Institutional Safety Advisory Council

Institutional Safety Advisory Council


Institutional Safety Advisory Council

4/28/2006 3:00 p.m.

TexasTownship, Room 3340

To: ISAC, Archives

Cc: Sandy Bohnet, Patricia Niewoonder

From: Amy Louallen (Matt McCain)

Subject: Minutes of ISAC Meeting

Members Present: Amy Louallen, Dennis Bertch, Jeff Donovan, Larry Taylor, Lauren Beresford, Matt McCain, Sue Egan, Tony Ide

Members Absent: Daryl Irving, Jeff Roseboom, Louise Anderson, Marilyn Betts, Rob Kilkuskie, Rob VanderWeele, Ron Whitmire

Review and Approve Minutes

Reviewed and approved minutes from meeting on January20th of 2006 assubmitted.

Review and Approve Written Plans

The Safety and Health Program was accepted and approved.

MIOSHA Form 300

The MIOSHA Form 300 updates were shared. Injuries included a wrist srain at TTC, resulting in 83 missed days; a leg strain at the KVM resulting in ~22 days of restricted work; and a trouble breathing incident at CNM resulting in one missed day.


AB 4-11-06: fire in the Automotive Lab, was contained within the vehicle and successfully extinguished by a student.

MS 4-20-06: broken mercury thermometer in the Physics lab, which was cleaned up without incident. Marilyn Betts is looking into trading their remaining mercury thermometers for alcohol thermometers.

Unfinished Business

AED signage has been ordered and installed since the last meeting.

Online training was presented in “test phase.” Issues:

  • The brochures should be enough to provide employees with clear instructions on where to find the online training sessions and the policies regarding online training (versus a platform “how to” training). These could be posted in key areas in brochure holders to attract attention.
  • The Hypothermia slides were difficult to read due to the dark background.
  • The “check your progress” slides should be added to all topics.
  • The “navigation” arrows on each slide should be changed so that they appear after a certain amount of time, thus reducing the ability to rush through the training without actually reading it.
  • It was also agreed a monthly review of quizzes is adequate.
  • This training is appropriate for new employees and should be offered (if not required) upon employment.

New Business

Discussion of Bird Flu “pandemic” and KVCC’s response plan will be moved to the July meeting.

Sue Egan presented information regarding workers compensation premium costs, which we compared to injuries and days missed from the Form 300 log.

Goals for 06/07:

  • Implement a schedule for emergency eye wash station cleaning and a method for doing so cleanly. Tony and Jeff suggested and will try to create a barrel similar to those that were used at Upjohn to drain both the overhead shower and the eyewash stations.
  • More goals to be discussed at the July meeting.

Next Meeting: July 12th (tentative)