Ipswich and District Youth Cricket League

Ipswich and District Youth Cricket League

Suffolk Junior Cricket League (Development Leagues)

U13 Rules

1) All players to be Under 13 on the 1st Sept 2015.

2) Each team to comprise of maximum of 11 players

3) One innings of 20 0vers per side with the option to reduce each innings equally if circumstances dictate

4) The revised laws of cricket[Code 200] shall apply with the following exceptions:

- Pitch 21yds

- Youth stumps (where possible)

5) The ball shall weigh 4 ¾ ozs

6) Batting Order

- 1-6 Batsmen

- 7-11 Bowlers. In addition 1 ‘batsmen’ is permitted to be used as a bowler but must not be used prior to the 7-11 players bowling in the match.

- The Wicket Keeper can bat in any position 1-6.

If both sides are in agreement there can be flexibility to the above. If not the 5-1-5 format will remain. The development of players should always be a priority.

7) Run limit per batsmanAll batsmen MUST retire on reaching 30 runs. A batsman can continue their innings beyond 30 if their ‘retirement’ would end the innings before the agreed number of overs have been bowled.

8) The team scoring the most runs in its innings shall be the winner.

9) All batsmen and wicket keepers standing up to the stumps shall be required to wear a protective helmet conforming to BSI standard BS7928/1998. It is recommended that wicket keepers wear helmets at all times and mandatory when standing up to the stumps.

10) No bowler shall bowl more than 4 overs per match. In matches of less than 20 overs per side the number of overs bowled will be reduced pro-rata.

11) Wides/No balls.Two runs will be awarded for a wide delivery or no ball [plus any runs that may accrue] on every occasion. Wides and no balls will not be re-bowled except in the final over of the innings

  1. Any high full pitched ball (regardless of its pace) which passes or would have passed above waist height of the striker standing upright at the crease shall be called and signalled a No ball by the umpire at the bowlers end.

12) No fielder, except the wicket keeper shall be allowed to field nearer than 11yds measured from the middle stumps, except behind the wicket on the off-side even if wearing a helmet

13) Umpires/Scorers. Where possible each team should provide both

14) Points

- 4 points for a win

- 2 points for a tie

- 1 point for a defeat

- 2 points for a rained off game that cannot be re-arranged.

- 4 points - If a game is cancelled for any reason (ie unable to raise a side) other than bad weather and cannot be rearranged the non- offending team will be awarded a win.

15) Insurance. All players are to be covered by adequate insurance in respect of personal injury whilst competing in league matches.