IOP Profiler Data Download and WAP

IOP Profiler Data Download and WAP

IOP Profiler Data Download and WAP

Chris Hunt, April 13, 2010

To download data from the profiler you will need:

  • Cable (with power and serial connections)
  • 12V power source
  • Laptop with WetView software

Connect the cable to the profiler. Refer to the top view of the DH4 data logger below:

Connect the power leads to the 12V power source. Be careful, with WETLabs cables the black wire usually goes to the positive lead on the power source. Make sure you have the leads connected properly. Plug the serial cable into the serial port on your computer.

NOTE: These instructions are for downloading and processing data on the COOA folder (on All data, device and cal files are stored on COOA to provide backups in case of the failure of a local machine. These instructions assume you have mapped to a local drive. To do this in Windows XP:

  1. Open My Computer
  2. Click ToolsMap Network Drive
  3. Set Drive: to ‘Z:’
  4. In Folder: enter ‘\\\shared\COOA’
  5. You will need a userID and password to log into COOA. Talk to Tim Moore.

-Create a folder for your data on COOA. For example, if the cruise was a WB cruise on April 6, 2010, create a folder called GC040610WB in the Z:/COOA directory. Inside this GC040610WB folder, make subfolders called ‘iop_profiler’ and ‘seabass’.

-On your local machine (probably on the desktop) open the WLHostv703.exe program.

-Set the Host:RS232 dropdown to ‘115200’.

-Click the ‘Get Setup’ button.

-Click the ‘Upload Logger Data’ tab near the top.

-Click the ‘Get DH-4 Directory’ button.

-Choose the profiles you want. You can use the date/time fields that appear to figure out which profiles are those you are interested in. Select the profiles you want to upload (Hold the Ctrl key to select multiple), then click the ‘Upload Data’ button.

-A window will open asking where you want to upload the files. Choose the ‘iop_profiler’ folder you created on COOA. For example:


-Click ‘Save’ and the files should start uploading. This may take a while. When each profile is done there should be 4 files. For example, if you chose to upload profile 001, you will see files called ‘run.001’,’Battery.001’,’Summary.001’ and ‘archive.001’.


After you’ve used WLHost to upload the data, you need to use the WAP program to process the data into text files. Open the WAP425.exe program (probably on the Desktop).

-Click FileLoad WAP Setup. Navigate to:


-Choose the latest .WAP file in that directory. This may need to be modified if you need to change instrument calibration coefficients of instrument setup files.

-In WAP, click SetupOutput File Folder, and navigate to the ‘iop_profiler’ directory you created for your cruise. For example, navigate to:


-Click the ‘Extract to ENGR’ button. This will open a window which should allow you to choose the first Archive file for your cruise (for example, choose archive.001).

-The Status: indicator in the WAP program will show ‘Done with Extraction’ when processing is completed. Click the ‘Reset Status’ button to initialize the program, and you can process your next profile. Enjoy!