Instructions for Premid Registration

Instructions for Premid Registration

Czech Road Tax payment:

Instructions for Premid Registration for

the euroShell Card customers

  1. Please print out and fill in the registration forms relevant for the chosen method of payment – pre-pay or post -pay registration form

To help you fill out the form download the Guidelines for the Completion of the Registration Forms

Also, read the Terms and Conditions of the System Operator

2. When you have filled in the documents contact the euroShell Card Service Centre.

3. Shell will register you with PREMID.

4. When your company is registered, your drivers will be able to pick up your on-board device from every Distribution Point, where on the spot the device will be personalised and prepared to work, also in post-pay mode.

Picking up the post-pay on-board devices

1. The driver asks for a registered post-pay on-board-unit

(in Czech: [Prosim o vydani REGISTROVANE premid jednostcy.])

2. The driver presents his driving license, passport; vehicle registration documents and says the name of the company.

3. The Distribution Point’s employee calls PREMID Hotline to get the number of the contract signed by the company. The driver can ask in Czech: [Cislo uctu k memu vozidlu ziskate na Premid Call Centre]

4. The Distribution Point’s employee gives ready-to-work on-board-unit to driver.

Required documents:

1. Certificate of Company Incorporation

  • Not older than three months
  • Certified by respective authorities

2. Valid ID of the Vehicle Operator Representative (e.g. Company Director or Member of the Board, mentioned in the Certificate of Company Incorporation)

3. Vehicle registration certificate

Vehicle Operator

Vehicle Owner

License plate

Emission class

Number of Axles

4. Power of Attorney (in case the agreement is signed by a person other than the official Company Representative listed in the Certificate of Company Incorporation)

Switching procedure from pre-pay to post-pay

If some or all your vehicles are equipped with PREMID OBUs in pre-pay mode, and you wish to switch to post-pay mode, take the following steps:

  1. Fill out and send us the registration form for post-pay mode as described in the above section on Czech road tax registration.
  2. We will inform you when you can pick up the new post-pay OBUs from any Distribution Point in Czech Republic.
  3. Before receiving the new post-pay boxes, drivers must return their old pre-pay OBU. This can be done individually, truck by truck, at any Distribution Point. It is not necessary that all OBUs of a company are replaced at once.
  4. Once the pre-pay box is returned, the station staff will put it in status “2 - Terminated”. The deposit and any prepaid amount still “available” in the box will be credited to the customer, using the same euroShell Card, used to obtain the pre-paid box.
  5. The station staff have to call the Premid Call Centre, to re-activate the new post-pay box. It is recommended that the driver communicates the relevant contract ID to the station staff, to speed up identification process.
  6. Once the post-pay OBU has been activated, the customer will be charged with a new deposit (1,550 CZK) and can start using the new device.
  7. If any vehicle-related data needs to be changed in the future, the OBU needs to be returned and personalized again.
  8. If any company-related data (e.g., company name, address registration, or contact details) need to be updated, this can be done via the electronic interface between Shell and Kapsch. It is not necessary to return the OBU.