Ipad Workshop: Imovie

Ipad Workshop: Imovie

iPad Workshop: iMovie

Introduction to Project

iMovie really takes everything from the iPad - video clips, photos, drawings, voice recording, - and combines it all to tell a story or presentation. It could be a story of a field trip, a science experiment, a published poem, or our own writing.

Create beautiful movies

• Choose from a selection of 8 unique themes, each with its own set of titles, transitions, and music

• Add videos and photos from your library, or shoot directly into your timeline

• Let the Ken Burns effect automatically animate your photos, or pinch and drag to create custom pan-and-zoom effects

• Craft a soundtrack using included music and sound effects, songs from your own music library, and audio that you record right into your project

• On iPad, view color coded audio waveforms for every clip in your project

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Apps to be Used

  • iMovie
  • Drawing Pad
  • Camera
  • Photos
  • Reflector (Laptop Application)

Teacher Objectives

Teachers will learn how to:

  • Use iMovie
  • Use the Camera app to take still images and videos
  • Create images using drawing apps (i.e. Drawing Pad)
  • How to facilitate students to use iMovie
  • How to export finished projects
  • Use reflector and airplay to display videos from the iPad

Student Objectives

Students will:

  • Include multimedia components (graphics, images, music, sound) and visual displays in presentations to clarify information (CCSS SL 6.5)
  • Match audio, text, images, and music to convey ideas

Teacher Background

How to Take Photos & Open Photo in Photo Roll

  1. Open the Camera App
  2. Press “camera button” to take picture.
  3. In bottom right hand corner,
  4. You can drag to choose a still photo or a video clip.
  5. You can reverse the direction of the camera to take a photo of yourself.
  1. In the bottom left hand corner, you can click the image to go directly to the photo roll.
  2. You can also go to the photo roll from the home screen by clicking “Photos.”

How to Create a Project

  1. To start a blank project, click the “+” on the home screen. Then click, “New Project.”
  2. Model “?” Button. The best part of iMovie is the help button (“?”). When you tap the “?”, all of the buttons and features of iMovie are labeled.
  3. Choose media to input.
  4. Movie Roll: Will add existing video clips.
  5. Boxes: Will add from Camera Roll or Photo Library.
  6. Music Notes: Will add music from one of the eight themes

How to Edit Images

Video Clips:

  1. Drag to determine starting and ending position.
  2. Double click to change volume of video clip.


  1. Drag to determine how long the photo is shown. (Teach students to show images for 3 - 10 seconds)
  2. Edit the Kens Burns Effect. Click “Start.” Then zoom and place the photo where you want it. Click “End.” Then zoom and place the photo where you want it to end.
  1. To show a still picture without it moving, use the same “start” and “end” position on the picture.
  1. Hint: Remind students that they will want to use the Ken Burns effect with a purpose.

How to Record Voice

  1. Make sure there is at least one image within the movie.
  2. Click the microphone on the right.
  3. Click record.
  4. Start recording after the countdown (3, 2, 1).
  5. Press “Stop” to stop recording.
  6. You can “cancel,” “retake,” “review,” or “accept” the recording.
  7. Hint: Take a breathe before you begin the recording and before you stop the recording. You can always delete some extra pauses, but cannot undo when you cut off your own voice.
  8. Hint: Keep the iPad on a surface during the recording. Otherwise, you may record the iPad shuffling against your shirt.

How to Edit Your iMovie

  1. Within your iMovie, you can drag and drop clips to change the order of the movie.

How to Choose a Theme

  1. In the upper right corner, tap the settings button.
  2. Choose from 8 themes. The themes include the musical soundtrack and transitions of the movie.
  3. Make choices about music, fading in and fading out.
  4. Hint: The limited choices for themes can be beneficial.

How to Share your iMovie

  1. From the “Project Screen,” have the movie selected.
  2. Click the “Share” button.
  3. Choose Share Movie to Camera Roll.

Choose Large format.