Important Dates to Remember

Important Dates to Remember

Important Dates to Remember:

  • Assessment, Evaluation and Report Card Writing Day; No School For Students – Monday, November 9th
  • Remembrance Day Assembly; November 11th @ 10:30 a.m. *Parents welcome
  • Parent Council; November 11th – 7p.m.
  • Picture Re-Take Day; November 17th
  • French Immersion Information Night; November 25th - 7 p.m.
  • First-Term Report Cards sent home; November 30th
  • Parent Teacher Interviews; December 3rd (evening) and December 4th (daytime)
  • P.D. Day/No school for students (parent teacher interviews); December 4th
  • *** Grade One French Immersion Registration: January 29th, 2010

Theme of the month: COURAGE


  • Are you thinking of registering your child for French immersion? For the 2010-2011 school year, parents must now register children for entry into Grade 1 French immersion or Grade 7 Extended French by Friday, January 29, 2010. This date was set in consultation with the Peel Chapters of Canadian Parents for French.
  • This new deadline benefits parents and students. The new registration date will help determine the number of grade 1 and grade 7 classes at each school for the following September. The board can then hire, in advance, the appropriate number of qualified staff. As well, because the registration date happens earlier, the intention is that no new French immersion classes will be created at reorganization time in September, so the level of student disruption will be reduced.
  • If you are interested in French immersion, a brochure called "Is French immersion right for my child?" is available at all schools or on the board website at . You can also visit the Canadian Parents for French (Ontario) website at . Regular updates on the new French immersion deadline will be available in school newsletters and at .


Our new website should be up and running by the end of the week. Please stay tuned for further information on how to access and navigate our school website.


Please join us at 10:30 a.m. on Wednesday, November 11th in the gym. Students are encouraged to make a coin donation and poppies will be distributed just prior to the Remembrance Day assembly. If you plan to join us, we would encourage you to have your "younger-than-school-age" children sit close to you for this solemn occasion.


A simple way to prevent infection

Hand washing is the most important way to prevent the spread of infections.

The most effective hand-hygiene method is hand washing with soap and water.

Follow these steps for effective hand washing:

  • wet hands and wrists
  • apply soap
  • lather for at least 15 seconds—rub in between fingers, the back of your hands, wrists and fingertips
  • rinse thoroughly
  • dry thoroughly

***If you are unable to wash your hands, a hand sanitizer (either non-alcohol or 60 per cent to 90 per cent isopropanol or ethanol) is an accepted alternative. Hand sanitizers are a convenient way to eliminate germs when hands are not visibly soiled. Because water, soap or towels are not needed, hand sanitizers can be taken with you and used any time, any place.


Dress for the weather – Given the fluctuation in temperatures this time of year, wearing layers and having a hat and mittens or gloves in coat pockets or backpacks is strongly recommended. This will make our recess breaks much more enjoyable.

Indoor Shoes – Please ensure that your child has a clean pair of shoes for indoor use (preferably running shoes) at school. This will assist in keeping our school building clean and safe. Thank-you.

Head Lice – Anyone can get lice, but preventing its spread is a shared responsibility. Please review the "no sharing hats" rule and notify the school immediately if a case is discovered at home.


All parents are requested to arrange an interview with each child's teacher at the end of first term. We will try to co-ordinate times between teachers for families with more than one child at Corsair. Note: Kindergarten teachers will be scheduling separate classroom visits this month

SAFE ARRIVAL LINE – 905-279-5130

This is a reminder to our parents and guardians to use the safe-arrival phone line when your child will be absent or late for school. Your assistance is greatly appreciated!



If you and your child have read this newsletter together, please sign below and return it to the school by Friday November 13th. Their name will be entered into a draw for a special reward. Reading this newsletter together and discussing the events or newsworthy items is a way parents can participate in their child's school day.

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