If a Requirement Does Not Apply, Please Enter N/A in the Comments Column

If a Requirement Does Not Apply, Please Enter N/A in the Comments Column


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Supervised fieldwork in a school media center should include observation, participation, or independent action in the following activities. It is recognized that certain leadership and management functions cannot be turned over to a fieldwork stud ent for independent action. Nevertheless, it is often possible to give students an opportunity to observe, and even to participate in activities such as curriculum development and budget planning.

Two versions of this form should be completed cooperatively by the fieldwork student and the supervising media specialist. The first version is a preview of the fieldwork and it should be submitted with the Supervised Fieldwork Form that is found in Appendix I of the LIS-6946 syllabus. The second version is an evaluation of the fieldwork experience and it should be submitted with the Log of Work and the Fieldwork Report at the end of the semester.

If a requirement does not apply, please enter N/A in the Comments column.

Number / NCATE
Guideline / NCATE Requirement / Date / Comments
1. / 2.4 / Prepare a personal plan of work for the term in cooperation with the supervising media specialist. The plan should provide a timetable for addressing the topics and activities listed below as well as those in the LIS-6946 syllabus (as appl icable to your media center assignment). It should also indicate the areas that interns plan to emphasize for their own personal growth.
2. / 2.5 / Identify the local media association and attend at least one meeting of that association.
3. / 3.1 / Participate in the instructional activities of the media center. This should include observation, participation and independent action.
4. / 3.3 / Observe, and participate when possible, in the communications that flow between media center staff and principal(s), faculty, students, and community.
5. / 3.4 / Observe, and participate when possible, in curriculum planning sessions that involve media center personnel.
6. / 5.1 / Observe and participate in media specialist and faculty cooperative efforts to develop the collection.
7. / 6.1 / Participate in local production of instructional materials.
Number / NCATE
Guideline / NCATE Requirement / Date / Comments
8. / 7.5 / Operate the circulation system and apply related policies for reserves, overdues, lost materials, etc.
9. / 7.6 / Participate in inventory procedures.
10. / 7.6 / Participate in preservation of resources and routine care of equipment and media.
11. / 8.3 / Observe the management practices and the management style of the media specialist as he/she administers the center.
12. / 8.4 / Attend, observe, and participate in media center staff meetings and Media Center Advisory Committee meetings.
13. / 8.5 / Study budget documents and financial records. Observe the budget planning and preparation process to the extent that is possible during the time you are in the school. Review purchasing procedures and forms.
14. / 8.6 / Locate or make a floor plan of the media center and indicate the current arrangement and use of space. Ask questions and make suggestions if that seems politic.
15. / 8.7 / Observe methods used to manage media center support staff. Record practices and ideas that you might be able to use later.
16. / 8.11 / Offer to assist with any action research efforts that are under way or contemplated.
17. / 8.12 / Use available computer and other technology in real or simulated situations.
18. / 8.14 / Observe leadership activities of media specialist. Record practices and ideas for future use.
19. / 9.5 / Assist in developing the reading, viewing, and listening skills of students.
20. / 9.8 / Work with students to develop their information seeking skills along with their ability to evaluate, synthesize, and communicate their findings.
21. / 9.11 / Observe and participate as appropriate in staff development activities sponsored by the media center.
22. / 10.1 / Study district's selection policy and school's collection development procedures and follow these policies and procedures when they apply.
Number / NCATE
Guideline / NCATE Requirement / Date / Comments
23. / 10.2 / Study relevant district policies re copyright compliance and confidentiality of records & follow the building level procedures for implementing those policies.
24. / 10.8 / Observe how equal access to information and ideas is attempted or achieved. Record useful ideas for future use.
25. / Plan and prepare media center promotional materials and/or activities, such as newsletters, posters, fliers, displays, contests, etc.
26. / Plan and participate in activities that promote reading, such as booktalks, storytelling, monthly themes, contests, etc.
27. / Visit the district-level media services office and review policies, procedures, and variety of available resources and services.
28. / Review the media center’s manual , noting mission, goals, and objectives, as well as routine policies and procedures.
29. / Review school-level planning documents that involve the media center, such as technology plans and school improvement plans.
30. / Participate in scheduling media center space, services, equipment, and materials.
31. / Other: (Specify)
32. / Other: (Specify)
33. / Other: (Specify)


These signatures confirm that this form was reviewed by the evaluator and the fieldwork student. It does not necessarily indicate that the fieldwork student agrees with the evaluator.

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