Kendriya Vidyalaya TFRI, Jabalpur

Kendriya Vidyalaya TFRI, Jabalpur

Kendriya Vidyalaya TFRI, Jabalpur

Summer Holidays’ Home Work

Class: VII English

  1. Comprehend three unseen passages by choosing the correct option.
  2. Comprehend three unseen passages by answering short questions.
  3. Write an application to the Principal of your school requesting her to grant you full fee concession as you are unable to pay the fee, give suitable reason.
  4. Write an application to the Principal of your school requesting her to get the fans of your classroom repaired.
  5. Write a letter to your uncle thanking him for the birthday gift that he sent on your birthday.
  6. Write a notice for the school notice board informing the students about loss of your wallet.
  7. 6.Write a notice for the school notice board informing the students that you have found an umbrella.
  8. Write short paragraphs on:

a) My Favorite Game.

b) My Home.

c) My Best Friend

  1. Re-arrange fifteen jumbled up words to frame meaningful sentences.

Revise the lessons which are already taught in the classroom. Try to understand the next lesson of both of the books. Write a notice for the school notice board informing the students about Write a notice for the school notice board informing the students

d{kk lIr

“kCn:Ik & rr~ ] fde~ rhuksa fyax esa A ;q’en~ ] vLen~ “kCn:Ik A

/kkrq:Ik & Hkw ] xe~ ] iB~ ikapksa ydkj esa A

vO;; “kCn 20 muds okD; laLd`r esa A

la[;k 1 ls 50 rd laLd`r esa A

iqLrd ls 10 “yksd fyf[k, \

Social Studies CLASS 7

1. Create Manuscript Make your own manuscript. Take leaves and quill pen for writing the manuscript. Also make a cover page of your manuscript and use a ribbon for tying it up.

2. Map Pointing Locate and label the following kingdoms of early medieval period: Rashtrakutas, Cholas, Palas, Chachamanas , Chalukyas ,Pallavas

3. Collage Making Collect information about various Kings from (700 to 1200 AD) and make a collage from them. Collect information on: Prithvi Raj

4. Present a comparison and contrast between the health facilities available in public and private sector with the help of diagrams, pictures.

5. Paste the picture of Governor/Lt. Governor of your state. Write about their role / functions.

6. Paste the picture of Chief Minister of your native state, find out how he/she got elected.

7. Locate major deserts of the world

a) Turkestan Desert

b) Australian Desert

c) Kalahari Desert

d) Gobi Desert

e) Atacama Desert

f) Sahara Desert

g) Patagonian Desert

8) Find out the names and pictures of the artificial satellites of India. Paste and label them in your notebook.

9) Globe Reading / Atlas Reading Identify the following with the help of a globe / atlas.

  • Identify the equator, tropic of cancer, tropic of capricorn, Artic circle, Antartic circle, north pole and south pole.
  • Identify the temperale palar and tropical zones.
  • The longitudinal extent of your state.
  • The countries constituting the Indian sub-content.
  • The northern most latitude in degrees.
  • The southern most latitudes of the Indian mainland in degrees.
  • The states through which (India) tropic of cancer passes.
  • The scale located on the three seas and oceans.

10) Revise the chapters completed in the class.

Holiday Home work Maths (2017-18)

Class : VII

Q.1. Use the sign of >, < or = in the box to make the statements true.
(a) (– 8) + (– 4) (–8) – (– 4)
(b) (– 3) + 7 – (19) 15 – 8 + (– 9)
(c) 23 – 41 + 11 23 – 41 – 11
(d) 39 + (– 24) – (15) 36 + (– 52) – (– 36)
(e) – 231 + 79 + 51 –399 + 159 + 81

Q.2 A shopkeeper earns a profit of ` 1 by selling one pen and incurs a loss
of 40 paise per pencil while selling pencils of her old stock.
(i) In a particular month she incurs a loss of ` 5. In this period, she sold 45 pens. How
many pencils did she sell in this period?
(ii) In the next month she earns neither profit nor loss. If she sold 70 pens, how many
pencils did she sell?

Q.3 Solve:-


Q.4 . Number of children in six different classes are given below. Represent the data on a
bar graph.

(a) How would you choose a scale?
(b) Answer the following questions:
(i) Which class has the maximum number of children? And the minimum?
(ii) Find the ratio of students of class sixth to the students of class eight.

Q.5 Reduce to standard form:
(i) 36 /24 (ii) 3 /15

Find each of the following products:
(a) 3 × (–1) (b) (–1) × 225
(c) (–21) × (–30) (d) (–316) × (–1)
(e) (–15) × 0 × (–18) (f) (–12) × (–11) × (10)
(g) 9 × (–3) × (– 6) (h) (–18) × (–5) × (– 4)
(i) (–1) × (–2) × (–3) × 4 (j) (–3) × (–6) × (–2) × (–1)


1.Draw a bar graph on a chart paper to show performance of your result from class III to class VI of four years.

2.Draw a number line and show different positive and negative numbers on it. On chart paper.

3. Draw any five symmetric figures and draw lines of symmetry.

4. Write and draw the letters having horizontal and vertical lines of symmetry. Draw them.

Science Class 7

Answer the following:

Q1. Information on insectivorous plant with diagram?

Q2. Write down the importance of mushroom?

Q3. Write down in detail the disease of digestive system?

Q4. Write a short note on tooth decay?

Q5. Name the raw materials needed for photosynthesis.

Q6. Mention the role of chlorophyll in photosynthesis.

Q8. How are nutrient replenished in the soil?

Q9. What is tongue? Write its functions?

Q10. Explain the process of rumination?

Q11. Explain the process of digestion in the stomach?

Q12. How is small intestine designed to absorb digested food?

Q13. What is wool? Name the sources of wool?

Q14. Explain the steps involved in the wool production?

Q15. Collect various coloured leaves and paste them.

Q16. Draw the following diagrams and arrange them in a file:

 Diagram showing photosynthesis

 Stomata

 A section through a leaf

 Pitcher plant showing lid and pitcher

 Human digestive system

 Diagram showing oesophagus and stomach

 Digestive system in ruminants

 Amoeba

 Life history of silk moth

 Rearing silk worms

Q17. In an outline map of India, name the places on the map where you find animals that produces wool?

Q18. Write and learn question answer of chapter 1 and chapter 2?

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1- rhuksa izdkj dh laKkvksa dks mnkgj.k lfgr lfoLrkj fyf[k;sA

2- fuEu fo’ks"k.k ’kCnksa ls Hkko okpd laKk cukvksA

dk;j] xjhc] nq"V] ijra=] Hkw[kk] vPNk] ohj] fgald] dq’ky] Å¡pk] yack] lTtu] gjkA

3- fØ;k “kCnksa ls Hkko okpd laKk,¡ cukvksA

>qduk] i<+kuk] g¡luk] mM+uk] dekuk] dkVuk] nkSM+uk] gkjuk] mrjuk] ?kcjkukA

4- fuEu ‘’kCnksa ds cgqopu :i fyf[k,A

Hkk"kk] dyk] v/;kfidk] ekrk] ekyk] iqLrd] ckfydkA

5- loZuke dh ifjHkk"kk fy[krs gq, lfoLrkj mlds Hksn fyf[k;sA

6- fuEu 'kCnksa ds nks&nks i;kZ;okph “kCn fyf[k;sA

vj.;] ioZr] vfrfFk] va/kdkj] vkdk’k] vke] bPNk] dey] xk;] panzek] unh] lw;Z] ?kj] i{kh] i`Foh] isM+] ckxA

7- 15 eqgkojs fy[kdj okD; iz;ksx dhft;sA

8- fuEu ds foykse ‘’kCn fyf[k;s&

vuqdwy] mRFkku] mifLFkr] ykSfdd] ekuo] lkdkj

9- fuEu ds vuqPNsn fyf[k;s &

ufn;ksa ls gksus okys ykHk] vkn’kZ f'k{kd] iqLrdksa dk thou esa egRo] lRlaxfr

10- chekjh dk dkj.k crkrs gq, rhu fnu dh NqV~Vh gsrq iz/kkukpk;Z dks i= fyf[k;sA

11- nknh eka ds thou ls gesa D;k izsj.kk feyrh gS \ ikB~; iqLrd ds vk/kkj ij fyf[k;s A