Instructor:Mr. Serrosemail

Instructor:Mr. Serrosemail

Instructor:Mr. SerrosEmail:

Phone #: 937-2583Room # A311

Conference:1st period 8:40am – 9:30am

Course Prerequisites:Students enrolled in Anatomy and Physiology need to have successfully completed Biology and Chemistry, have a strong work ethic and an interest in a medical profession or another scientific career.

Course Description: Anatomy and Physiology is designed for students who have a desire for a more in depth study of the human body than would be normally reached in a first year high school biology course. Anatomy focuses on the structure of the body (bones, muscles, tissues, etc..) while Physiology focuses on the function of the human body (maintaining homeostasis and the conditions to be alive). The course work will include lab work, cooperative learning/teamwork,projects, teacher directed activities and lecture, online homework and activities, and career and biotechnology education.

Text: Essentials of Human Anatomy and Physiology. 10th Edition. Pearson

Required Individual Materials: pen/pencil Composition Notebook One thumb drive Glue

Classroom Rules and Procedures:

  • Arrive to class on time and be in assigned seats when the bell rings. At the end of class, stay in your seats until the bell rings. The bell does not dismiss you, I do.
  • Bring all required materials to class every day.
  • Respect your classmates, their belongings, the teacher and the school.
  • No disruptive behavior. Do not interrupt other students from learning.
  • No electronic devices or baseball caps. Food/drinks are not allowed inside the classroom/lab.
  • All students are expected to participate in class activities.
  • Use restroom breaks wisely.
  • Follow all other school rules, they will be strictly enforced.


1.) Verbal Warning

2.) Teacher/Student Conference

3.) Phone call to parents

4.) Parent/teacher conference

SEVERE CLAUSE: Removal of student from class and disciplinary referral to Principal

Grading:Daily Work, Homework, Labs/Lab Reports, Class Participation = 50%

ISN checks, Quizzes, Tests, Projects = 30%9 Weeks Test = 20%

*Progress Reports will be sent home with the students at least once every three weeks per district policy. *

Interactive Student Notebooks: Students will be required to keep an Interactive Student Notebook (ISN). It is a composition book that will include all class notes, diagrams, lab work and review questions/journal entries. ISN’s will be checked for neatness, organization and completeness two to three times per 9 week grading period and will count as a quiz grade.

Online Homework: Some homework will be done online through either the University of Texas Homework Service or the Edmodo social learning website. Students will apply for a user ID and password which will let them register for this class online. Homework and/or quizzes will be downloaded onto the website and answers to the questions will be submitted online by each student. These homework assignments have specific due dates and the homework service does not take late work, so pay close attention to when assignments are due.

Websites for online

Quizzes/Tests: A quiz will be given periodically to evaluate the students’ understanding. Tests will be given following each chapter/topic.

Absences: Students are responsible for all work missed due to an absence. Any student with an excused absence is expected to get their make-up work during the following class period, and will be given 5 days to complete the assignment. Absences from labs will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

Make-up Work:Parents and students have 5 days from the date of notification of a failing grade to request an opportunity to make up an assignment.

Late Work: All work that is not turned in on the due date is considered late. Any assignment turned in late can receive a max grade of 70.

Failed Exams: Exams may be retaken however will only be eligible for a maximum score of a 70.

Anatomy and Physiology

Student and Parent Contract

For the Student:

I have been notified of the policies and procedures for Mr. Serros’ class.

I understand the behavioral expectations and the consequences that will take place if I do not comply with the rules.

I understand the grading procedures and what is required of me in order to do well in this class and I will do my best to be successful.

By signing below, I acknowledge that I have read the classroom rules & procedures as well as the grading policies for Mr. Serros’Anatomy and Physiology class and I understand what is expected of me as a student in this class and of Montwood High School.

Student Name: ______ID#: ______

Student Signature: ______Date: ______

For the Parent:

I have read and understand my child’s syllabus, rules and procedures for Mr, Serros class.

I expect my child to follow all rules and procedures listed in the syllabus as well as all Montwood High School policies. I am aware of the consequences that will be implemented if these rules are broken.

I understand the grading policies and what will be required of my child in order to succeed in the class.

Parent/Guardian Name: ______Date: ______

Parent/Guardian Signature: ______

Please provide me with a current phone number and/or e-mail address for any praise, disciplinary actions, or grading concerns that I may need to advise you about.

Parent/Guardian Phone # ______

Parent/Guardian E-mail address: ______

**Parents/Guardians: Please feel free to contact me throughout the school year with any questions/concerns regarding your child’s progress in my class.**