The Wendy VanDyke Memorial Grant and The Bill Sweger Memorial Grant.

The grants are based upon specific standards established by the committee. The grants are open to any individual seeking education as a clinical scientist.

The selection process will begin January 2012.

The deadline for application submission is March 31, 2012.

All documents must be received together.

Each applicant will learn of the Grant Committee’s decisions by May 31, 2012. Please do not call or write about your application status.

Sincerely yours,

The KEYPOCC Grant Committee:

Lucinda Graves

Rachel Horst

Rick Lebo

Sandy Martin

Establishing Guidelines

KEYPOCC Educational Grant

The purpose of the grant shall be defined by the KEYPOCC Grant Committee and approved by the Board.

Award Selection

Selection of the recipients shall be based on merit. Decisions shall be based upon a scored (see scoring section) categorical selection criteria (see categories below).

  1. Current high school or college transcript – as a measure of academic performance and ability to succeed.
  2. Extra-curricular activities – as a measure of community service, socialization, independence, or volunteerism.
  3. Work experience – as a measure of the goal to which the recipient strives toward his/her chosen career path.
  4. Career and educational goals – as a measure to which the recipient has clear goals of education toward a career in the sciences.
  5. Recipient’s circumstances – could there be circumstances in the recipient’s life worthy of consideration? For example; income, personal, or overcoming obstacles.

The applicants shall be fairly screened and judged by using a rating system to score the above criteria. A comparison of each applicant’s scored merits shall be overseen by the KEYPOCC Grant Committee. Final selections shall be approved by the Board.


Five categories make up the merit criteria and shall be scored as follows:

· Category #1 – a measure of academic success upholds the recipient’s educational goals. Grade point average or cumulative point average, based on a 4.0 scale, consideration shall be scored as follows:

GPA 3.5 to 4.0 and above = 4.0 points

GPA 3.0 to 3.49 = 3.0 points

GPA 2.50 to 2.99 = 2.0 points

GPA 2.0 to 2.49 = 1.0 points

· Category #2 – a measure of socialization demonstrates an articulate and responsible citizen capable of pursuing higher education = 5 points.

· Category #3 – is a measurement (not necessarily required) to fulfill the application, but adds additional merit in pursuing the applicant’s career choice = 5 points.

· Category #4 – educational goals toward a science degree = 5 points.

· Category #5 – is there significant personal challenges the student faces where grant money could be of benefit = 5 points.

Total possible score = 24 points.

Essay Submission

Applicant shall submit a one page double spaced essay describing what the award would mean to them. The essay should include a title page.


Application along with essay must be sent to the KEYPOCC Grant Committee by the second week in March. The award announcement shall take place during the June meeting for the following fall semester.

Amount of Award

Grant awards shall not exceed $500.00.

The Keystone Point of Care Coordinators’ Grant


I. Personal Information

Applicant Name:
Home Phone:
Birth Date of Applicant: / / / /
Undergraduate: / Freshman / Sophomore / Junior / Senior
Name/address of school you will be attending:
Expected graduation date: / /
Major or area of education concentration:
U.S. Citizen: / Yes / No
If no, do you have permanent resident status: / Yes / No

II. Grade Point Average

GPA/QPA of your most recent transcript:
Attach a copy of your official transcript.

III. Essay Requirement

Include a one page double spaced essay. The essay may be about – your personal aspirations and career choice, or the importance this award would have for you in meeting your goals. Please note, if there are circumstances that you believe would make you particularly eligible for this grant you may provide a brief paragraph along with the essay.

IV. Volunteer Work

Describe any volunteer, work experience, or school activities you have participated in (you may provide a separate sheet if more space is required).

V. Letter of Recommendation

Provide one letter of recommendation from a teacher, minister, mentor, or supervisor.

Submit together: completed application, include all documents. Applications will not be considered unless it is fully completed and all documentation is included.

Checklist for documentation:

□ Application completed and signed

□ One page personal essay with title page

□ Copy of transcript

□ Recommendation

□ Meet deadline for submission – postmarked by March 31, 2012

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