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A Special Memorandum for the 2015 ICHPER·SD Forum

Date: January 9, 2015

To: All ICHPER·SD members in the North American and Caribbean Regions & members in the other six regions; Selected Speakers (Drs. Dong Ja Yang, Bradford N. Strand, Mohammad R. Torabi, Gregory Soukup, Sr., Tarin Hampton; Executive Committee members (Drs. Adel Elnashar, Dong-Ja Yang, Magda M. Al-Shazly, Veronica C. Igbanugo, Seung-Wook Choi, Kenneth P. Butcher, Hasan Kasap, Ahmad S. Al-Sharif, Bradfor N. Strand, Timothy J. Lynch, Abdullateef Al-Bukhari; and Executive Assistant to President Ahmed G. Al- Emadi

From: Dr. Dong Ja Yang, Ph.D., Special Assignee to organize the 2015 Forum by the ICHPER·SD President Elnashar.

CC: Mrs. Carmella Gilpin, ICHPER·SD Administrative Associate and Commissioners of the ICHPER·SD 6 Divisions (Health: Dr. Mohammad R. Torabi; Physical Education: Dr. Mosaad S. Ewies; Recreation: Dr. Gregory J. Soukup, Sr.; Sport and Olympic Movement: Dr. Farouk Abdel- Wahab; Girls/Women in Sport/PE: Dr. Shaikha Al-Jeep); ICHPER·SD International Research Project (Head: Dr. Yoshiro Hatano, Director: Dr. Koya Suzuki

Re: 2015 ICHPER·SD Forum in Seattle, Washington, USA

Dear Distinguished Colleagues,

Greetings! I hope the year 2015 is filled with peace, optimum health and prosperity for all of you! This year, the ICHPER·SD family will be called on to aggressively take on the Council’s renewed challenge to advance our mission in new and sustainable ways! We look forward to working with you for the goals of safeguarding our organization’s preeminence among worldwide organizations in the field and facilitating the delivery of greater benefits and services to our professionals and the institutional stakeholders and individual beneficiaries of our mission.


On behalf of Dr. Adel Elnashar, ICHPER·SD President, I am pleased to organize the 2015 ICHPER·SD Forum at his request in conjunction with the 129th Annual SHAPE Convention and Exposition in Seattle, Washington, USA, from March 17 through 21, 2015. SHAPE is the acronym of the Society of Health and Physical Educators as the latest and 7th name change of the American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance (AAHPERD) since its founding in 1885 as the Association for the Advancement of Physical Education (AAPE).

SHAPE has enjoyed a long tradition and has always delivered enormous opportunities for all participating officially-registered-members. At their own discretion, members may engage in various scholarly interactions, presentations, and learn of new research data and methodologies. At the 129th SHAPE Convention & Exposition, participants enjoy the opportunity to meet with professionals among the (+ & -) 7,500 participants from around the country and the world, as they enjoy the opportunity of choosing among over 450 presentations/programs

The 2015 ICHPER·SD Forum is scheduled for Tuesday, March 17, from 9:30 am to 12:30 pm for the Morning Session and 1:30 pm to 4:30 pm for the Afternoon Session, in the Jefferson Room of the Sheraton Hotel in Seattle, Washington. All participants in the Forum must register with the 129th SHAPE Convention & Exposition.

As the forum is hosted by an international organization, ICHPER·SD, a number of ICHPER·SD regional vice presidents and regional secretaries have always attended. Nevertheless, we do not expect that Dr. Veronica Igbanugo or Dr. Grace Otinwa, Vice President for Africa and Regional Secretary, Dr. Seungwook Choi, Vice President for Asia, Dr. Kenneth Butcher, Vice President for Caribbean, Dr. Hasan Kasap, Vice President for Europe, Dr. Ahmed Al-Emadi, Executive Assistant to President, Dr. Ahmed Al-Sharif, Vice President for Middle East, Dr. Timothy Lynch, Vice President for Oceania, or others will attend, as we just completed the 56th ICHPER·SD Anniversary World Congress in December 2014 in Bahrain.

However, the 2015 Forum will be our most ambitious yet in terms of the plans, strategies, and insights of the selected U.S based speakers. Please take the time to review the agenda and programs attached herewith and plan to actively participate and offer your own ideas for our programs and future direction.

In this context, all ICHPER·SD members as well as any interested and potential members are encouraged to attend the 2015 ICHPER·SD Forum in Seattle.

We thank you and look forward to meeting with you at the Forum.

A. Special Notes for Those Who Intend to Serve the Council

Any ICHPER·SD professional member who has served, submitted a letter of intent to serve with their c.v. or is interested in serving as Commissioner of any of 6 ICHPER·SD Divisions (i.e., Regional and/or International), Director/Co-Director of any of the 53 ICHPER·SD Commissions (i.e., Regional and/or International), Chair of any of 9 ICHPER·SD (i.e., Regional and/or International), current and future Reviewers and Assistant/Associate Editors of the ICHPER·SD Journal of Research and/or the Journal of ICHPER·SD, and ICHPER·SD officers are strongly encouraged to attend the Forum.

We highly recommend that everyone acquire a reasonable knowledge of the ICHPER·SD organizational structures and operating codes for the geographic regional organizations, divisions, commissions, committees, and the editorial teams for both Journals. Without acquiring an understanding of these organizational structures and governing/operating rules, no officers and leaders and members may serve effectively.

B. Selected Speakers & Requested Topics for Presentations

The selected speakers and their requested titles of presentation are as follows:

Dr. Dong Ja Yang (ICHPER·SD Honorary President / Retired Professor of Howard University, Washington, D. C.) “The State of ICHPER·SD: Organizational Structures for Operation and Meeting the Challenges & Upcoming Election of ICHPER·SD Officers”

Dr. Strand N. Bradford (ICHPER·SD Vice President for North America / Professor of the North Dakota State University, Fargo, North Dakota): “The Status of ICHPER·SD North America Region: A Critique and Challenge for Executing the Duties and Responsibilities as Stipulated in the Bylaws and Operating Codes”

Dr. Mohammad R. Torabi (ICHPER·SD Commissioner for Health Division / Professor of the Indiana University, Bloomingdale, Indiana): “The Status of ICHPER·SD Health Division: A Critique and Challenge for Executing the Duties and Responsibilities as Stipulated in the Bylaws and Operating Codes”

Dr. Gregory J. Soukup, Sr. (ICHPER·SD Commissioner for Recreation / Professor of the University of Incarnate Word, San Antonio, Texas): “The Status of ICHPER·SD Recreation Division: A Critique and Challenge for Executing the Duties and Responsibilities as Stipulated in the Bylaws and Operating Codes”

Dr. Tarin Hampton (ICHPER·SD Commissioner for Dance Division / Professor of the Norfolk State University, Norfolk, Virginia) “The Status of ICHPER·SD Dance Division: A Critique and Challenge for Executing the Duties and Responsibilities as Stipulated in the Bylaws and Operating Codes”

Open Forum for the Morning Session: Critique/Discussion on the topics in the Morning Session.

Open Forum for the Afternoon Session: Critique/Discussion on the topics in the Afternoon Session.

Presentation of Certificate of Appreciation