Install Intermedia Text Option (8.1.5) I-260


This procedure explains how to setup Intermedia Text option for an existing database.

1.  Make backup of database.

2.  Create tablespace DRSYS (about 50mb).

3.  Ensure init.ora parameter shared_pool = 90000000

4.  Login as oracle user.

5.  Confirm environment is set to the correct ORACLE_HOME and ORACLE_SID.

6.  Ensure that init.ora parameter text_enable is NOT set to true. Also confirm that compatible is set to at least 8.1.0 (e.g., 8.1.5).

7.  Start x-windows (e.g., Exceed).

8.  Start Database Config Assistance by entering dbassist.

9.  Select Modify a Database, then Next.

10.  Select SID from list shown then Next.

11.  Select Dedicated Server Mode.

12.  Check Intermedia Text box, then Finish.

13.  If message “Not logged in” is displayed, manually run unix script $ORACLE_HOME/install/[sid] [about 5 minutes].

14.  Ignore any error message similar to “DRSYS tablespace already exists.”

15.  Following completion of dbassist, start context server:

ctxsrv -user ctxsys/ctxsys -logfile ctx.log &

16.  Grant CTXAPP role to database users that will use this option.

17.  Confirm that tnsnames file has alias for: extproc_connection_data

18.  Add startup of context server to server reboot scripts.

19.  Test operation. Login as CTXSYS, then perform:

Create table test (nr number primary key, test_text varchar2 (500));

Insert into test values (1, ‘This is a test’);

Insert into test values (2, ‘of the intermedia text installation’);


create index i1 on test(test_text) indextype is ctxsys.context;

select nr, test_text from test where contains (test_text, 'installation') > 0;


of the intermedia text installation

Note: If error message upon connect to external agent, re-check tns alias for extproc_connection_data.