I Became Upset When I Found out My 20 Yr Old Daughter Used the Family's Credit Cared To

I Became Upset When I Found out My 20 Yr Old Daughter Used the Family's Credit Cared To


I became upset when I found a cell phone my older daughter bought with the family's credit card because she already had one with the family plan. We had a long talk. During our talk my husband called and I began to tell him about what was going on. She came out the room and listened to me telling my husband that I am considering giving up the apartment in Gainesville and move back to Boca Raton because she is failing all her classes at UF and is on financial probation for the second time in 6 months and that she would just have to finish up college at FAU, which she resented. My daughter became visible upset about this and she went to the bathroom. I could hear her speaking on the phone and I yelled to her several times to get off the phone because we are nearing our limit and will soon be charged for the minutes. When she did not get off the phone I took a screw driver that we would use to open the door when my 4 year old locks himself in the bathroom. I open the door and demanded she give me the phone she proudly handed it over to me and I looked at it she had called 911. I was in disbelief and I said to her I can’t believe you would call 911 and I hang the phone up. Within seconds two male police officers arrived and one officer Bill asked if anyone was hurt and my daughter stated no and I said no, that we were all fine that we just had heated verbal dispute over a cell phone my daughter bought using my credit card. It was then that officer Bill took my daughter outside and came back inside accusing me of repeatedly stabbing my daughter with a screw driver. I began to cry, I never hurt my children, and I did not do such thing and can not do such thing to anyone much more my own child. I told him when he first came in he asked if anyone was hurt and she said no now she is stabbed and hurting? He said to me that it does not matter what she said when he first asked. He asked where was the screw driver I used to open the door. I pointed to the closet. He got it and said you know what would happen to you if you don't tell me the truth I said I only speak the truth no matter what situation I am in. He said you are going to be put away for a long time. So tell me is this the screw driver you used to stab your daughter. I continuously told him I did not stab anyone, I will never stab anyone. Then he said, I am going to send this screw driver to the lab to be tested for skin cells. I billiled politely and said well that will be proof that I did not stab anyone, please send it right now. That will take time, he replied in an angry hostile voice. At that very moment a female officer arrived to check for the injuries and take pictures from what my daughter allegedly sustained. The female officer confirmed there where no abrasion, no cuts no scratches or bruise to any part of her body. NOTHING! Even the areas in which my daughter claimed to the female officer that she was feeling pain from stabs. A few moments later officer Bill came inside, accusing me again! But this time for slapping my daughter. I cried even louder while saying, never would I slapped anyone, it is a great insult in my religion and I would be doing something against my faith. Officer Bill gave me a disgusted look and shouted I don't know about your religion and I don't care about your religion, his words hurt me and silent me. The stabbing of my daughter was never mentioned again. I was handcuffed. I can hear my 4 year old crying, a cry I have never heard and it pierced my heart deeply, I died at that very moment. I was taken to the patrol car, officer Bill brought the cell phone my daughter had purchased along with the screw driver, they were in plastic bags. I was placed in the car, I observed officer Bill and his partner arguing loudly outside, I can tell that the other officer was unhappy with what officer bill was doing to me and it seem he could not do much to stop his attitude towards me or much more the unreasonable arrest. When Officer Bill saw me looking at them from inside the patrol car he pulled his partner to an angle where I could no longer see them.

The quiet officer took me to the precinct, on the way he explained to me the procedures, and told me to have my husband get in touch with my daughter and let her tell the judge that I came into the bathroom and when she give me the phone it seemed as though I slapped her. But I did not slap her as if I meant to. He said I believe you, that you did not touch her.

The call to the 911 dispatcher came in around 6:30. I was booked with the Alachua Sherriff department when I arrived around 8: 30 for booking. I was not able to talk to my husband and children until after 1 am the next day when I asked for a phone call.

Very Important additional information

Please note I have obtained the 911 call, the police report (the one the judge saw) and nothing is stated in it that I stabbed my daughter. It was when I requested the supplemental reports that I got to read all that the officers wrote in their notes. Each one has a different statement from my daughter.

Please also note that Officer Bill came back to my house alone that night and spent some time alone with my daughter in her room. My 17 yr old son, 11 year old daughter and 4 year old son was still at the house waiting for my husband to get there from Boca Raton. Officer Bill brought back the screwdriver and my daughter cell phone items that I saw him put into plastic bags and into his patrol car and he drove away with us at the same time.

It is also essential to know that 5 hours after my arrest my daughter called 911 again and officer Bill came back out this time at my daughter’s friends house, stating that she took a shower and "discovered' stab wounds all over her body. Officer Bill requested a female friend officer to come take pictures keep in mind this is not the initially officer who came out to check my daughter before and did not find any marks. This officer "amazing" found wounds, puncture and abrasions that are identical to that of a screw driver as stated in her report.

About a month after my arrest I received a letter from my public defendant that the DA had dropped all charges. I did not get a court day, I did not get to see a judge something that I was really hoping for, because of all the evidence that proved my daughter just wanted the phone and to go meet her boyfriend a want that no one prevented or held from.

I filed a complaint on these officers, but I got a letter a few weeks later stating no misconduct was found. If there are any further actions I can take I would certainly be glad to do so. My children and I have suffered from this incident greatly. I have been seeing a psychologist and have been diagnosed with PTSD because of the unlawful arrest I am taking prescription drugs for antidepressant and another to help me with sleeping and nightmares. I am very traumatized by this incident that I get nightmares, insomnia, suicidal and many others. I can’t comprehend how trained law enforcement officers investigate an incident and be so unfair, have such hate in his look and speech. I believe that this officer should be more intelligent to examine the evidence and make a better decision than the one he made. Please note some of the signs that the police officers should have noticed that my daughter’s words were not to be trusted:

  1. Used credit card without permission to purchase extra phone
  2. Announced no one was hurt when asked
  3. Refused EMT service at the scene (stated in the report)
  4. No sign of being stabbed; no bruise, no cuts, no redness
  5. Changed story several times,
  6. Turn to slapping after being search and no injury was found.
  7. 5 hours later, reports she found wounds.

About my children

My son who is 17 and has a learning disability, my daughter 11 and my 4 year old all witnessed this.

Officer Bill took my son to the back bedroom several times alone and asked him what happen. My son told him he heard my daughter and I yelling, that he did not see anyone slapping anyone, he was in the living room playing video game and the argument was in the bedroom. Officer Bill told my son if he knew the consequences of not telling him the truth. My son replied over and over again he was telling the truth. He got so afraid that he said yes I slapped her, so that the officer to go away and leave him alone. My son felt, so afraid and is now traumatized; he had to be seen by a psychologist as well.

My now 12 year old is also traumatized; she too had to be seen by a psychologist.

They are afraid and believe that anyone can say at any time that they did something to them and if the police are called they would be sent to jail, for doing nothing just as in my situation.

My four year old gets a panic attack when the door bell rings, or when anyone knocks on the door. He starts crying and screaming for mommy. This is the same scream and cry that I heard from him when I was taken away.

About me

I am 39 years old and before this I have never been arrested or in any way in trouble. I have been a kindergarten teacher and a second grade teacher for 9 years. I love teaching but now my heart is not for this work any more. I will not babysit my friends or relatives kids, because I don’t trust kids anymore, I am afraid to disagree with my own kids in fair that they may just call 911 to silent me.

I believe that all these officers violated my civil rights; there were no substantial evidence that prove that I committed a crime of any sort rather the evidence proof that nothing occurred. I believe that officer Bill in particular arrested me for his own personal gains, because I am a woman, black and a Muslim who is wearing the full face veil and is in all black. This was a good story for him to gain publicity in the media, rank high. The media did called the next day and I decline to speak with them. His attitude and the stares he give indicated that he wanted to hurt and destroy me and my family. I believe that an injustice was done to me and an investigation needs to be conduct into the behaviors of all parties that were involved. I can not live again if these officers have the right to a badge and a gun and that they have the ability to conduct unreasonable arrest as such to law abiding citizens of our country. It is true that we only live once but if you help me I believe that I can reborn and live again. Please help me live again…I believe that you can help me and my family heal from all the grief and suffering that we have endured and is still enduring on a daily basis.

My daughter

My daughter called a few days after my arrest she apologized and said she was afraid when the cops came to the house. She called recently and I was able to ask her why? She stated that she just wanted her phone back and wanted to leave, she also said that she did not say some of the things that are in the reports, she felt intimidated, she wanted to tell me what happen in the house when the cop came back and what happen outside with officer Bill but she had to go.

I have not heard from her since.