Keep Vermilion County Beautiful

Keep Vermilion County Beautiful

Keep Vermilion County Beautiful

Beautification Grant Rules 2017

KVCB’s mission “to make Vermilion County a cleaner, healthier, safer, and more beautiful place to live and work by forging public/private sector partnerships… focusing on litter prevention, education, and beautification.”



All organizations within Vermilion County are eligible. This opportunity, however, excludes individual application for a private residence.

Where to Apply:

Applications can be found at by emailing , or call Brenda at 217-304-7541 for an application.


Grant requests may total up to a maximum of $1,000 each year with a limit of 1 grant per year. Applicants may apply consecutive years for improvements to the same project. Grant recipients must become a KVCB member prior to award. (See Membership Application)

Other Requirements:

Grantees must use grant funds to purchase perennials (not annuals). Grantees are required to email digital photos of project when completed. All applications will be reviewed by the Grant committee, based on criteria set by KVCB. (See Award Criteria page)

Application Deadline: April 21, 2017

Announcement of Grant Recipients: May 6, 2017

Award Criteria

Scoring Criteria / Possible Points
Project Impact & Need / 25 Points
Project Design / 25 Points
Level of Participation & Community Involvement / 10 Points
Project Budget / 20 Points
Sustainability with ongoing costs or maintenance needs / 15 Points
Adopt-a-Spot Participation / 5 Points
Total Possible Points / 100 Points

Please type or print clearly

Name of Organization: ______

Location of Project:______

Contact Name: ______

Daytime Phone:______

Email: ______

Mailing Address: ______

City, Zip Code: ______

For grant consideration, please answer the following questions, providing as much information as possible. Please include a picture(s) of the proposed project area. Attach additional sheets if necessary, with a maximum of two pages.

Briefly describe your project and the timeline for completion.

Estimate the number of volunteers for this project:

Please provide your proposed budget including all costs:

Amount requested from KVCB:

Total cost of the proposed project:

If you receive less funding than requested, can this project be completed?

No _____ Yes _____

Why not?

What is your anticipated project completion date?

Do you have access to matching funds or other sources of funding including in

kind contributions? Yes ______How much? ______

Please explain.

If no, how will you complete the project? Please explain.

Are you an active Adopt-a-Spot member?

The grant check should be awarded to:

Mail:Keep Vermilion County Beautiful

ATTN: Community Grants

PO Box 643

Danville, IL 61834


Questions: Call 217-304-7541

2016 Keep Vermilion County Beautiful

Final Report Community Grant

Due at Completion of Project

Name: ______

Briefly describe project: ______



Explain photos, if necessary: ______


How many volunteers helped with project? ______

Were youth involved? Yes ____ No ______How many ______

Were project costs greater than expected? Yes / No (circle)

Please explain how this was resolved ______


Anything special you want to tell us about the project? ______


Will you be seeking future funding for this project or others?

Email to:

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