IMSERSO HOLIDAYS Subsidised by the Spanish Government

IMSERSO HOLIDAYS Subsidised by the Spanish Government

IMSERSO HOLIDAYS [Subsidised by the Spanish Government]

What is Imserso?

Imserso is the Spanish Government’s heavily subsidised holiday programme which enables resident pensioners in Spain to book up to 5 discounted holidays each year in selected Spanish resorts including the Balearics and Canary Islands. The holidays are timed during the Low Season [October to June] to help boost the Spanish tourist trade, including the hotels (which are all 3* or 4*) and nearby businesses. It is also intended to improve the lifestyle of pensioners who are resident in Spain [it is not solely for Spanish nationals].

How to apply to join the Imserso scheme.

One should apply as soon as possible and certainly before the June of the year that you want to be considered for the scheme.

Apply to the following address:

PROGRAMMA DE TOURISMO SOCIAL PARA MAYORES, Apartado de Correos 10.140, 28080, Madrid.

You should say that you would like to apply to join the scheme, giving your name(s), postal address and NIE number.

They will then send to you application forms [these are called “Petición de Plaza para el Programa de Turismo Social en la Temporada 2015/2016”] for each of people who want to join the scheme.

The form[s] request that you give the following details:


Section1: Surname; Christian Name(s);

Section 2: Sex;

Section 3: Marital Status;

Section 4: Number DNI;

Section 5: Date of Birth;

Section 6: Postal address [on MontePego];

Section 7: Telephone Number [home or mobile];

Section 8: Telephone number of a “familiar” [close friend or relative].

Section 9: Name of nearest town;

Section 10: Post code [03780];

Section 11: Provincia [Alicante];

Section 12: Surname & Christian Name(s) of your “conjuge” i.e. partner/wife [presuming that she will be joining you on your holidays!]

Section 13: Number DNI of “conjuge”

Section 14: Date of birth of your “conjuge”.

There are also sections 15 to 18 which you needn’t fill in.

Along with these forms they will send you possible options of locations /types of holidays, e.g.

Peninsula; Balearics; Canary Islands; Cultural Tours; Tours “de Naturaleza; Portugal”.

You have to select 2 from these options, giving your 1st choice and 2nd choice.

There is another section “Bloque 2” which you shouldn’t complete unless you have made errors in filling in the sections of “Bloque 1”.


The website is

The contact e-mail address is

The telephone number is 901.10.98.99

You will eventually (possibly as late as September/October) receive a letter of acceptance which includes a rectangular section at the bottom which gives you details of the date when you can go to an accredited travel agent to book the first of your holidays. You cannot make a booking before that given date!

These agents will have an Imserso Sign in their window. There is one in Pego and at least one in Denia – we use Halcon Viajes at C/ Diana, 24, Denia – near the top of C/ Marques de Campo because the assistant who sits near the window is very helpful and speaks good English.

N.B. You can go to them 2 or 3 days before the official date to ask them to give you a list of what holidays are available. This allows you to make your choice at your own convenience at home. They will also tell you whether or not they will be opening earlier than usual on the set date.

At the Travel Agents:

Take with you the following:

Your Spanish residency Card or Certificate;

Passport for each traveller;

Acceptance letter from Imserso, which will include your names and personal code;

Your contact details (e-mail address or telephone number);

Approximately €12 per person for booking with an agent – this will be deducted from the total price at a later stage.

For some holidays you have a choice of transport to / from your holiday destination, including whether you want to drive there in your own car. Several holidays include travel by air to the destination (included in the price).

After a couple of days you can return to the Travel Agent to select up to 4 other holidays during the Imserso Scheme’s Holiday Period. Similarly you can make extra bookings at any other later date, providing that you take all of the items listed above.

You will be given a date before which you should visit the travel agent in order to pay the rest of the holiday fee. You will also receive from them particular details of the arrangements for travel / hotel etc.

Good Luck!