Job Title:Projectbusiness Manager New Models of Care Early Implementer Project

Job Title:Projectbusiness Manager New Models of Care Early Implementer Project


Job Title:ProjectBusiness Manager – New Models of Care Early Implementer Project

Employing CCG:NHS Leeds South and East CCG


Responsible to:Project Lead

Accountable to: Project Lead

NHS Leeds South and East Clinical Commissioning This new and exciting project has recently been supported by the CCG Governing Body. The aim of the project is to test out new models of care through two early implementer projects based in Beeston and Crossgates.. The project will run until the end of March 2018 and requires rapid start up and rigourous management and evaluation . .

The post holder will work as part of the smll project team including the Project Lead, project Manager, project Support and public health lead. The project will involve a number of stakeholders and partners including all local NHS providers, Leeds City Council and 3rd sector orgnisations as well patinets and careres. The project Manager will support the delivery of the two early implementer site new models of care Including service set up, monitoring and evaluation .

Job Purpose

  • Responsible for providing a project management and delivery functionto support the delivery of thenew Models of care early Implementer project (NMOC EI project) . Managing a complex portfolio of projects and project measures to provide regular progress reports to the Executive team and Governing Body.
  • Ensuring the project governance and delivery workstreamrequirements are met working with the project team and wider partners and stakeholders.

Key Working Relationships

  • Project Lead
  • Clinical Lead
  • Public health Lead
  • Sponsorship Group
  • Leadership Group
  • GoverniongBody members including non-executive directors
  • Information and Intelligence and Business Intelligence staff
  • Senior managers in partner Colleagues within the Transformation Programme Office
  • Clinical Commissioning Leads and Managers
  • Members of local communities, patient and public involvement


  • Develop and maintain a mixed portfolio of project documentation to an agreed standard and in line with MSP/PRINCE 2 project management methodology commensurate with the scope and complexity of the initiative it is supporting.
  • Develop plans that detail individual tasks that can be assigned to specific resources. Monitor progress made on each task. Wherever slippage (exceptions) looks likely, determine the impact on the overall plan and consider/develop proposals for remedial action.
  • Monitor, record and report progress made within each work stream of the plan
  • Liaise with theworkstream and initaitve leads and, relevant project team members to identify and manage risks and resolve any issues.
  • Provide a single reference point for the overall planso that the position at any stage is known and can be communicated to the wider user and management population.
  • Manage risk logs and issues logs. Ensure that each risk is managed, by developing management plans with the appropriate leads. Liaise with CCG staff and/or partner organisations to ensure that all identified issues are progressed and ultimately resolved.
  • Assess the impact and likelihood of all identified risks and ensure that significant risks are raised to the attention of the relevant project boards. Monitor risks and reflect changes in their status within the risk log, taking appropriate action where necessary.
  • Maintain issue logs for each project. Ensure that each issue is presented in clear and unambiguous language and that the current position is recorded. Chase all outstanding actions in order to ensure that each issue is resolved or otherwise closed
  • Prepare monitoring and reporting data and supporting reports to cover various audiences.
  • Manage specific elements of project and participate in a number of delivery workstreams taking a lead role where appropriate .
  • Oversee the revenue budgets by taking delegated budget management responsibilities as required.
  • Lead on specific areas of work including the development of processes and systems for theproject management arrangements
  • Contribute to specific workstreamdelviery as agreed as part of annual objectives
  • Interpret national policy and guidance.and evidence documents and reports regarding new models of care and developing principles around new models ofcare e.g. care of frail elderly, management of long term conditions, proactive care planning.
  • Develop and maintain a structured approach to management of perfomance measures for each initaitve
  • Work closely with the project team to ensure the continuous improvement in approach to project management


  • Communicate a range of technically highly complex and potentially contentious information to a wide range of senior staff throughout the health and social care organisations in Leeds. Use a variety of methods within the communication strategy to enable 2-way communication with all key realtionaships .
  • Use a range of influencing strategies to ensure delivery from workstream leads leadsfor whom there is no direct line management responsibility
  • Establish and maintain effective communications with various “lead change agents” at senior levels on highly complex and difficult issues such as resourcing and working practices
  • Communicate effectively on a 1 to 1 level with CCG and other partner organisations Senior Management
  • The post holder will communicate externally with a range of people within organisations such on a wide range of issues.

Management of people

  • Manage individual staff working on specific projects within the postholders level of responsibility.
  • Support the training and development of staff.
  • Work within relevant HR Policies and Procedures e.g. Disciplinaries, Grievances etc

Management of physical and/or financial resources

  • Ensure resources are accounted for against project budgets for identified projects so that they are committed to ensure successful delivery.

Health, safety and security

  • Monitor and maintain health safety and security of self and others

Equality, diversity and rights

  • Support peoples equality, diversity and rights.

Personal and people development

  • Any other duties commensurate with the post holder’s grade as agreed with theirline Manager.
  • All employees should understand that it is their personal responsibility to comply with all organisational and statutory requirements e.g. Health and Safety; Equal Treatment and Diversity; Confidentiality.

Any Other Duties

  • Carry out any other duties that are commensurate with the post holder’s grade as agreed with their line manager.
  • All employees should understand that it is their personal responsibility to comply with all organisational and statutory requirements e.g. Health and Safety; Equal Treatment and Diversity; Confidentiality.

Person Specification

Title of Post: / Project/ Business Manager
Location: / NHS Leeds South and East Clinical Commissioning Group, 2180 Centuary Way, Thorpe Park, Leeds. LS15 8ZBand South east Leeds GP Group, Park Edge Practice, Asket Drive, LS14 1HX
Category / Essential/
Desirable / Description / Means of Assessment
Knowledge and Experience / Essential / Demonstrable experience in managing complex projects or protfolios within the NHS, public sector or other organisation.
Experience of Implementing change
Experience of influencing / shaping within multi partner projects
Experience of team working and of leading project teams
Experience of service redesign
Proven Analytical Skills
Knowledge of approaches to change management and evaluation . / Application Form
Desirable / Experience of involvement of new service design and implementation
Understanding of principles of new models of care. / Application Form
Skills and Abilities / Essential / Good organisational skills with the ability to handle and resolve complex tasks and problems
PC and Software literate. Excellent skills in use of project management tools, Excel, Powerpoint , Visio or othe presentation software .
Ability to collect , process and presnt performance and evaluation data.
Ability to form good working relationships at all levels
Tact/Diplomacy/Political Acumen
Excellent Communication skills verbal , written, verbal and presentation.
Ability to innovate and influence change. / Application Form
Training and Education / Essential / First Degree with evidenced postgraduate study / qualification or equivalent relevant experience. / Application Form
Desirable / Application Form
Other Requirements / Essential / Commitment to meeting stakeholder expectations
A self motivator able to work under own initiative
Drive and enthusiasm / Application Form
To assess whether the post matches a national profile the panel will require the following additional information that is not usually covered in job descriptions/person specifications.
What physical skills needed in the role require, speed, accuracy, dexterity and or manipulation (includes both clinical and non clinical posts) please provide specific examples.
Is the post holder required to lift equipment? If yes, please specify type of equipment, weight (approx kilos) and frequency of the requirement. Please provide specific examples. / Accuracy and dexterity in the use of keyboards is a constant requirement
Occasional lifting of computer equipment and presentational equipment eg LCD Projectors and projection screens
Describe the amount of concentration required within the day to day job. Please give examples of how often and for how long this occurs. I.e. frequent, prolonged, infrequent, occasionally etc. Please provide specific examples of when mental effort is required.
Is the post holder required to drive a vehicle? If so please specify duration and frequency. / Frequent and prolonged periods of concentration are required for up to 3 hours at a time. This is required for conducting Project Meetings, Planning and Meetings
No, but there is a requirement to be mobile, but not to drive a vehicle. Ie the post-holder could use public transport
Does any part of the job cause emotional concerns and why?
How often does this happen? E.g. exposure to child protection issues. Please provide specific examples. / Occasional exposure to emotional circumstances when communicating contentious information to a range of stakeholders and organizations.
Post-holder required to act assertively when dealing with managers
Is the post holder required to work in extreme heat, cold, smells, noise fumes which are unavoidable, even with the strictest health and safety controls? Dose the post holder encounter aggressive behavior of patients, clients, etc. Please describe the requirement and the frequency this may occur. / Post-holder required to use computer / VDU for long periods of time

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