I M Only Bothering to Respond Here Because You Re Right. You Wrote in One of Your Series

I M Only Bothering to Respond Here Because You Re Right. You Wrote in One of Your Series


I’m only bothering to respond here because you’re right. You wrote in one of your series:

“Societies that are already complex tend to solve specific problems by adding further complexity thus creating yet more problems to solve.”

“We should strive for solutions tha make systems simpler, and (2) We should not rely on technical developments to maintain and improve safety standards.”

Okay, so where are the simple principles to apply to complexity? I’ve proposed we need a simple focus on principles that constrain our efforts to diligence in measuring limits that are comp0rised of precursors of consequence so that we may maintain separation between measured and defined limits of stress, energy and yield strain by focusing our attention there. The Climate Change debate is marred with ill defined limits that relegate the discussion to infantile name calling. Measuring precursors that define limits is exactly all that leadership SHOULD be and it must also know the environment it works within. Everyone has the same problems because physics is the same all around the world. I'm just questioning where, in all of your articles, is the actual measurement of the limits? How can anyone keep an operation within its limits if the precedents that form the limit are ignored and substituted with convenient and easy to bring to mind general platitudes yet with none willing to do the actual work to measure and enforce boundaries and focus on the space between them to detect hazards AS they emerge instead of AFTER they've destroyed. And more importantly, by focusing on the space where hazards emerge we begin to recognize precursors and become skilled at spotting them far in advance of actual occurrences of consequential hazard emergencies. This skill is not afforded a focus away from this space. This focus is exactly opposite of magic. In magic the “trick” is accomplished by distracting attention “away” from the precursors active in “sleight of hand” that allow the unexpected to emerge unseen. The simple principle of focus on margins separating stress and strain yield is that this focuses attention “towards” the location from whence vital signals emerge; hazards emerge in this space as the margin itself impinges. The cool part of this true leadership principle is that this focus is like physics itself and applies all around the world, all the time and for everyone in every circumstance. The stubborn will be thinking this is too abstract and yet it focuses attention, to a general principle that applies ubiquitously and improves things, instead of on specific platitudes that do not.