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Jilly S Educational Centre

Jilly’s Educational Centre.

January Newsletter 2008:

Dear Mum’s, Dad’s and Carers,

Welcome back to all our old families, a big welcome to all our new families. Grab a cold drink and sit back and enjoy our first newsletter for the year.

The following is information for all families. Many families may be unsure of what to provide for their child whilst attending the centre, so the following is an overview…

* Please bring a Fresh piece of fruit each day that your child attends.

* Please, please, please label all of your child’s clothing, Hat shoes bag, bottles, dummy etc, and remember we encourage children to explore their surroundings which often means your child Might go home with grubby clothes. Please do not send them in good clothes.

* Ensure your child has suitable clothing for all Weather types, and in case they need to be changed through out the day due to toileting or messy play.

* A hat is required for outdoor play.

* Wombats and Kookaburras room need a sheet or blanket for rest time. Or a $2.00 sheet fee will be charged to your account.

* If your child needs medication please hand it to their teacher and fill in the appropriate forms. No medication is to be left in your child’s bag.

* Do not permit your child to bring toys from home as they may get broken or lost and it may cause sadness and tears. The centre accepts no responsibility for these toys.

* We do provide Breakfast for children. Cereal or toast, breakfast time is between 6:30am and 7:30am. Morning tea is served at 9am.

* Office Hours are 10am – 2:30pm Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. If you need to speak to Narelle.

* All children must be signed in and out each day this is compulsory for all families from the, Department of Children’s Services.

* No smoking allowed in the Centre’s grounds or building’s – including car park area.

News about staff:

Miss Judy is on her long service leave for 8 weeks she will return back to Jilly’s in March 2008.

Grandparent’s Morning Tea / Australia Day concert.

On the 24.1.08 Jilly’s is having a Grand parent’s morning tea and on Australia day concert the children will perform some new songs they have been learning. There will be coffee, tea and some nice cakes so please come along and enjoy, it will be great.

News from the office:

The fees will increased as from 4th February 2008.

Long day care $55.00 for all rooms.

BSC $12.00

ASC $16.00

Vac $37.00

News from the Bunnies room:

Miss Lee and Miss Adriana would like to welcome all our Bunnies back to the Bunnies Room and would like to welcome All our new friends to Jilly’s. all the Bunnies have settled in well into the routine, the Bunnies room have started there portfolios so please feel free to take a look at them anytime and remember the day book is always on the sign in and out table so don’t forget to take a look. Some of the different things we will be learning about this start of the year will be how to count (1 to 5), our ABC, shapes, about our body, our senses and lots more. we will be busy little Bunnies this year. If anyone has any questions about anything or any concerns please don’t hesitate to see Lee.

News from the Wombats room:

The Wombats have been focusing on settling in the Wombats room and concentrating on the routine as well as room rules, we have been learning about circle time/group time, a time for all children to participate together within a large group. We have begun each child’s individual portfolio also continuing the daily diary giving parents/ families an insight into their child’s day whilst at Jilly’s child care.

If anyone has any questions about their child’s day or anything o do with the wombat’s room don’t hesitate to come ask Deann or Gabby.

News from the Kookaburras room:

The kookaburras have been concentrating on rules and appropriate behaviour at preschool, discussing this everyday. We have welcomed all the new children to the room from the Wombats room who have settled in well. We have also been identifying our names on our lockers independently. The programs are up and running so have a look to see what we are doing also don’t forget to read the daily diary to see what your children have been doing and please feel free to comment. Deanna and Pina would like to welcome everyone back for a new year.

Up coming events:

Grand parent’s day / Australia day concert morning tea.

24.1.08 10:00am

Jilly’s Educational Centre:

Newsletter February


Dear Mum’s, Dad’s and Carers,

General News:

Welcome to our February newsletter, first we would like to thank all our parents, carers and grandparents for coming along to our Australia day / Grandparents morning tea. It was nice to have all our families come. The children had a great time showing of their rooms and singing their Australia Day songs to you.

Bunnies and Wombats Room:

If your child is in nappies please try to remember to bring nappies along with you every day your child attends, or bring a pack of nappies in and when your child is running low the teachers will let you know to bring some more in. As Jilly’s do not supply nappies.

Children’s program themes for February:

My body & the five senses,

Week 1. Our five senses, letter Aa, number 1, shape circle and preposition I in/out.

Week 2. My five senses, letter Bb, number 1, shape oval, preposition on/


Week 3. Taking care of myself / dental hygiene, letter Cc, number 2, shape

circle/ oval, preposition big/ little.

Week 4. My feelings & emotions, review a, b, c, number 2, shape review

circle and oval.

We will be having a dentist come visit us in February to talk about why it is important to brush our teeth.

Don’t forget your Hats:

Parents please remember to pack your children’s hats in their bag. As this is part of our Sun Protection Policy.

Sun protection Policy – NO HAT NO PLAY!

Dear parents, this is just a note to remind you about our sun protection policy.

As Australia has one of the highest rates of skin cancer, here at Jilly’s we enforce a no hat no play policy as part of our sun safe policy – based on the recommendations of the NSW cancer council. We recommend that before your child attends the centre (or on arrival) sun block is applied by parents. The teachers then apply reapplication of sun block throughout the day.

Another important part of this policy is – correct clothing for outdoor and indoor play. Such as – no strap style dresses or singlet type t-shirts. A wide rimmed hat recommended, joggers or sandals, sorry NO thongs. If your child does not have a hat for play, one can be provided for the day.

A hat fee does apply $2.00 per day.

For further information on sun safety see your child’s teacher, policy and procedure folder or alternatively go to www.cancercouncil.gov.au

Room News:

Bunnies Room:

Welcome to all our bunnies families,

All the bunnies have seemed to settle in well into the room and the routine. The bunnies room have developed a song book for parents / carers to have a look at, (located on the sign in and out table). This is so parents / carers can have a look and learn the different songs we sing through out the day, so you can sing along too. May be you have a song you could share with us that you sing at home with your child/children. Also don’t forget our day book; it is there for you to read about your child’s day and the things they have been learning about through out the day.

Miss Lee and Miss Adriana.

Wombats Room:

Presently the Wombats have been learning about friendship, in regards to sharing and giving. Also my body and my senses, including our five senses the letter a and the number one. The Wombats have settled in well displaying little separation anxiety. If you have any inquiries please do not hesitate to speak to Dean.

News from the office:

The fees have increased as from 4th February 2008.

Long day care $55.00 for all rooms.

BSC $12.00

ASC $16.00

Vac $37.00

Please spare a moment of your time and share with – the power of positive


“Watch your words as they become words.

Watch your words, as they become actions. Watch you actions, as they become habits. Watch your habits, as they become your character. Watch your character as they become you destiny.” (Greaga, 2000)

Dates to remember:

To be advised, Dentist Visit.

Jilly’s Educational Centre

March 2008 Newsletter:

Dear Mum’s, Dad’s and Carers,

General news:

Welcome to our March newsletter, you have probably noticed you have not seen Miss Pina or Miss Deanna for a while as they have left Jilly’s to further their careers.. Miss Gabby and Miss Adriana have finished there trainee ships with us. We would like to wish them all best. You have probably seen some new teachers around the centre, we would like to welcome our new staff to Jilly’s we have Miss Lisa who is a diploma trained teacher, Miss Connie who is an assistant in the Wombats room, Miss Maggie who is an assistant in the Bunnies room, A big welcome from everyone at Jilly’s.

Easter egg Donation and Raffle tickets:

We need your help! We need some Easter eggs for our Easter raffle

So we can raise some money for some new toys for the centre. There are some raffle tickets with this newsletter. We would be most great full for your help. The tickets are 5 for a $1.00 the raffle will be drawn on the 19.3.08 when we have our Easter hat parade. When you have sold your raffle tickets the money needs to go into the safe by 18.3.08 with your child’s name and the money in an envelope.

Easter egg hat parade:

The children will be making Easter hats at Jilly’s with their teachers; we will be holding an Easter hat parade on Wednesday 19.3.08 at 4pm all families and friends are invited to come along.

Parents just a reminder what can come to Jilly’s and what can’t:

Please remember that toys are not allowed to come to School, as it may cause the children to get upset if the toy gets broken, or lost. The teachers take no responsibility for them, so just to save any disagreements please just leave them at home.

Please remember to bring your child’s hat every day they attend, or a $2.00 hat fee will be charged to your account.

Please remember to bring your child’s sheets for rest time. (One fitted sheet and one flat sheet.) Or a $2.00 sheet fee will be charged to your account.

Please remember to check your child’s bag as the weather is starting to get cooler and you might need to put some warmer cloths in.

Please remember to bring a piece of fruit a day, as this goes towards your child’s morning and afternoon tea.

Children’s program themes for March:

Dinosaurs, Easter and Seasons.

Week 1.Dinosaurs, letter D, Number 3, shape square, preposition hard and


Week 2. Easter, letter E, shape rectangle,

Week 3. Letter F, Number 4, preposition Full/empty.

Week 4. Seasons, St Patrick’s Day.

St Patrick’s Day:

On Monday 17.3.08 we will be celebrating St Patrick’s Day we would like all children to wear something green on the day. A newsletter will be out the week before to remind you.

News from the office:

Parents just a reminder that if you change your child’s days of care you need to put it in writing and place it in the safe. So that it can be processed through the computer.

Thanks Narelle.

News from the Bunnies room:

First we would like to welcome Miss Maggie to the Bunnies room all the children have taken well to Miss Maggie. We would also like to wish Miss Adriana all the best, as she has finished her trainee ship with us.

Parents don’t forget about your child’s communication book which is allocated in your child’s pocket where your newsletters go, please read this every day in case there is something in it you need to know about your child’s day also don’t forget you can add to this as well.

Dates to remember:

17.3.08 - St Patrick’s day (wear green).

18.3.08 - Raffle tickets need to be back by.

19.3.08 – Easter hat parade.

Jilly’s Educational Centre

April Newsletter


Welcome to our April newsletter, we would like to thank all the family’s who donated Easter Eggs for our raffle. We would like to also thank all the families who turned up to the Easter hat parade and egg hunt, the children all had a great time showing off their Easter hats they made, we all had a wonderful time. The Easter raffle winners were,

1st prize: Kelly in Kookaburras room 2nd prize: Skye in Wombats room.

Congratulations to those family’s.

Mothers day morning tea:

We will be holding a mothers day morning tea all mum’s / carers are invited to come along and have some nice morning tea with their children. A newsletter will be distributed when the date is closer.

When: Thursday 1.5.08 Time: 9:30am

Parent committee meeting:

We need some parents for our parent committee meeting; we hold these meetings once a month they only go for about half hour. It allows you to have your say about different policy’s and about things you might think need to be changed in the centre. The centre needs to have these different meetings with parents as it is part of accreditation. If you are interested in participating please see Lee / Jill we appreciate your help.

Children’s program themes for April:

Week 1: Gardens, Letter Gg Number 5, shape triangle, Preposition in front / behind.

Week 2: Bugs, letter Hh, number 5, shape diamond.

Week 3: Butterflies/bees, letter Ii, number 6, shape triangle / diamond.

Week 4: Birds, letters Gg, Hh, Ii, number 6, shape Triangle / diamond.

Week 5: Mothers day Project.

Room News:

Bunnies Room:

Dear mums and Dads,

The Bunnies are all going well, we would like to welcome some new friends to the bunnies room, “Padraig and Daniel” they seem to be settling in well to the room and the routine. Parents remember to have a look at the day book to see what your child has been up to through out the day and feel free to make some comments on the bottom of the book. Also remember your child has a portfolio so take a look at that as well. If you have any questions about your child please see Lee.

Wombats Room:

The wombats would like to welcome back Miss Adriana back to the wombats room and all the new children. They all seem to be settling in well to the room and the routine. Parents remember there is a daily book for you to read, to see what your children have been up to through out the day.

Thanks Miss Deann and Miss Adriana.

Kookaburras Room:

Our Kookaburras have been busy exploring and learning about our environment and nature. We have taken advantage of the great weather and exploring weather and exploring our environment, with a nature walk to collect leaves and other natural materials for art and craft activities, enjoyed afternoon tea picnics. The children are also learning about the numbers 4 & 5 and the letters Dd, Ee, and Gg. Miss Lisa

Jilly’s Educational Centre

May Newsletter


Dear mums, dad and carers,

General news

Welcome to our May newsletter, first we would like to welcome back Miss Deanna to Jilly’s she is the teacher for the Kookaburras room.

Parents just a reminder what can come to Jilly’s and what can’t:

Please remember that toys are not allowed to come to School, as it may cause the children to get upset if the toy gets broken, or lost. As teachers take no responsibility for them, so just to save any disagreements please just leave them at home.

Please remember to bring your child’s hat every day they attend.

Please remember to bring your child’s sheets for rest time. (One fitted sheet and one flat sheet.)

Please remember to check your child’s bag as the weather is starting to get cold and you might need to put some warm clothes in your child’s bag.

How Jilly’s is environmentally friendly:

We use recycled payer, we re-use different food packaging eg Cereal boxes, tissue boxes, cling wrap rolls, and jars and tins. The children use these items to make different craft items. Jilly’s could also use your help with recycling, by donating different cartons, we are not able to use toilet roll due to health issues.

The ways Jilly’s support the community:

At Jilly’s we advertise when there is different events happening in the area these are advertised in the foyer. Please take the time to have a look. There is also a free publication found in the foyer it is called “Aussie Kids” In this there are different articles about lots of different things feel free to take one. At Jilly’s we have our own speech pathologist so if you think your child is having problem with their speech please talk to your child’s teacher or you can contact Alison Buchtmann (speech Pathology) on 46268879.