Iowa Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church

East Central District

Connectional Ministries Council (DCMC) Grant Application

This grant application may be used throughout the year and submitted as needed.

This page must be complete, including all signatures and attached to the front of your proposal.

Local Church/Organization
Project Name
Contact Person
Complete Mailing Address
Telephone Number
Email Address
Requested $ Amount

If this proposal is funded, to whom should we send grant funds?

Check Payable To
Tax ID Number (FEIN or SSN)
Check Mailed To This Person
Complete Mailing Address
Telephone Number
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Signatures and Approvals- Must be Signed before Submitting

Signature of Church Council or Board Chairperson
Print Name of Church Council or Board Chairperson / Date
Signature of Pastor or Director
Print Name of Pastor or Director / Date

Submit your signed application to the district office either by mail or email to:

EC District Office, 1193 Grand Ave, Marion IA 52302-5216

or Fax: 319-365-5310

Ministry Information

Check which type of funding you are applying for (more than one may apply):

Emerging Ministries ~ ministries new to the district

Leadership Development ~ funding for the training of leaders

Outreach ~ funding for help with ministries that reach out to the community

Parish Development ~ funding for expanding the capacity of new faith communities

1. Project Description: Briefly describe your project, including the type of ministry, personnel involved, and the target population (the persons who will benefit from the ministry i.e.: Hispanic persons, the poor, children) for this ministry.

2. Background Information: How did this ministry come about? Where did the original idea come from? Who participated in the planning (i.e.: community, church, clients)? Has this ministry previously received Iowa United Methodist Conference funding?

3. If you are already doing this, how is it going? If it is going well, what will change as a result of district funds? How will these funds further the ministry in areas not already possible?

4. Who are your partners in this ministry and how will they be a part of the ministry? (i.e: The local homeless shelter will provide space.”) How is the target population involved in the ministry?

5. What are the activities you need to complete for this ministry and what is your timeline for completing each activity? (Sample: January 2016: advertise for and hire staff.)

6. How do you plan to sustain this ministry in future years?

7. How do you plan to evaluate the effectiveness in future years?

8. In what ways will this ministry assist the district? How will you share your work and learnings with the rest of the district? (i.e: presentation at a workshop, hosting site visits, a newsletter article, etc.)

Financial Information

1. Please attach a detailed expense budget for this ministry/project.

2. What is the amount of your funding request?

3. If granted, how will you utilize this funding?

Other Sources of Funding

1. Please list all confirmed sources of funding for this project/ministry and the corresponding amounts.

2. Please list any sources of funding that have been requested but not yet confirmed and the amounts.

3. Please indicate the amount anticipated from donations.